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  2. xazaerx has been invited to chat.
  3. Jonathan Moray has been invited to chat.
  4. Jonathan Moray entered chat.
  5. xazaerx entered chat.
  6. Carl Sagan: ok now we just need to wait for a few guys
  7. Carl Sagan: so sit tight or something
  8. Jonathan Moray: No!
  9. Carl Sagan: haha
  10. xazaerx: D:
  11. Jonathan Moray: Xazaerx who are?
  12. xazaerx: azaer
  13. Jonathan Moray: Ah, good to know! (:
  14. Carl Sagan: two guys afk
  15. xazaerx: :P
  16. Carl Sagan: im not going to get zeldar until everyone's here either
  17. Jonathan Moray: Well you said 5:30... :F
  18. Carl Sagan: 20 minuites still :\
  19. xazaerx: all u East coasters. Its 8:30 for me
  20. Jonathan Moray: Yeah
  21. Carl Sagan: well while no one is here
  22. Carl Sagan: i was at a party yesterday
  23. Carl Sagan: one kid brings spice
  24. Carl Sagan: gets fuuuuucked up
  25. Carl Sagan: holy shit it was funny
  26. Jonathan Moray: Is's a little past two at night here.
  27. xazaerx: hahaha nice
  28. Carl Sagan: again it's just twenty minutes
  29. Jonathan Moray: Well, shit happens
  30. Jonathan Moray: n00b
  31. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq. has been invited to chat.
  32. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq. entered chat.
  33. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: O hai
  34. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: Sorry I'm late
  35. Jonathan Moray: hi!
  36. Carl Sagan: no you're fine
  37. Carl Sagan: ok im going to start the meeting
  38. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: roger dodger
  39. Carl Sagan: So anyway
  40. Cap'n has been invited to chat.
  41. Cap'n entered chat.
  42. Carl Sagan: Alright let's begin
  43. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: Roger
  44. Carl Sagan: So first off
  45. Carl Sagan: How fares progress?
  46. Carl Sagan: As in
  47. Carl Sagan: What has been accomplished?
  48. Carl Sagan: Whether it be miscellanous or department related
  49. xazaerx: The first section of the pirate guild quest is outlined and I finished the journal logs today, I didnt do any dialogue but I cant imagine the deserted island level would need any
  50. Carl Sagan: Alright, anyone else got anything? And if you could send it via google docs, ill be posting this as a big update
  51. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: I've been busy with the carcrash and subsequent paperwork this week, I'll get more done next week. Last week though I did write a "flavor" book which I showed you.
  52. Carl Sagan: I think it was Laurence who was working on a nice book
  53. Carl Sagan: Again could you resend that link?
  54. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: One sec
  55. Carl Sagan: And Jonathan you?
  56. Ben Stokes has been invited to chat.
  57. Carl Sagan: Anything done?
  58. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: Terry Bogard
  59. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: whoops
  60. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: didn't get the links
  61. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.:
  62. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: there we go
  63. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: there's the book
  64. Jonathan Moray: Not much, but  I got a few words down during me spare time. What I've been writing is and idea of the "last" (anyway quite late in the quest line.) quest. Though it's not ready for the public yet.
  65. Carl Sagan: alright
  66. Carl Sagan: and azaer could you send me your dialogue as a google docs?
  67. Jonathan Moray: The way
  68. Jonathan Moray: i
  69. xazaerx: I'm doing that now
  70. Carl Sagan: ok, well i've got this done, just some guidelines i guess, sent them to zeldar already
  71. Carl Sagan:
  72. Carl Sagan: and zeldar, did you do anything this week?
  73. xazaerx:
  74. Carl Sagan: thanks
  75. Jonathan Moray: Though I just let my imagination run free so I didn't think to much of the limitations of the game. But most of it shouldn't be to hard to do.
  76. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: Also, what's the symbol of the rebellion?
  77. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: I think we'd need one
  78. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: like an animal
  79. Carl Sagan: Make one, that's something that would be appreciated
  80. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: or a literal symbol
  81. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: Roger, no promises it won't be a cliff racer
  82. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: :D
  83. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: Just kidding
  84. Jonathan Moray: Isn't rebellions always like a fist in the air?
  85. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: That's so cliche though
  86. Jonathan Moray: To cliche?
  87. Carl Sagan: laurence what's your fp name again?
  88. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: Doomkiwi
  89. Carl Sagan: azaer, that needs to change permissions
  90. Carl Sagan: change it to public
  91. xazaerx: Ah, gimme a sec- never worked with this crap till now
  92. Cap'n: sorry about the late reply was trying to shank some nord
  93. xazaerx: working now?
  94. Cap'n: no didnt really do anything
  95. Cap'n: i dont really have any more fresh ideas for the guild
  96. Cap'n: at least not atm
  97. Carl Sagan: ok
  98. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: Maybe we should give the guards curved swords
  99. Carl Sagan: azaer, just change like the first two words because i think wheeze has the extension in already
  100. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: CURVED. SWORDS.
  101. Carl Sagan: it should be
  102. Carl Sagan: "After the player delivers the money."
  103. xazaerx: Do we have any idea for how to perpetualize the guild? U know- give the player something more after they beat the guild questline?
  104. xazaerx: And alright
  105. Carl Sagan: well me and zeldar were thinking of like
  106. Carl Sagan: that dungeon cheeseburger was making
  107. Carl Sagan: turn that into an epilogue mission
  108. Carl Sagan: involving the lost treasure of Dreadmund
  109. Carl Sagan: Alright, also
  110. Carl Sagan: There arent going to be changes in development cycles on my end just yet
  111. Jonathan Moray: Wait
  112. Carl Sagan: so keep working on quest outlines as you wish
  113. Jonathan Moray: I have an idea for the Dreadmund treasure.
  114. Laurence C. Montegue IV Esq.: Make it loaded with gems
  115. Carl Sagan: And actually
  116. Carl Sagan: a quick idea
  117. Carl Sagan: for the KGB logo
  118. Carl Sagan:
  119. Carl Sagan: across the three daggers
  120. Carl Sagan: have the words
  121. Carl Sagan: Mannafaroa, Laun, Otti
  122. Carl Sagan: and through the center ribbon
  123. Carl Sagan: Vapna
  124. Carl Sagan: alright does this good with you guys?
  125. Carl Sagan: the meeting that is
  126. Cap'n: yep
  127. Carl Sagan: alright then meeting is ajorned
  128. xazaerx: adios amigos
  129. Carl Sagan: if you have questions talk to your dept. head, AKA me or zeldar
  130. Jonathan Moray: Dreadmund's Treasure. That's one of the last quests. I think the player will get information during the pirate line that will lead him closer to the treasure. And the dungeon for the treasure should be a cave under his ship that his "pet" dragon build to protect the treasure. So the boss will be The Dragon of The Sea
  131. Carl Sagan: there's a dungeon wip
  132. Carl Sagan: and it sounds like that could work
  133. Carl Sagan: but ok
  134. xazaerx: Will there be a word wall involved?
  135. Carl Sagan: idk
  136. Cap'n: yes theres a new shout
  137. Jonathan Moray: Dragon Stone?
  138. Cap'n: a horde of slaughterfish come out
  139. Carl Sagan: lol
  140. xazaerx: hahahaahha
  141. xazaerx: thatll be fun for on land
  142. Carl Sagan: alright then
  143. Carl Sagan: im off
  144. Carl Sagan: goodnight
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