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  1. Wheelhouse:596cbee2e9c1fe53dfb4c817
  2. Sundeck:596cbed3e9c1fe53dfb4c816
  3. Pantry:596cbec8e9c1fe53dfb4c815
  4. Owners Area:596cbebce9c1fe53dfb4c814
  5. Master:596cbe90e9c1fe53dfb4c813
  6. Main Salon:596cbe8be9c1fe53dfb4c812
  7. Main deck Aft:596cbe8be9c1fe53dfb4c812
  8. Guest Cabin STDB2:596cbe8be9c1fe53dfb4c812
  9. Guest Cabin STDB1:596cbe4ee9c1fe53dfb4c80f
  10. Guest Cabin Port2:596cbe3ee9c1fe53dfb4c80e
  11. Guest Cabin Port1:596cbe2ce9c1fe53dfb4c80d
  12. Galley Pantry:596cbdffe9c1fe53dfb4c80c
  13. First Officer:596cbdd5e9c1fe53dfb4c80b
  14. Crew Mess:596cbdbde9c1fe53dfb4c80a
  15. Chief Engineer:596cbda9e9c1fe53dfb4c809
  16. Captains Cabin:596cbd9ae9c1fe53dfb4c808
  17. Bridge Salon:596cbd82e9c1fe53dfb4c807
  18. Beach club:596cbd71e9c1fe53dfb4c806
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