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TWEETSTORM for #NoToGunControl #StopGunControl

Anonymous00100 Jan 12th, 2013 497 Never
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  1. Hello World, We Are Anonymous.
  3. As you probably have heard, the United States government is looking for more ways to control us and bring us into a fascist state by trying to take our guns away. This action is a direct violation of our Second Amendment rights, and we will not stand for it. We have the right to own guns if we want to. Why do I need to own a semi-automatic rifle? Because my government has full automatic rifles that can kill me in an instant. Our government fails to understand that they do not, and will not ever control us. President Obama, by signing any legislation to take away Americans' gun rights, you will be signing us into a fascist dictatorship. We are warning you now, do not sign those laws. You will be sorry. Taking away our guns will only make crime rates go up even higher, this is proven by Chicago and Australia. We would have no protection against the US government and all the tyranny they commit on a daily basis. Vice President Biden's anti-gun-violence task force held a meeting this last week and Biden is said to forward a set of policy recommendations on gun control to President Obama by Tuesday, January 15, 2013. That is why we are calling for a TWITTER STORM on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 6:00 PM EST, 5:00 PM CST. Spread this message everywhere so that we can try to get #NoToGunControl and #StopGunControl to trend on Twitter to show that we, the American people, are not going to stand for this. Tweet to President Biden, use those hashtags, and tell him why you think gun control shouldn't be tolerated. Remember to COPY AND PASTE tweets and send origionals, retweets will not count towards a trending topic. Also, using third-party apps like Tweetdeck helps. A list of tweet recommendations will be posted in this paste, or you can make up your own or copy/paste. Let's be a voice, America. Stand up for your rights.
  7. We are the 99%.
  8. We are Anonymous.
  9. We are legion.
  10. We do not forgive.
  11. We do not forget.
  12. United States Government, expect us.
  17. TWEETSTORM EVENT: Monday, January 14, 2013 at 6:00 PM EST, 5:00 PM CST.
  19. List of Tweet Recommendations, ALL 140 char. or less:
  20. > @JoeBiden Gun control will cause more deaths each year, because regular people will not have guns, but criminals wont care. #NoToGunControl
  21. > @JoeBiden #NoToGunControl #StopGunControl because We The People have rights as Americans.
  22. > @JoeBiden Ever heard of the 2nd Amendment? #NoToGunControl #StopGunControl
  23. > Chicago has the highest crime rates, because of gun control. #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl
  24. > @JoeBiden Tell president Obama to veto any gun control legislation. #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl
  25. > We the People are no longer silent. #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl
  26. > 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution: The Right To Bear Arms. #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl
  27. > I own a gun because I believe in deterring tyrannical government. #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl
  28. > Anti-Gun supporters, does the 2nd Amendment not mean anything to you anymore? #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl
  29. > Reasons for #GunControl: 1. To CONTROL the American people. Hence the word 'control.' #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl
  31. > We are the 99% and we will never be controlled. #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl
  32. > STEAL THIS TWEET! Ban guns and you will be asking for a New American revolution. Expect us. #NoToGunControl #StopGunControl
  33. > Why do I need a semi-automatic rifle? Because my government owns full automatic rifles. #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl
  34. > Rise up against tyranny! #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl
  35. > STEAL THIS TWEET! #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl because I will not submit to your lies and control, US govt.
  36. > #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl
  37. > THIS IS A #TWEETSTORM! STEAL ALL OF MY TWEETS! Remember, Retweets do not count! Lets get #StopGunControl #NoToGunControl TRENDING!!
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