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  1. Apartment 2B Form
  3. username: quiet-fool
  4. full name: Yang Eveline
  5. nicknames:
  6. - Evie (is a nickname given by her brother Kevin and only the ones who will be close to her can call her that)
  7. - Eve (sounds more harsh than Evie and she usually tell people to call her that)
  9. birthday: 21st July 1993
  10. age: 23
  11. hometown: Busan
  12. nationality: Korean
  13. ethnicity: Korean
  15. slot: Harsh
  16. backup: Doltish
  18. face claim: Taeyeon from SNSD
  19. backup: Yezi from Fiestar
  20. backbackup: Heize
  22. °☆.。.:*・
  24. personality: She is really cold with everyone, even with her brother sometimes. She never talks with strangers. Not even with her team players of the football team doesn't talk. She has a killer stare usually and can make you to shut up just with her resting bitch face. She is warming a bit when she sees that they are trying to befriend her, but she always have the guard on. She is so scary when she's mad, because she shouts a lot and wants to destroy everything in her way. Never shows her emotions such as sadness, happiness or tiredness. But she has a really cute smile and every time one of the roomates has the chance they would tell her that her smile is really beautiful. She would be quiet because she is not used and never been to be complimented, after her dad death. Tries her best to be a good friend even if she fail at this chapter, this is not a problem because she knows that she is trying her best. When alone she likes to sing different happy songs, even if her mood is down. Loves to play with her cat, Kiwi and sometimes talks a lot about her. One thing that not even Kevin knows is that after the fight with her mother, she started to have signals of ADHD and now she has it at all because she didn't know why she can't concentrate in class, but she knows for about a year and didn't tell anyone, because then she thinks she would be more weird than she already is. Thinks about her dad a lot and what he would do in some situations.
  26. background: She was born in Germany, but they moved in South Korea after two years. When she was seven years, her father died. Her dad was her favourite since she never could do how her mom likes so she just leaned on her dad and Kevin. After he died, she and Kevin (played by Kevin from ZE:A) got more close, since their mother was treating them really harsh so they could have each other. They hate to talk about their family so if someone asks if their mother is Adelaide (since she is a bussniess woman really known), they would say no. Since her dad wanted all the best for his kids, Eve is trying to be the best in what she loves, just for her father. But also because of her fights with his mother through letters, she can't put all her effort in her classes, so usually she would wait everyone to go to bed and then starts re-reading what they did in clas and whispering it to her cat, Kiwi which is all black but at her right eye has an white stain in shape of heart. Also when she came to College and she chose arts, the real fights between her and her mother started, because she wanted to do something about bussiness and her dad says her, too. But the reality was that her dad was also at arts when he was young, but the family always was hiding it. So after three years of being at arts, she stopped talking to Adelaide. She would do it just when is needed. Now she is happy with her roomates even if they are annoying like hell.
  29. trivia:
  30. - she is allergic at dog's fur;
  32. - knows to play soccer;
  34. - she can, but she is too lazy and she is so good at it, that's why she is in football team;
  36. - her poems are about pain and death;
  38. - she is a really dark person, that's why she dyed her hair blonde;
  40. - she has a collection of games like Monopoly;
  42. - big fan of fantasy books;
  44. - hates word oppa;
  46. - makes math puns when she is bored;
  48. - wears glasses sometimes, but because she can't see, just because she looks good;
  50. - talks with british accent just for fun;
  52. - talks in satoori when she is stressed too much;
  54. - when she is under pressure, all what she can think of is "ring ding dong";
  56. - likes to sip water near to a person when she is right and they not, just to make them angry;
  58. - pouts when she is overthinking;
  60. - can speak german well;
  62. habits:
  63. - even if she would go to sleep an 9pm or 3am, she would be awake at 6am;
  64. - sighing when she is done with everyone;
  65. - when she is sad, she usually play with her sleeves;
  68. - music;
  69. - cats;
  70. - plushies;
  71. - owls;
  72. - sweets;
  73. - sleep;
  74. - at the same time, staying awake;
  75. - when it's too loud around the dorm;
  76. - reading;
  77. -socks, don't ask why;
  79. dislikes:
  80. - people in general;
  81. - her mother;
  82. - cringey girls;
  83. - lovey dovey couples;
  85. roommate: frank
  86. sleep habits:
  87. - crying in her sleep, but not loud, because she may dream of her father;
  89. food habits:
  90. - usually forgets to eat if nobody says something about food;
  91. - if you say pizza, then she would hear from 3 miles away;
  93. house rules:
  94. - Don't touch my things;
  95. - Don't ask me about our stuff if you know you can't maintain everything clean;
  96. - Only come at me if it's something really urgent;
  97. - Go clean or go sleep in the park;
  99. cleaning habits:
  100. - Clean her part of the room everyday since she is a bit messy;
  101. - Has her colors and pencils and everything about drawing and painting really organised, she would see really fast if something is missing or wrong;
  103. suggested scenes:
  104. - everyone swearing and puts her hands on juvenile's ears trying to protect her;
  105. - doltish going through her lyrics, paintings and drawings and she is stopped by frank to shout at the child;
  106. - Music night, when everyone suggests new songs to the rest;
  107. - frank seeing her crying in her sleep and wakes her up asking about this and she starts crying for real and says about her mother;
  109. °☆.。.:*・
  111. neighbor: BTS - Yoongi
  112. backup: EXO - Chen
  113. his personality:
  115. first impressions:  yours and his
  116. - Eve: “Oh wow something that might have a darker soul than mine”
  117. - His: “Pretty face who tries to look tough, huh?”
  119. how he acts around you:
  120. - Everyone knows that both of them are annoyed asses, but he eventually would try to talk with her. Even if Eve would not accept him at first, he would be a good friend for her and he proudly could call himself her best friend;
  122. how he acts around his friends:
  123. - He is more smiley with them and this is what Eve likes about him, that his friends make him more happy. He usually plwy along with them and sometimes try to stay cold but he just can't.
  125. how does he annoy YOU:
  126. - He usually gives rekts to Eve, but Eve would do the same;
  127. - Tries too hard for skinship;
  129. suggested scenes: 4 minimum (w/ neighbor)
  130. - When they first see each other, they would stare at each other like they are staring in the another's soul;
  131. - Eve by mistake mention her ADHD and Yoongi promises he would not tell and comfort her;
  132. - Yoongi asks Eve on a date at a football play;
  133. - Yoongi teaching her how to play piano;
  135. how does your relationship progress: friends —> best friends —> dating
  137. what do you say about him:
  138. - “He is an ugly jerk who needs to smile more”
  139. what does he say about you?:
  140. - “She is an idiot but I accept her.”
  142. °☆.。.:*・
  144. anything extra?: is there something i missed? anything you want to say directly? : just if you wants, could you include Kevin sometimes? Like 2 times on the entire book is alright.
  146. message to roommates?:
  147. - If you touch my things I swear to the lovely god I will kill you.
  148. message to apartment 2b:
  149. - Don't be so loud gosh.
  150. message to author: I LOVE THE IDEA OK BYE
  151. password: improve my drawing skills;
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