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May 4th, 2024
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  1. Ed Zitron <>,, Friday, May 3 2024 at 11:11 AM PDT
  3. Hello Rabbit team,
  5. My name's Ed, and I write the newsletter Where's Your Ed At and host the iHeartRadio/Cool Zone Media show Better Offline.
  7. I am currently working on an episode and a story related to the Rabbit R1, as well as the corporate entity Rabbit (and Cyber Manufacture). If I could get answers about these by Wednesday next week I'd be really grateful.
  8. Can you confirm that Rabbit (the company) used to be known as Cyber Manufacture Co? If not, can you describe the relationship between Rabbit, its founders, and Cyber Manufacture Co?
  9. In November 2021, Cyber Manufacture Co raised $6 million in pre-series A funding from Synergies and Collab+Currency, among other venture capital firms. What happened to that money?
  10. Further to this question, in Oregon Blockchain Group's Q2 2022 update, GAMA CEO Jesse Lyu refers to a Twitter AMA in which Jesse mentions spending $3.5 million to $3.7 million on a rocket, and that said process would take two years. Was this rocket ever purchased? What were the plans for its use?
  11. Was any of this money used for the development or creation of the Rabbit R1 and its associated tech?
  12. What happened to the GAMA NFT project?
  13. In a Discord post dated 1/16/24, Jesse Lyu stated that GAMA was "fun during Covid that I work with couple of folks to build a unity project and I made a decision to disconnect from it and open sourced the project on github." Yet as recently as 11/30/23, Jesse was directing people to the #announcements channel of the Discord, with a last post of 11/13/23 which discusses at length the GAMA project and ends with the statement "the future of the GSS is bright with the power of GAMA in the hands of all crew members," suggesting that there is a future for this project. What exactly was Jesse's relationship with the project?
  14. In a Clubhouse AMA from January 7 2022, Jesse says that GAMA "basically operated out of his house" and that the "entire GAMA project was basically incubated in [Jesse's] house here in Los Angeles," and mentions moving into a bigger office "very soon." Did that move happen? Is it the same office used by Rabbit?
  15. Further to this question, on March 10 2023, Jesse communicated to the GAMA discord that he was "teasing the first applications from the GAMA x Quantum Engine…" and that "Quantum Engine is an AI powered OS developed by the same souls behind GAMA." What happened to the technology referenced here? Was any of it used in the Rabbit R1, Rabbit OS, or any associated products?
  16. As a note, also forwards directly to
  17. Rabbit announced the raise of its $20m funding round on October 4 2023, yet Jesse was doing a Twitter AMA about GAMA less than a month beforehand, ostensibly for the same corporate entity, and on 11/2/2023 — a little under a month afterward — Cyber Manufacture Co. changed its name to Rabbit Inc. What entity received the $20 million, and for what venture was it raised?
  18. It appears that Rabbit Inc. is currently "forfeited" per the California Franchise Tax Board as of 4/2/2024, control ID BA20240695713. Have you confirmed with counsel/tax professionals about Rabbit's ability to do business in the state of California?
  19. How long was the Rabbit and the Rabbit R1 in development before launch?
  20. You mention in an interview recently that "Raven became Rabbit," and that "by the end of 2023 Rabbit had trained its AI on 800 apps." When did you start working on the Rabbit R1, and was that work done in parity with that done on GAMA?
  21. As a note, you mention in the same article that the R1's design phase began in October 2023, which appears to still be in the period when GAMA was operational.
  22. It appears that every domain associated with GAMA ( and Cyber Manufacture ( no longer functions, and while GAMA_NFT ( still exists, the account it tells you to visit ( has been deleted. This account has been referenced by Jesse Lyu on Discord in the past. Why was it deleted?
  23. In a Discord post from 11/03/23 (a day after the company changed its name to Rabbit), Lyu claims that "we are still here building and nothing will stop us" and "we just keep building."
  24. To whom was Jesse referring to when he said "we"?
  25. When Jesse referred to building, what was he referring to and was it built?
  26. Are investors that invested in the GAMA NFT project in the November 2021 funding round given shares in Rabbit Inc?
  27. Were investors in Rabbit's round aware of the previous NFT project?
  28. Thanks so much for your time.
  29. -
  31. Ryan Fenwick <>, Ed Zitron <>, Friday, May 3 2024 at 7:54 PM PDT
  33. Hi Ed - Thanks for reaching out. Here's a statement that we've issued on this, for your reference:
  35. Jesse has a long history as an entrepreneur and has been involved in a range of projects over his career, including the GAMA metaverse / NFT project. It’s a project he has talked openly about in the past, and he left it before starting rabbit. He is fully committed to rabbit and is building a strong and growing team to serve the company’s growing user base.
  37. Best,
  38. Ryan
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