Roman Emperors vs Arrows

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  1.     My hands trembling, I nocked an arrow and fired it at Caligula's face. My aim was true, but Caligula swatted aside the projectile like a sleepy housefly.
  2.     “Don’t embarrass yourself, Lester,” he said. “Let the leaders talk.”
  3. ...
  4.     I howled again. This time, I launched an arrow at Commodus. Yes, it was petty. I thought I could hit a blind emperor more easily, but he too, swatted the arrow away.
  5.     "Cheap shot, Apollo!" He yelled. "There's nothing wrong with my hearing or my reflexes."
  6. ...
  7.     Commodus was only ten yards away when I shot my next arrow at him. Somehow he dodged it, rushed in, and yanked the bow out of my hands.
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