EG CYOA #8 The G&P T

May 30th, 2013
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  1. >"Prepare yourselves for feats of illusion and magic greater than any you've ever witnessed!"
  2. >You roll your eyes
  3. >How you got sucked into going to Trixie's Magic Club meeting today, you don't really know
  4. >"The Great and Powerful Trixie will begin with a rather difficult trick, and things will only get more spectacular from there!" she boasts
  5. >A few kids are playing Magic the Gathering beside you
  6. >You didn't expect it, but Trixie is actually performing some impressive tricks
  7. >"Now, can I have a volunteer?"
  8. >You swiftly raise your hand
  9. >Looking around, you notice you're the only one
  10. >"Ah, you then, come up on stage with Trixie!"
  11. >You walk up and join Trixie
  12. >"Now, what is your name?" she asks
  13. >"Anon"
  14. >"Well, Anon, could you perhaps lend that watch of yours and let the Great and Powerful Trixie awe this audience?"
  15. >You hand over your watch, and Trixie promptly snatches it from your grip
  16. >With a wave of her hands, it's gone
  17. >"Now reach into your pocket"
  18. >You do so, and find your watch
  19. >You don't really know how she did it, but it's still not something you haven't seen a thousand times
  20. >She catches you rolling your eyes
  21. >"What, not impressive enough for you?"
  22. >"Not as impressive as this!" you say, reaching into your pocket
  23. >You pull out five cards
  24. >"I've got each piece of Exodia! If we were playing Yu-Gi-Oh, you'd lose. I've never lost. Now that's impressive"
  25. >Trixie stamps her feet, anger flashing across her face
  26. >"Get off my stage! Always with the children's card games with you guys! This is MAGIC club, not Magic the Gathering neckbeard club!" she shouts, pointing you back to your seat
  27. >A few people in the audience snicker at the scene
  28. >"Actually," you say in a rather snooty tone, "This is Yu-Gi-Oh. Not Magic the Gathering."
  29. >Trixie stamps her foot again and snarls at you
  30. >You walk off the stage
  31. >"Bitch!" you yell as you sit back down
  32. >Everyone in the room bursts out in a raucous laughter
  33. >"S-Stop laughing!"
  34. >Trixie's face reddens, and you can see tears start to well up as the laughter in the room grows louder
  35. >"Stop!" she yells
  36. >"M-My sides!" you hear someone yell out
  37. >"You're all assholes!" she screams, running off her makeshift stage, tripping on her way out
  38. >"Fuck..." you think to yourself
  39. >You hadn't meant to be so rough
  40. >Getting up from your chair, you run out into the school hallways to look for her
  41. >Finally, you spot her by what must be her locker, sobbing
  42. >You approach her slowly
  43. >"Trixie, look, I-"
  44. >"Just leave me alone..." she says, turning away from you
  45. >You move closer
  46. >"Look, Trixie, I'm sorry..."
  47. >She turns around, and you can see her red, tear streaked face
  48. >"Go away!" she yells, pushing you
  49. >You stumble back
  50. >Trixie crosses her arms and turns away from you again
  51. >You raise your arms up beside you
  52. >"Here, hit me as hard as you can" you say
  53. >Before you have time to even process it, you'r reeling back as pain flashes across your face
  54. >"Fuck..." you say, holding your hand to your jaw
  55. >"Now just... Go away. Go back and make jokes about Trixie or whatever you guys do at my club..."
  56. >"Well... Why don't we go eat somewhere? If that's okay with you."
  57. >She straightens up her posture and seems to take on her usual confident air
  58. >"Trixie agrees to this"
  59. >You smile at her, and tell her if she wants to eat at a nearby restaurant
  60. >"Trixie would like that. Thought Trixie must first get her things back at the club room... We will meet at the restaurant, so feel free to go their right now"
  61. >You go on ahead and make your way to the nearby Japanese steak house
  62. >It doesn't take very long before Trixie meets up with you
  63. >The two of you take a seat
  64. >"I think I'm going to have sushi? You?"
  65. >"Oh, well, Trixie has not had it before. But trying new things isn't so bad. Sushi it is"
  66. >The two of you have your orders taken and begin to wait for your food
  67. >"Anon? Thanks... For taking me out and everything..."
  68. >"No problem," you reply
  69. >You lean over, giving her a small kiss on her cheek
  70. >Trixie blushes
  71. >"Here is your food," the waiter says, putting your plate down in front of you
  72. >"And for the rady"
  73. >The two of you begin to chow down
  74. >"You look amazing, by the way," you say
  75. >Trixie's face reddens and she turns away from you
  76. >The two of you continue to eat
  77. >"And here is the bill," the waiter say
  78. >Trixie begins to rummage for her wallet
  79. >"I'll pay for the both of us," you say with a smile
  80. >The waiter takes your money and leaves
  81. >"So, Trixie, how did you get into magic?"
  82. >"Well, my dad was a magician when he was younger. He taught me some tricks when I was a kid... I just really love magic, I guess... I know it's stupid"
  83. >"Ah, it's not stupid," you say, "But, I do want to know, how did you do that trick earlier?"
  84. >"Everyone knows magicians don't reveal there secrets, Anon," Trixie says with a smirk
  85. >"Fine. Tell me then, how powerful are you?"
  86. >"Trixie is the greatest magician the world has ever known!" she says, striking a pose
  87. >You try not to roll your eyes
  88. >"Can you use your magic to turn me into a girl?" you say jokingly
  89. >Trixie scoffs
  90. >"Don't be stupid, Anon. Are you making fun of me?" she says with a frown
  91. >You grab one of her hands, cupping it with yours
  92. >"Look, I can make your hands disappear!"
  93. >"Not that impressive..." she says
  94. >"Well, I wonder if I can make your lips go as well..."
  95. >Slowly, you lean in for a kiss
  96. >Your faces meet, and you can feel Trixie's soft lips pressing against your own
  97. >You pull back
  98. >"A-Anon..." Trixie stutters quietly, her face completely flush
  99. >She smiles at you and pulls you in for a second kiss
  100. >"Hey, you guys can't do that in here! Get out!" one of the restaurant staff shouts
  101. >Trixie's face is plastered with embarrassment as the two of you get kicked out of the restaurant
  102. >"Fuckin' Huns," you say
  103. >"Pretty sure they're Japanese, Anon..."
  104. >"Oh, uh, yeah. I know that."
  105. >"But... Sorry about that... I guess I got carried away," Trixie says
  106. >Trixie begins to pant and shudder as you continue to walk
  107. >Some people on the street look at the two of you, but you try to ignore them
  108. >You finally reach your house and open the door
  109. >As soon as you close it behind you, Trixie begins pulling at your clothing
  110. >You take off her cape and pull her shirt off above her head
  111. >Soon there's a pile of clothing at your feet
  112. >Trixie pushes you against a wall and plants a deep kiss on your lips, letting her tongue writhe against yours
  113. >You guide Trixie to your bedroom, and she pushes you down onto the bed
  114. >She climbs on top of you and turns herself around
  115. >Your eyes widen as her ample ass comes into view, hovering above your head
  116. >You feel her lips meet the tip of your cock, and she begins to slowly take you into her mouth
  117. >Gently, she lowers herself onto you, and you let your tongue flit between her thighs
  118. >Trixie lets out muffled moans, bobbing her head up and down on you, taking almost your full length into her mouth
  119. >Her tongue works circles around your cock, and her juices start to flow onto your tongue as her arousal intensifies
  120. >After a while, Trixie rolls over, exhausted and panting
  121. >"W-Why don't we get someone else to join in?" you ask
  122. >"What? Trixie isn't sure she would want that..."
  123. >"No, I know a girl. Twilight might be convinced into-"
  124. >Trixie sits up on the bed, covering her breasts with an arm
  125. >"Twilight Sparkle?"
  126. >"Yeah"
  127. >Trixie looks hurt, taking insult from your words
  128. >"Why? Is she so much better than Trixie? I'm not good enough for you?"
  129. >You sit up and try to calm her down
  130. >"No, it's not that. I just thought-"
  131. >"No, Trixie sees how it is. Everyone loves Twilight Sparkle! Go ahead and call her over! I'm sure you'll have a lot more fun. I'm leaving," she says, storming out of the room
  132. >"Wait! Trixie..."
  133. >You run out to find her putting her clothes on, crying
  134. >"Trixie... Look, I didn't mean to upset you..."
  135. >She snorts angrily
  136. >"I don't even know why I came out with you today... Everyone just likes to make fun of me! Was this just some big joke for you?! Pretend to like me just so you could hurt me again!"
  137. >"No... More like a bet..."
  138. >Trixie scoffs, and haphazardly finishes dressing
  139. >She opens the door and turns to face you, trying to say something
  140. >Trixie simply shakes her head and runs off
  141. >You shrug
  142. >Taking out your phone from the heap of clothes on the floor, you call your friend up
  143. >"Hey..."
  144. >"Hey Anon. How'd it go?"
  145. >"Well, she wasn't up for it..." you say melancholically
  146. >"Ha! Told you. Even I didn't think she was that much of a desperate permavirgin. You better have my fifty bucks tomorrow"
  147. >"I will," you say
  148. >You hang up and sigh
  149. >You hastily throw on your clothes and go out to chase after Trixie
  150. >"Trixie!" you yell out into the night sky
  151. >She's already long gone
  152. >You have no idea where she lives
  153. >Depressed and defeated, you return back to your home
  154. >You get into bed and let the day end
  155. >Once the next school day ends, you go looking for her at Magic Club
  156. >You peek into the Magic Club's room
  157. >As usual, Trixie is performing at the front
  158. >As usual, most are simply playing Magic the Gathering
  159. >"And now, watch in awe as the Great and Power-"
  160. >She stops as she notices you at the door, and a snarl briefly appears on her face
  161. >"Watch as the Great and Powerful Trixie performs feats as of yet unknown to man!"
  162. >A smoke machine begins pouring out a thick cloud
  163. >She takes a large shroud and wraps herself inside of it
  164. >A few moments later, it collapses flat to the ground
  165. >Trixie then draws attention to herself, now being at the back of the room
  166. >"S-Sugoi! This is just like my Chinese cartoons!" you hear
  167. >The people in the room begin to applaud
  168. >"Hey, guys, you've gotta see this!" you shout, trying to draw people's attention around you
  169. >Some people peek in
  170. >Trixie's performance is leaps and bounds above anything she'd done before, fueled by her hatred of you
  171. >People begin to go in as they see the spectacle unfold, texting friends to come see as well
  172. >Soon, the whole room is packed
  173. >You stay outside, simply peeking, trying not to draw any more of Trixie's attention
  174. >The crowd applaud every few moments as her show progresses
  175. >"Sup faggot," you hear behind you
  176. >"Hey Twilight"
  177. >"So, where's my fifty bucks?"
  178. >You take out your wallet and hand her the money
  179. >"Shit, is she in there right now?" Twilight says, pushing the door open
  180. >She bursts out laughing the second she spots Trixie on stage
  181. >"Nice cape, faggot!"
  182. >Trixie turns, distracted, and messes up her current trick
  183. >Cards fall out from her sleeves
  184. >Twilight's laughter becomes more hysterical
  185. >"And you seriously call yourself 'Great and Powerful'? More like Faggoty and Retarded, am I right?"
  186. >You see as Trixie begins tearing up and runs off stage
  187. >"What the fuck, Twilight!"
  188. >"What? Don't tell me you feel sorry for that permavirgin loser all of a sudden, Anon"
  189. >You strike her in the face, your fist landing squarely on her chin
  190. >"Oh, it's on now, faggot!"
  191. >She rushes you, and the two of you begin to wail on each other
  192. >You push her away and take a boxer's stance
  193. >"You really think you beat me, faggot?" Twilight asks mockingly
  194. >She throws a jab at your head, which you block, but she lands a strong punch straight to your stomach, sending you reeling
  195. >Twilight throws a flurry of combinations at you, most of which you're able to dodge
  196. >You go on the offensive, throwing strong hooks
  197. >Landing another strong hit to the face, Twilight staggers backwards, her nose beginning to bleed
  198. >She charges you, clawing at your face
  199. >Her nails tear at your skin, and you scream
  200. >Immediately, she slides two of her fingers into your mouth, and clamps down on the flesh under your tongue
  201. >"Oh shit, the mandible claw!" someone yells out
  202. >Your sight begins to dim as the excruciating pain wracks your whole body
  203. >Twilight brings you to your knees
  204. >In a last ditch effort, you throw out an uppercut, causing Twilight to let go of her hold
  205. >She screams, and begins prepping for a jab
  206. >This is the moment you've been waiting for
  207. >You go in for the cross counter, using her jab against her
  208. >Your fist connects with Twilight's face, right smack dab in the middle
  209. >She plummets to the floor, knocked out cold
  210. >Everyone stands around you in silence as the fight ends
  212. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioE_O7Lm0I4
  214. >You crouch down and pick up Twilight Sparkle's unconscious body
  215. >Trixie, who had been watching from afar, wipes away her tears as you approach
  216. >Once you get to Trixie, you drop Twilight at her feet
  217. >"A-Anon..."
  218. >"I... I hope this makes up for all the shit I put you through..."
  219. >You fall to floor, the mandible claw finally taking its full toll on your body
  220. >Your eyes slowly open, and you find yourself in the nurse's office
  221. >Rolling your head to the side, you see Trixie smiling at you
  222. >You sit up in your bed, and look Trixie in the eyes
  223. >She leans towards you, and you wrap your arms around her, the nape of her neck in one of your hands
  224. >Slowly, you draw her in and lock lips
  225. >As you finish, Trixie throws her arms around you in a big hug
  226. >It's a bit painful, but you hug her back just as tightly
  228. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSMeUPFjQHc
  231. >"Trixie... I think we should try that whole "date" thing again. Go eat somewhere. Just hang out. Whatever, as long as I get to be with you..."
  232. >"I would love that," Trixie says with a smile
  233. >"Maybe we shouldn't go back to that Japanese place, though," you say with a chuckle
  234. >You hear a groaning to your side
  235. >You see Twilight Sparkle, infirmed
  236. >"F-Faggots..." she mutters
  237. >The two of you simply laugh it off
  238. >"Well, I think we're ready to get out of here," you say
  239. >Trixie helps you up out of the bed
  240. >The two of you head back to your house
  241. >Once inside, Trixie gives you a hug
  242. >"I'll go cook us a meal," you say
  243. >Going into the kitchen, you think about what yo prepare for dinner
  244. >And then it hits you
  245. >The obvious romantic choice
  246. >Spaghetti
  247. >You get a pot boiling and cook up a white sauce
  248. >"Hope you like pasta!" you say as you bring the food to the table
  249. >"It looks great, Anon," Trixie says
  250. >"Well, had to go the whole nine yards. Breadsticks, salads. I hope the lobster Alfredo is to your liking"
  251. >She smiles
  252. >"It's very classy"
  253. >"I was going for that," you say with a chuckle
  254. >After a while, you both finally finish eating
  255. >"That was amazing, Anon. You are as good a cook as Trixie is a magician"
  256. >"Thanks," you say
  257. >You take her by the hand and stand up, giving her a peck on the lips
  258. >Trixie smiles at you
  259. >You take her back to your room
  261. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMOGaugKpzs
  263. >Trixie sits herself down on the bed and pulls you in
  264. >You lay down, holding her in your arms, pressing your bodies together
  265. >Gently, you let your fingers run through her air
  266. >"Anon..."
  267. >Trixie hold her hands against yours
  268. >The two of you fall asleep in each others arms
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