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  1. Word came to me Monday from an old friend and former alliance mate. Two Nyxes had bashed his offline small tower in Sharir that morning, and now two POCOs had just over a day on their reinforced timers. He linked the tower killmail. Killboard history showed they had then gone next door to shoot another tower. Encouragingly, one of the Nyxes had been bashing Interbus POCOs by himself the day before in Aridia. Naturally, we assumed they were responsible for the POCOs as well.
  5. So, the opportunity looked ripe.
  7. I double checked the POCO timers myself in person, and ran locators on the Nyx pilots. One was offline in Sharir, the other online in Podion, but docked. Podion being their corp HQ, I figured he had stored his Nyx on a holding toon in a POS there. I intended to go scout out their POS so we could put an alt with a cyno there to catch them if they E-cyno'd home, but I had the lazy Monday night/Tuesday morning, and never got around to it.
  9. I emailed Rocket with the situation, and we started setting up our fleet hours before the POCOs came out, because Supers are easiest to catch on login or jump in to a system, of course, and we wanted to be ready if they showed up early. As it wasn't a prescheduled OP, we were pleased to get eight or so more guys ready to go on TS, though a couple had to log less than an hour before Ordo logged in. Still, the fleet would be able to handle two Nyxes, if it came to it.
  11. Now, Ordo was not on our radar. It turns out he is an alt of Kainos Kerensky, their CEO, we think, from a chat one of our guys (Cory) was having in a random channel with one of their guys as Ordo was dying. Anyway, since he wasn't on our radar, and we were pretty much waiting for Enna Elios to login, or an alt to cyno Kainos in, since we thought this Nyx, which is probably his, was in Podion, we were quite surprised when Ordo logged in. And lucky.
  13. When Ordo logged in I had just said I was going for a quick bio, and was literally in the process of standing up from my desk. Luckily I checked the new neut, saw he was in the target corp, and on Dscan in a Nyx. The rest was pretty bog-standard for this type of kill, which you can see in the fraps.
  17. Of amusing note, though, was we learned from the chat Cory was having that Kainos was raging admirably on his side, and apparently trying to bat-phone NCDot, or anyone, probably. To me that is just totes adorbs. ;)
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