--Task 10

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  1. --Task 10
  2. Find all items with statistics larger than average. Display only items that have Mind, Luck and Speed greater than average Items mind, luck and speed. Sort the results by item names in alphabetical order.
  4. select
  5.         i.Name, i.Price, i.MinLevel,
  6.         s.Strength, s.Defence, s.Speed, s.Luck,s.Mind
  7. from Items i
  8. join [Statistics] s
  9. on  i.StatisticId = s.Id
  10. WHERE
  11. Mind > (SELECT AVG(Mind) FROM [Statistics])
  12. and Luck > (SELECT AVG(Luck) FROM [Statistics])
  13. and Speed > (SELECT AVG(Speed) FROM [Statistics])
  14. order by i.Name
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