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  1. should we continue the conversation on dream recall, today i had a dream whose details i still vividly remember 18 hours later
  3. it started with a recurrent trope, i was inspecting my caché of small arms. suddenly my friend appears and asks me for a favor
  5. he's going out on a date with his new gf tonight and asks me to take a positing in a building across the street with a sniper rifle and provide him with cover should "something go wrong"
  7. i question him what the fuck could go wrong on a date that he needs a sniper cover on a date, he dodges a direct explanation and says instead "misha, just please go". saying "sure you’re my friend" i agree
  9. in the next scene i realize that i’m still in position with the sniper rifle in that building but the sniper rifle is really just a scoped silenced semi-auto ar-15, and it’s not 5.56 but 9mm
  11. and i deliberately choose a small caliber compact carbine because I can hid it under my hoodie, the building is my school, dark gloomy and made of concrete, it is full of zombies and my duty is to protect a group of my classmates(?)
  13. btw zombies totally resemble ordinary people, with the expecting of extraordinary malevolence
  15. my classmates surrender to them and say "it’s no use". refusing to follow them, i shoot a sport teacher zombie several times, cursing myself for picking such a small, low stopping power caliber. he’d distracted and I finally i escape the building
  17. and i reunite with other classmates who managed to escape at the food truck just outside the school. we order burgers and a minutes ago the waiter brings the food
  19. the waiter is a skeletal robot constructed of purely mechanical components, like gears, wheels and gyros, with pneumatic actuators. no electronics at all, he serves us burgers and ramen
  21. i point at him and say to my classmates(?) "you see, it’s perfectly feasible to make AI working with purely mechanical parts. but every time you’re trying to implement it in software and silicon, you end up with this kind of nightmare we’ve just had in our school”
  23. and i wake up.
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