Birthday Dinner

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  1. "Elsie, what the *fuck* are you doing??" Evan whispered, throwing his voice daggers at his girlfriend, who just stared at him, giggling, her cheeks almost as red as her hair.
  3. "What ever do you mean, my dear?" she asked faux-seductively, before another giggle fit burst out of her, closing her eyes as the laughter shook her whole body, save for her right arm, which was disappearing suspiciously under the tablecloth.
  5. Evan glared, mostly seriously. The hand rubbing his shoe would usually be welcome, it would excite him even. But here? At Saturn? They were at a Michelin star restaurant, completely booked with couples young and old, and one brashly loud table of young men who were seriously out of place. And his beautiful, lovely, drunk girlfriend was playing rubberband.
  7. "How much," he stated more calmly, his words measured and steely, "have you had to drink tonight?"
  9. Her free hand came to her chin, and she adopted an over the top "thinking" expression.
  11. "Hmmmm...." She mused, tapping her chin. "Let's count. One, two, three..."
  13. As she counted, Evan felt the hand begin "walking" on its fingers up his shoe. He lowered his head and spoke softly. "Elsie..."
  15. "Oh, aren't you keeping *count*?" She flourished, as her arm suddenly darted, and her fingers wrapped around his ankle. Evan jumped with surprise, his hand smacking up against the bottom of the table and causing all the glasses and silverware to clink. Heads turned.
  17. His face quickly shifted to a nervous smile, and he laughed. He didn't know why, but he did. It seemed to placate the wandering eyes, and the natural self-absorbed order of the restaurant resumed. His smile faded as he looked back to Elsie.
  19. "Babe. Seriously. Whatever this is, you can't do it here." Even as he said it, he felt her hand slide further up his ankle, her fingers beginning to disappear into the leg of his chinos. His eyes widened. "Hey. Hey. No."
  21. "Hey! Hey! Yes!" She whispered aggressively back. "It's my birthday! I'm having fun, nobody can see okay?" There was only a trace of a slur in her words, but it was enough for them to both know where she stood mentally. She brought her glass of wine back to her lips as she stared him down. The hand completely disappeared into the pants leg, traveling upwards.
  23. Evan squirmed in his seat. "Elsie. This is a bad idea." he said, less convincingly than before. She shook her head softly as she placed the wine glass down, her hand halfway up his increasingly slim pant leg.
  25. "You said we could do whatever I wanted today. I want to do this." She was smiling again.
  27. "Yeah, I meant, go wherever you want to go, not str-" he began, before glancing around and lowering his voice. "...not stretching around underneath the table like some hormonal tween superhero!" The words bounced off of her like any firmly thrown projectile might. She could plainly see his resistance fading. It always did.
  29. Evan knew she was winning. This was not a good idea. This was not a good idea. He kept thinking the phrase to himself as he felt the very good feeling idea creep up to the base of his kneecap.
  31. She placed her free elbow on the table, and sat her chin into her palm. "I need you to straighten your leg out now, dear. Your pant leg is too tight on your knee."
  33. Evan sat like a stone. He knew this was his last chance to resist. Neither he or she would let this stop once he gave any sort of affirmative response. He pursed his lips as he pondered his next move.
  35. She squinted her eyes softly. "I will use this other hand if I have to."
  37. He still sat silently.
  39. Then, he closed his eyes, and sighed.
  41. He slowly extended his leg, straightening it out from its right angle bend and pushing it across the floor to its full extension, feeling her long arm bending and moving along with it.
  43. She nodded, and the hand traveled more quickly. Evan was straining in his pants now. Her mere stretching was enough to get him going normally, so this was pretty difficult to stand a chance against. He brought one hand under the table to adjust himself, but Elsie suddenly gripped his thigh.
  45. "Hey. I'll get it. Hands where I can see them." She purred. He slowly brought his hand back to the table. Fuck. He was under her thumb and he knew it.
  47. So did she. Her smile was wicked and nurturing all at once. She loosened her grip, and stretched her arm the remaining inches up his leg. She brushed something stiff, and Evan seemed to jolt. At least this time he didn't knock the table, she thought.
  49. She wrapped her fingers around his cock, a little sweaty from the cotton coffins he'd dressed it in, and gave it a pumping squeeze, as if to signal her command of the area. She felt Evan's leg squirming, tugging her pantsed arm along for the ride.
  51. "No sudden movements now." she said, as she suddenly released his cock, and flipped her hand over inside his crotch.
  53. The next part happened in a flash for Evan, but he somehow managed to keep from visibly shaking when her hand suddenly stretched and popped out of his waistband, his eyes bugging out as he saw the porcelain extremity wiggling in the air in his lap. He quickly scooted his chair further into the table, so that his chest was pressing against the wood.
  55. "Jesus, Els-" he started, but she glared at him without any pause, a glare that screamed to shut the hell up. Probably best to keep quiet then, he thought. And pray, also. He'd never prayed before, but fuck it, now seemed an okay time to start. If anybody saw any part of this, they'd be fucked. Boned. Outed. Probably kicked out of the restaurant as well.
  57. Beneath the table, Elsie's tentacle like fingers went to work unbuckling her rock-hard man's belt and undoing his zipper. She was pinpoint precise as she spread her fingers to pry his fly open, and dove blindly into the gap in the front of his boxer briefs, summoning his cock through the hole like a hunter grabbing a fish from the stream with his bare hands. Evan's cock was now completely out in the nicest restaurant he'd ever been in, and that was still not the strangest part of it all.
  59. His member now exposed to the comparatively cool air, he expected her to start going to town on him with her hand. But, to his surprise, her arm began slinking back down his pant leg. His eyes bugged out of his head as the hand completely removed itself from his vicinity, and Elsie promptly brought it up above the table holding a napkin from her lap, dabbing her mouth daintily.
  61. "'re fucking with me. What the hell are you doing." Evan whispered, all the frustration from earlier resurfacing. Elsie didn't answer, she just smiled as she placed her napkin on her plate of finished food. Suddenly she brought both arms to her side, and planted her palms on the base of the chair, before lifting her upper body off the seat. Her face subtly twisted into a look of concentration.
  63. Evan stared in confusion, before he felt the soft patter of footsteps on the hardwood near his feet, and saw the lower part of Elsie's torso begin to pull against her end of the table, disappearing beneath the tablecloth. Just as he registered what she was doing, he felt both of her legs wrap around both of his, along with the front legs of the chair they rested against, essentially pinning his calves to the chair.
  65. He tried to stand up, but couldn't get any leverage. He tried to reach beneath the table, but stopped as he felt something warm, soft, and substantial hoist itself up onto his thighs with a grunt from across the table. He felt Elsie's bare ass rest on his upper legs, and watched as she softly shifted her torso back and forth, the focused look melting into satisfaction, as she gave her torso a nice base of elongated trunk to rest on, removing her hands from the sides of the seat, and placing them back on the table. She looked as if nothing had changed at all.
  67. Evan could picture the scene beneath the table. His legs held ransom by the pale tentacles pinning them to his chair, white legs that led up to arguably Evan's favorite part of Elsie's body, her hips resting on his thighs, her rubbery buttocks molding to the shape of his legs. Her hips connected to a long, freckled expanse of stomach and torso, which elongated out of a flourishing blue dress, under which sat a pair of discarded heels. He was pretty sure he'd got that right. But there was one question.
  69. "Where...the your underwear?" He asked very carefully, very softly.
  71. She shrugged as she crossed her arms. "Purse." she stated as she gestured at her brown shoulder bag on the side of her chair. They locked eyes for a good 10 seconds, both red faced, both silent, one certainly more pleased with herself than the other. And it was her who broke the silence.
  73. "You can use your hands now." she said, gesturing to him with her own.
  75. He sighed. "How's that gonna work."  
  77. Without missing a beat, she lifted up her plate, one hand on each side, and moved it across the table towards him, placing it down gently, and flourishing her hands as if to say "Now, you try!"
  79. Evan first ran his own two hands through his hair. He was an idiot. She was a bigger idiot, but he knew he was gonna do it. He had to do it. This was, despite his every capable brain cell telling him the opposite, amazing.
  81. After another moment's deliberation, and without breaking eye contact, he dropped his hands to his lap, and passing over his cock which was so hard he feared it would burst through the table, he slid them down his legs, until he found Elsie's wonderful, wonderful ass. Laying his fingers beneath it, and gripping her hips with his thumbs, he lifted her, more easily than expected, and slowly, discreetly, he pulled and stretched them towards his own unit.
  83. Elsie beamed as she felt him pull. She could hear a very internalized twang she only heard when she was being stretched by an outside force. It was her favorite sound on Earth.
  85. Evan felt her collide with his dick, and they both half-gasped. He looked back to her once more, as if to say "No going back?"
  87. She nodded.
  89. He closed his eyes, and cocking his hands so her hips were at an angle, he found her opening with the tip of his dick, and slowly, agonizingly so, began pushing himself between her eager lips.
  91. Both of them shut their eyes reflexively. Elsie's eyelids fluttered sharply, while Evan's shoulders heaved with a slow, massive intake of air, before exhaling slowly as he finally lowered her hips all the way onto himself, feeling her cheeks hug his pants tight, quivering and shaking.
  93. They sat like that for a moment, before Elsie opened her eyes, and Evan his. They both glanced around the room, making sure nobody was any the wiser. They both saw enough to feel secure. She looked at him again. "You can let go now."
  95. Evan did as she asked, and watched as she gripped the table with both of her own hands. Not a second later, Evan lurched softly as he felt Elsie's hips begin to cock and thrust, manipulating him expertly. Both of them stifled a groan, and Evan joined his girlfriend in gripping the table.
  97. They stared silently into eachother's eyes, the passion burning in all four of their irises as she allowed them impossible, mind bending pleasure. Evan could swear that since she got her powers, Elsie's sex moved about him differently. It sucked him. It almost licked him. It batted him around playfully before simultaneously doing every single thing possible it could to make him cum. Tonight it wasted no time.
  99. Elsie, concurrently, was thinking something strikingly similar. The way her pussy pulled and stretched since her powers manifested was completely overwhelming. She used to have extreme difficulty cumming just from PIV sex before, but now, with these powers, she didn't even have to try. She just let her organ do its things. It twisted, corkscrewing around Evan's cock and back again. It squeezed vice-like, before pumping at him like a fist made of tongues. And God, it was at least doubly sensitive. Every single pull stretched her nerves thinner, intensifying every movement.
  101. Per usual, she was not going to last long. And that was fine, because looking at Evan, she could tell that, per usual, neither was he. Hazards of the powers.
  103. She continued cocking and stretching her hips on and off his thighs, almost lifting Evan out of his seat by his cock more than once. Their fingers gripped the wood table so hard that if they could focus on it at all, they would be worried it would splinter. As they kept eye contact through spasming lids, they saw eachother approaching a cliff.
  105. Elsie fucked harder. Evan fucked back. The surface of the table shook softly as their arms trembled. He softly gyrated, dropping one hand beneath the table to grab her squishy ass and pull her even further onto him, her insides easily stretching to accommodate, and high renting each micro-movement for each of them as they built.
  107. He gritted his teeth. Her neck elongated an inch. He squinted his eyes. She curled her lips.
  109. He came. He spurted into her forcefully, her asscheeks softly massaging his balls as his face softened and his eyebrows lightened, his cock bursting splashes of sharp pleasure again and again into her.
  111. She came. Her neck thinned as her shoulders dropped slightly, her head staying in place as ecstasy radiated through her. Her vagina massaged him again and again, suctioning every drop of his cum out of him.
  113. They kept as quiet as they could, a near silent grunt escaping each of them once or twice, but miraculously, nobody seemed to notice. Elsie's upper body quickly returned to normal as she sighed, inhaling and exhaling deeply while her eyebrows furrowed upwards in orgasmic relief. Evan brought both his hands up above the table again, and crossing his arms on the tablecloth, he buried his face into them, heaving and laughing softly.
  115. "Dessert anybody?" a voice chirped.
  117. Elsie and Evan both shot their eyes to the perky blond waitress at the side of the table, smiling expectantly at the couple. Elsie cleared her throat and shook her head, readjusting her top to make sure her headlights weren't on.
  119. "Not for me." She replied calmly, a bead of sweat nearly trickling from her hairline. "I'm, uh, I'm totally full, actually." She looked to Evan with a raised eyebrow.  "Babe?"
  121. He looked at Elsie wearily, and then turned to the woman with the name tag reading "Josie", and flashing her a million dollar smile, simply said, "Check, please."
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