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  4. Hello people of the world.
  6. For a long, long time we have known that the #ITU (International Telecommunication Union) had internet governance takeover contingency plans scheduled for May 2013. This is known as #WTPF13, or the World Telecommunication/Information and Communication Technology Policy Forum.
  8. The #ITU would rather you not know hear anything at all about #WTPF13 if they can help it and we hope to change this.  Having observed the #ITU at length, pressured it to open itself to the world before #WCIT12, and having participated in #OpWCIT, we see no signs of the #ITU backing away from its attempt at statist and hegemonic control.  We call for a  new effort to address the May meeting - #OpWTF.
  10. Many people are not aware that the ITU planned #WTPF13 with net governance proposals even before #WCIT12 began. In fact, Hamadoun Touré, Secretary General of the #ITU on Jan. 10, 2013 released a 4th draft of #WTPF13 proposal supporting net governance takeover by the ITU. It is here:
  11. This report will be the basis for the agenda of the meeting in May.
  13. Unfortunately the #ITU is still largely closed to public comment and does not provide a way for the public to give feedback on this report.  We encourage you to send them your opinions at the emails below:
  15. Emails: (Send to all three to make sure it gets through, not known which will work or be blocked in future)
  18. (gmail from pdf List, 28 Nov 2012.pdf)
  20. Hamadoun Touré
  21. Secretary-General
  22. International Telecommunication Union
  23. Voice:  +41 22 730 5111 (ITU Switchboard, Place des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland)
  24. Fax:    +41 22 733 7256
  25. Email: (In subject or body send "Attention to Hamadoun Touré and Other ITU")
  27. International Telecommunication Union
  28. Place des Nations
  29. CH-1211 Geneva 20
  30. Switzerland
  32. We also encourage you to discuss action about what you want to do about this upcoming and ongoing #ITU threat to the net, any action you want to add to #OpWTF, at:
  33. /
  34. Channel: #OpWCIT
  35. [At the time of the publication of this paste there is no channel for #OpWTF, so please dive into #OpWCIT and chat as #OpWCIT is the established channel.]
  37. Further information:
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