Spikes Tale - Chapter 3

Jun 9th, 2013
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  1. "Rarity? She's one of our friends. Another pony like me."
  2. Twilight sat there and smiled.
  4. "Hmm, really?" If Rarity was a pony friend of yours and Twilights, why did her (well, you guessed it was a her, seeing the femininity of the name) name keep on shoving itself up in front of your old friends name? It was like you were trying to talk to his old name and the new name kept on interrupting your conversation. More thoughts bombarded your mind about you, what your life was like before, but one question was much more prevalent than the others.
  6. "Hey Twi..."
  8. "Yes, Spike?"
  10. "How did I get here? How did I end up here if I wasn't supposed to be a human?"
  12. Twilight sighed and sat back in her seat. She beckoned for you to come over and you walked over. When you sat down next to her, she put a fore-hoof around your shoulder and stared lovingly into your eyes while smiling sorrowfully at the same time.
  14. "Spike, I think that it is time that you found put exactly how you came to be in the human world. About a year ago, you were helping me set up for a new magical experiment one morning..."
  16. ----------------------
  18. "Spike, what's the reading on the Magometer? It needs to be just right for this to work!"
  20. Twilight cantered around the room, levitating various different magical devices around with her horn. You looked over to the huge golden device with wires sticking out of it a strange angles and peering at the small screen surrounded by various levers and switches, you call out to Twilight.
  22. "Perfect reading, Twilight! All of the runes are prepared for lift off. So, uh, why are we doing this again?"
  24. Twilight sighed and looked at you, clearly irritated at your lack of concentration.
  26. "Do I have to tell you every time? You really do need to learn how to listen, Spike. We're attempting cross country magical relocation!"
  28. "Uh, say that again?"
  30. "Urgh, We're trying to teleport really far away."
  32. "Ooh. I see now."
  34. "Good. Now, no-pony has ever tried teleporting such distance as we are attempting today. So much could go wrong with this, and it is imperative that every variable is verified, corrected and re-corrected. I don't want to end up teleporting you into a wall."
  36. "Yeah, heh, that would suck. Hey, wait a second, ME!?"
  38. "Sorry I didn't tell you before, Spike. You are a lot lighter than the average pony, and a heck of a lot more resilient. Plus, I have much less control over where I go if I’m teleporting myself."
  40. "Fine... I still think this is a dumb idea..."
  42. Twilight lifted a whole bunch of books off of her desk with her magic and sat down at it. She beckoned you over with a wave of the hoof and you sat next to her.
  44. "See this?" She pointed to a huge open field in the middle of of a faded map. "If my calculations are correct, which they are, you will land squarely in the center of this field. I've sent Rainbow down there to meet up with you and bring you back."
  46. You nodded silently, still quite peeved at Twilight for using you as a guinea pig.
  48. "So, are you ready to begin?"
  50. "No... Can we just do this already?"
  53. You stood in the middle of the room as Twilight walked around you, attaching probes with her magic.
  55. “Can you pleeease stop moving Spike? These have to be on correctly if I’m going to get a correct reading, you know. We wouldn't want to have to do this again, now would we?”
  57. “Fine, just hurry up Twilight. I'm getting really hungry over here.”
  59. Twilight puts a couple more probes on to you and stood about three meters away, leaving you standing alone. You were starting to get really nervous about this. Something didn't feel right...
  61. “Are you ready, Spike? I'll have some gems ready for you to eat when you come back.”
  63. You shook your head in fear and Twilight began to “power up” her horn. What happened next took you by complete surprise.
  65. Suddenly, the door to Twilight’s house was thrown open and Rarity trotted in, completely oblivious to what was happening. Twilight gasped in shock as she saw her and tried to turn off her magic, but to no avail.
  67. “Ah, Spike, darling, there's a little outfit I have here, just for you and- Oh, Twilight, what are you doing?”
  69. “Rarity! Get out of here, I can't stop my horn! Run!”
  71. Rarity stood there in shock for a second before attempting to turn around and run, catching her hooves on the probes attached to you in the process, pulling you together and tangling you up in a ball of wires and hooves.
  73. “No!” Twilight screamed as a huge bolt of powerful magical energy flew forth from her horn and collided with you and Rarity, causing you to instantly black out.
  75. ----------------------
  77. “And that's the whole story, Spike. After that, we didn't see you two again. I don't have any idea how you came to be in the human world, but that's the only thing that could have caused it. For the past year, Celestia and I have been constantly trying to get you back. We began to receive magical signals emanating from this universe and once we were able to target them, we were given a glimpse of this world and a glimpse of you and Rarity. Only recently were we able to reproduce what happened to you but in a more controlled environment, sending me here to bring you home.”
  79. You nodded and hugged Twilight. Now you and Rarity could go back
  81. Wait a second...
  83. “Hold up, so if my friend who passed away is Rarity... That means... Oh Celestia no! That means Rarity is...” Oh no, she couldn't be... You had just discovered that you had friends, real friends! To find out now that the friend you love is dead was the worst thing possible.
  85. “Rarity is dead!” Overcome with unbelievable sadness, you began to sob uncontrollably, curling yourself up into a ball and scrunching your eyes as tight as possible. Anything to shut you off from the unforgiving world outside. Twilight put her hoof on to your back and stroked it slowly.
  87. “Spike...”
  89. “Just leave me alone, Twilight! Rarity is dead... She... Oh Celestia, why!”
  91. “Listen for a second, Spike! She's not dead! Rarity is alive!”
  93. “No! I sat at his- no, her bedside as she died. She was my best friend for nearly all my life as a human and she's dead.”
  95. “But she isn't, Spike! As soon as the male human version of Rarity had passed away, she awoke again and began to change. We saw it happen from Equestria. She was so alone and scared... When her family found her missing from the morgue, they thought her body had been stolen. They were so distraught and didn't want to scare anyone else so they just told you and her family that they decided to cremate her. Please believe me, Spike. I can show you where she is.”
  97. “R-Really? Please, Twilight! Show me where she is! Please!”
  99. Twilight delved into her backpack and pulled out a large rolled up piece of paper. She cleared off the coffee table and unraveled the paper on it, revealing a large map of the world. She slammed her hoof down in the middle, pointing to a small collection of islands in the middle of the ocean.
  101. “We're gonna
  103. “But that's like, really far away! How are we going to get there?”
  105. Twilight smiled wryly and looked up at you.
  107. “Oh, no. No no no no no, I know what you're thinking Twilight, and there is no way in Tartarus that I’m letting you do that!”
  109. “Spike, how do you feel about being my guinea pig again?”
  112. For a second time now, you find yourself standing in the middle of a room surrounded by instruments and magical runes, covered in probes and donning an annoyed frown.
  114. “Now,” Twilight said while summoning runes and trotting around. “I can't go with you to help, but I’ve given you a map of the island showing exactly where Rarity is located. Since I can't come with you, I’ve had to set a time limit on the spell. If you manage to find Rarity in the twelve hour time span, make sure to hold her hoof as soon as the you teleport back, or you will return without her, got it?”
  116. You nodded and gritted your teeth tightly as she shoved the map into a small messenger bag you had strapped over your shoulder. As scared as you were to be doing this, you had to put your care for Rarity above any worries you had and bottled them up. The half unicorn trotted around the room, checking on the gear to make sure everything was right and then stood three meters away from you, just outside the circle of runes.
  118. “Hey Twilight, how did you get all of this stuff here?”
  120. Twilight smiled and pointed to her bag.
  122. “A girl always comes prepared. A little bit of shrinking magic helps too. Now hold still, and good luck!” She said as her horn began to glow bright purple. She strained as the energy began to build up in her horn. Sparks started to erupt from the glowing tip, showering your floor and bouncing around the room. A huge ball of light gathered at the tip and as soon as it looked like it was about to reach its limit, it exploded towards you. You closed your eyes shut and gritted your teeth as the energy mass collided with you and darkness surrounded your vision, encapsulating you and causing you to lose consciousness.
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