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Apr 16th, 2011
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  1. Hail Tecton, as per Achaea instructions for high clan applications process. I formally request high clan status with the Ordo Incensus Arboris (clanhelp OIA).
  3. As requested in clanhelp high clan.
  5. 1. Name: Ordo Incensus Arboris
  6. 2. Leader and founder: Tiamat Blades
  7. 3. Readnews OIA 33 : Clan Charter : Also under "clanhelp charter"
  8.     Penned by my hand on the 7th of Scarlatan, in the year 556 AF.
  9. 4. Background. The clan was started and previously known as the Mhaldorian Lumber Yard. It was created to defy Oakstone's monopoly over the use and abuse of nature enemy status. Mainly we bring a formal gathering place for people who have been persecuted for many years, and more recently people who do not agree with Oakstone ideologically. As of this mail, we have 30 active members as well as Indrani who became our patron. Everything is very IC as we all have a drive and purpose to become a high clan to further promote a new type of RP that is rarely seen within Achaea in the current climate of affairs. Other various perks which have been added through player contributions has been the purchasing of a clan history, a large detailed estate in Nimick which we won at an auction during the 550 events (Which currently has 13 rooms made up of an outer courtyard and a tower in the center.) A very large library of books currently holding 50 unique books.  A new herald charge was bought and made and the official herald is as follows in modern terms:Ordo Incensus Arboris bears the arms: Three oak trees wreathed in flames, on a black and red background divided by a diagonal line from upper right. Also there is an ongoing project to make special clothing items and jewelry, at this time there is only one registered item but more are to follow.
  11. Other Role Playing things that occur which are not known to many, the clan has also made treaties with Twilight not to exterminate the darkenwood. Currently we are seeking to strengthen ties with Ashtan and Hashan, as we have full members from each of those cites within the clan. We are currently working with the government of Mhaldor on various projects and we are basically a very important extension of the city also. We report directly to the Tyrannous and Indrani. All this is nice, but most importantly the members are what make the OIA work, as we function just like a house and we work together for a common cause. If you take a look at the members of the clan, you will see that there are many people who are very notable across Achaea. Many hours of a collection of people have put in a lot of time and effort to make the OIA what it is today.  Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.
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