CCPS Party Conference Intro.

Nov 9th, 2013
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  1. Welcome, members of international Leftist parties and organisations to this first CCPS Party Conference!
  3. Other attendees may join later as they so desire, yet I will now begin the introduction to the Conference so that we may begin on time. This introduction will be available on PasteBin after the start of the Conference, for the benefit of others.
  5. As both S8gm8 and Acting-Secretary of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus, I wish to congratulate all in attendance on the State holidays of the National Day of Socialism and the Day of the Ways and Means of Revolution! Happy 96th Anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution!
  7. For the strictly unbiased arguments of others, members here today represent a diverse arena of Leftist political and economic thought – from Social Democracy, to Theodorism. We ask, so that this conference can be held in an objective and disciplined way, that individual attendees refrain from commenting on each other’s papers until after the CCPS Party Conference has concluded. You may speak to others throughout the Conference, however, so long as it is done in private communication.
  8. Unlike previous CCPS Party Congresses where other individuals were strictly forbidden to publish deliberations, this Party Conference will be media-open. We not only allow attendees and presenters to take note of what others consider in their speeches, but we also encourage attendees to blog, use social media, and even publish articles in their national journals about what has been discussed here.
  9. Attendees should not ask questions of others during their speech: your point here is to have a colloquial (yet academic) monologue about your micronation’s political and economic system, to report on the successes of this system, and – essentially – to convince us of its viability and importance.
  10. Questions, comments, and all public discussion will be reserved for *after* the Conference is complete.
  11. A schedule of presenters has been published here:
  12. However, we do not anticipate following this schedule completely. If a presenter is ready before another, that presenter can go first. The schedule is lax and fluid and an individual’s attendance can wax and wane if they need to leave.
  13. Concerning speeches, speeches should be posted as multiple messages, of one or a few sentences each message, so they can be easily followed and understood. This colloquial and dialogue-like form is for the audience’s benefit, as well as yours. Even if you have forgotten to write a speech or if you wish to speak after the scheduled presenters have finished, you may still present and write your speech ad hoc.
  14. Finally, this is an academic conference. Though this conference may be colloquial, do not make it informal. As heads of government and/or state, statesmen, and micronationalists in general, we follow a pursuit of a general academic field where our knowledge in various disciplines can help us and our states. Therefore, it is in our best interests as attendees to make sure this room does not devolve into a farce. The logs of this conference will be posted to Veritum Sandus and Voice of Sandus, and other media sources if they so desire.
  15. Thus concludes the rules.
  17. I wish to relay the important constitutional function this Conference that you all replace.
  18. Prior to April 2013, the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus met biannually to consider the democratic wishes of the active Sandum citizenry. By democratic, I mean that all active citizens had a say and a voice to propose their own ideas and objectives (as was done at the last Party Congress before Thompson left and Volfa seceded). This Congress was noted as “the Party in Parliament” or "the Party as Parliament" because it advised the Government and the S8gm8 to follow the people’s wishes and advance their weal as the people saw fit. These Congresses and the leadership of the Party were key parts of the systematic check on the S8gm8 (as well as the election held each Winter Solstice), and it is from the Party and the Congresses that the Republican definition of the structure of the State of Sandus has grown. However, in early 2013, all other active Sandum citizens had either left or were in the process of leaving, thus returning Sandus to its pre-2011 population.
  19. This Conference is the temporary successor of these Congresses. Though you the attendees may not be citizens and though there may be no votes or debates, you all are now playing an important role in the governing of Sandus. Though this Conference may not be a Congress which checks the powers of the S8gm8, you all are “checking” the Sandum system by academically providing alternatives. While our population is low (which we hope it will not be for long, considering the Second Philia Advance), we are still adamant in maintaining the current constitution of the State of Sandus as split between two definitions. And we still maintain hopes to further grow and have a larger population, we hope to eventually transform again our Republic in establishing a democratic Council and making the Party into a meritocratic, elite (if we are to consider ancient definitions, “oligarchical”) body. Nonetheless, you all are performing a very important and honourable function of the Sandum constitution with your speeches here today.
  20. Thus concludes my speech on the importance of this Conference.
  22. I wish to report to the Citizens’ Communist Party and the attendees – foreign and Socilivo – on the advancements of Socialism in the past year, according to Party tradition.
  23. Pursuant to the Party’s decree of Proletarian Internationalism and reduction of Libera’s self defence in Sandum foreign policy, I seek to report to the Party that the State of Sandus has engaged in no meaningful or harsh self-defence engagements since Ianuario MMXII (January 2012), thus meaning that the reduction of Libera has been successful. Furthermore, I wish to note that the holding of this conference represents Sandus’s continued commitment to the Party’s policy of Proletarian Internationalism established by former Secretary Thompson.
  24. Pursuant to the Party’s declaration for the establishment of productive economic cooperatives for meeting the 2015 Economic Goal, I wish to report to the Party that the State of Sandus has met this goal in establishing the Tellus Agrarian Cooperative, and has therefore advanced Sandum Socialism. Pursuant to Sandus’s Socialist culture, I wish to also note that the Collegio Sacerdae has already established cultural precedents and traditions for celebrating holidays for the Tellus Agrarian Cooperative. I wish to submit to the Party that the Central People’s Government of Sandus shall continue to advance the Sandum agrarian and socialist attitude under the Tellus Agrarian Cooperative and shall use this conference to gauge where Sandus may continue in the following two years until we meet the 2015 Economic Goal.
  25. This concludes my report on the advances of Socialism in the State of Sandus.
  27. Thus, as according to tradition, I shall now present the music and lyrics for the Internationale and, by doing so, open this Conference.
  28. Arise, all People from ye slumbers,
  29. Arise, Oppressèd of the World.
  30. The Revolution comes like thunder
  31. And the age of suffering is done.
  32. Away with all ye desires,
  33. They'll only break us!
  34. Each must do their duty,
  35. The time to revolt is now!
  36. |:So, Comrades come rally,
  37. For the struggle carries on.
  38. The Internationale,
  39. Unites the People's State!:|
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