One-Lin3r Framework commands

Jul 16th, 2019
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  1. Command Description
  2. -------- -------------
  3. help/? Show this help menu.
  4. list/show List all one-liners in the database.
  5. search [Keywords..] Search database for a specific liner by its name, author name or description.
  6. use <liner> Use an available one-liner.
  7. copy <liner> Use an available one-liner and copy it to clipboard automatically.
  8. info <liner> Get information about an available liner.
  9. set <variable> <value> Sets a context-specific variable to a value to use while using one-liners.
  10. variables Prints all previously specified variables.
  11. banner Display banner.
  12. reload/refresh Reload the liners database.
  13. check Prints the core version and checks if you are up-to-date.
  14. history Display command-line most important history from the beginning.
  15. makerc Save command-line history to a file.
  16. resource <file> Run the commands stored in a file
  17. os <command> Execute a system command without closing the framework
  18. exit/quit Exit the framework
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