64but vinyl patent by Brendan James Rogers

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  1. Declaration of intent to produce this original owned concept patent pending, (C)opyright 2001-2020
  2. 16bit+ (64bit) Vinyl: New vinyl compound based on a known organic compound known to me that resonates beautifully and is stronger than vinyl. Double width grooves for double data density. Or prior to testing, standard sized grooves with compressed data to get 32bits of sound. The later would require the new player (turntable, Technics/Kurzweil I would hope) to utilise the gpu upscale sampling technology to extrapolate the data out to 32bits. If possible The player could support playing standard vinyl (8bit) at 32bit and records with extra information as such as previously mentioned at full 32but or 64bit mode quality or higher if designed that way if possible. Hardware might require multiple optical outputs to carry the full bandwidth to the sound system. By Brendan James Rogers aka Caliban aka LonnyZone aka PandaCat of Brisbane Australia. Dob: 30/08/1980
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