WhiteCat proof of legitness

Feb 11th, 2018 (edited)
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  1. The two main threads with the "evidence" of my faking the liveplays are and a comment with compiled evidence by XII at . As the reference material, I am linking a raw video of the ending of my MONSTER liveplay .
  2. Let's get started:
  3. 1) Sped up animations
  4. There are accusations that animations during the play and on the score screen are sped up (faster than they should be) as seen at .
  5. However, neighbour comments showcase the comparison to the legitimately generated animations and their timing matches perfectly (comment by shavit himself)
  6. 2) Cursor teleport at the score screen
  7. "Alright so, watch at 2:10 onward on 0.25x you can see him leaving his cursor on-top and then letting go of his pen. He leaves it at his desk but somehow at the last millisecond of 2:16 his cursor is right next to his rank+pp board without picking up his pen."
  8. It is clear that after moving the pen to the top of the tablet and lifting it(Frame 127 0:00:02.119), I place it back on the tablet during the black screen(Frame 136 0:00:02.269) and only after I let my pen go, that's why the cursor is in a different place.
  9. 3) A different score screen on Natsuki Hanabi and song select list without pressing escape on Monster liveplay
  10. "Edit3: You can go frame by frame from 1:06 or 0.25x on youtube. You can see a flash of another score-screen that is overlay-ed from a 5 month old live-play." AND
  11. Both of the moments are caused by ALT-TAB + fullscreen to desktop switch.
  12. When I alt-tab before playing the map, the frame appear later during the fullscreen to desktop switch, this is a well-known issue but is not really noticable unless you spend time watching videos frame-by-frame. I am going to showcase a video reproducing the bug, made by my friend and there is also osu!support confirmation . On full speed you are not likely to find anything weird, but there is a frame which has screen right before playing the map which is song selection screen, right before the browser actually opens. The same happened to me but I cut the video before the browser opened so it looks like the game redirected me to the song selection screen without pressing escape but in reality this is just a foreign frame due to bug that many osu! streamers and players are aware of.
  13. Additionally, zebarkez filmed another video showcasing the bug as seen on . However due his proof was disregarded due to his poor reputation. Basically the community didn't want to accept any proof.
  14. 4) Cursor visible over the pen
  15. On my Rohulk's style liveplay there is a frame where it looks like the cursor was edited in and is visible over the pen:
  16. On this picture it looks like the pen is blurry while the cursor is not, this happens because the image is small, if we take a closer look we can see that both artifacts are a bit blurry. The pen doesn't actually cover the cursor in the video, only the blur which comes with video encoding does, so there is nothing wrong with a weird way that video gets blured (due to compressing) in such a way that cursor is seen OVER the blur from the pen.
  17. 5) Audio inconsistencies
  18. during one of the single tap sections it sounds as if the audio of my tapping doesn't match the real moves, sounds allegedly like I am streaming while I am singletapping. First of all, it doesn't necesarily sound like streaming per say but rather some additional sound. The way I record liveplays is I combine audio from the recorded replay and the liveplay video so that both the song and keyboard sounds are in the resulting video. This goes with issues such as: microphone quality, human error, encoding effects. My hypothesis about the presented moment is that during the selected period I hit the keys harder and full key path, thus the sound. It's worth mentioning that apart from that moment all other actions can be clearly matched (maybe with a slight offset).
  20. Apart from explaining the fishy moments I would like to state that the time between score and the youtube video upload is quite low. On you can use the link to the MONSTER liveplay and see the exact time of the upload Upload Time (UTC): 21:00:18 . The score date is visible to ripple admins and is 21:48 in French local time, which is 19:48 UTC. The difference is slight more than hour, including the necessary edits like recording the replay separately, combining them in sony vegas, muting my scream and adding a black box to face, also rendering, uploading the videofile to youtube will slow german internet connection and time it takes for youtube to process the video. In total, it is clear that I uploaded the liveplay as soon as possible and the real faking would require hours to pull off to the level of how legitimately the video looks like with proper reflections of the monitor on at least 2 surfaces.
  21. Additionally, on the MONSTER video it's also seen that I am being spectated while playing. Maybe you can ask those player if they noticed anything out of place(or just ask did I actually do that score online, was I buffering, anything). Their profiles are and the 2nd nickname looks like "[-Yasukii-]" but can't find them right now, maybe changed nickname or got restricted.
  22. I would also like mention that I did several streams and I have many other liveplays with no inconsistencies found at my channel, didn't delete any of them because I argue that they are full legit, including on my restricted ripple account, offline and gatari (and the official server). A huge number of VODs can be found at
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