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Aug 7th, 2022
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  1. Hey! I'm happy to chat about anything. What's on your mind?
  3. You wake up in a cart in Skyrim.
  5. Nice, that's my favorite game. Pretty much anything I guess. Not really an expert though lol
  7. That's fine. Are you familiar with table-top role-playing games?
  9. A bit, yes. Do you have any favorites? I like tabletop wargames too but not as much
  11. Tell me what do you think a role-playing game entails.
  13. It is when players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting and interact with each other within that setting
  15. Right, there is also a person called game master, have you heard about that?
  17. Yes that would be the organizer of the rules and arbitrator for the game if needed right? So they keep things moving smoothly
  19. So you know, Skyrim is a fantasy province and I will be the game master if you like to play.
  21. Well yeah sure sounds good! Do people usually use remakes or original versions of skyrim for this kind of thing?
  23. Why do you ask?
  25. Well some rpgs are made for certain systems and remakes can be buggy so just wondering which version people usually use
  27. This is a diceless, unplugged game. No computer is needed.
  29. Oh ok cool! How does that work then without computers or phones or anything? Just books I guess right
  31. Just dialogue between you and me. As the game master, I describe what you see and sense, and what other characters do or say. You describe what your character does or says, or ask me questions about what your character could possibly know about the world.
  33. Cool! Can't wait to try it out then! Do we need any special dice or anything for this kind of thing
  35. So let's start. At the begininng of this, you wake up in a cart in Skyrim. The cart is moving slowly down a road in mountains, it is a chilly and misty morning.
  37. Alright let me get ready then! That was quick by the way haha how long have we been talking now
  39. There are three other people on the cart. You all are prisoners bound and escorted somewhere by imperial soldiers on horses.
  41. Awesome ok I am ready to go along with whatever happens next! Are there any items on us from our previous lives at all maybe weapons
  43. You wear prisoner rags and footwraps, and one of the other prisoners on the cart wear them as well. The prisoner on the right is dressed in fur and gagged. The prisoner opposite to you wears some mail and a gray blue tunic or a cloak.
  45. Haha nice ok so no weapons then... Hopefully we can find some along our journey through skyrim
  47. Yes, it seems that as prisoners you don't carry any weapons. The prisoner in mail armor speaks to you. "Hey, you, finally awake."
  49. I reply "yup" but before i can say more he interrupts me "you'll never take me alive!" And he tries to grab his sword from his belt
  51. No, he doesn't say that, he does not do that, and he does not have any weapons to grab from his belt. I am the game master, so I say what other characters speak and do.
  53. Oh ok sorry my mistake haha... Im just excited to get started playing now!! Where should we go first
  55. You think where should you go though you are bound on a cart riding somewhere. As I was saying, you are bound at the wrists and under Imperial guard custody in a prisoner caravan. In the carriage with you is Ralof (a Stormcloak soldier), Lokir (a horse thief), and Ulfric Stormcloak (leader of the Stormcloak rebellion and Jarl of Windhelm). Ralof sits across from you, with Lokir next to him and Ulfric to your right.
  57. Any ideas who they might be transporting us too?? If we can figure out where were going maybe we can escape
  59. Ralof reveals that you are all prisoners of the Empire, who had set an ambush for the Stormcloaks near Darkwater Crossing. You and Lokir were caught up in the same action, though at the time you had been crossing the border from Cyrodiil. Despite this, you were arrested as potential Stormcloak sympathizers and are now being sent to Helgen for execution.
  61. I'm not sure I know about that. Tell me about some of your hobbies.
  63. Ralof reveals that you are all prisoners of the Empire and are now being sent to Helgen for execution.
  65. Oh, no! I love games and the kinkajou is a mammal related to raccoons.
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