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  1. "Written papers hide the ceiling, the walls, the windows of the broken plane. Raisin shrieks softly at the croaking sound, as a paper gets glued under her feet. She looks around, suddenly baffled: not a single spot was spared from the documents. Turning her feet around and picking the paper, she gives it a fast read and her eyes go big and then frown."
  2. Happy: Don't worry. Most ideas are written more than twice in different places.
  3. Raisin: Just... what... is this?
  4. "This time Raisin shrieks loudly as the whole plane rocks back and forth, softly."
  5. Raisin: What was that?!
  6. Happy: It helps me think.
  7. Raisin: What?
  8. Happy: Moving the plane. Why are you so scared?
  9. Raisin: This is weird, and nothing at all like I expected. Can you stop it for a while?
  10. Happy: But it helps me think.
  11. "Raisin opens her mouth only to realize Happy is already drawing a circle with her steps, a finger on her chin as her eyes stray towards the ceiling. Her mouth gapes."
  12. Raisin: So... what do you do here.
  13. Happy: I play.
  14. Raisin: Are you playing now?
  15. Happy: Yes.
  16. Raisin: What are you playing now?
  17. Happy: A game.
  18. Raisin: What kind of game? There's a game inside your head?
  19. Happy: Yes. The making games game.
  20. Raisin: That doesn't look very fun.
  21. Happy: Is building towers fun?
  22. Raisin: Yes?
  23. Happy: Then it's a game.
  24. "Raisin just watches Happy walking around in circles inside the plane. There's not that much place for her to roam. An unwilling mental timer forms inside Raisin's head, which counts every time Happy goes full circle."
  25. Raisin: I guess you could say that.
  26. Happy: Anything fun is a game, so yes.
  27. Raisin: So you are having fun, then.
  28. Happy: I am.
  29. Raisin: That's nice, I guess.
  30. "Happy stops, startling Raisin. Then keeps on walking as if nothing."
  31. Raisin: Sooo... what do you play besides the game making game?
  32. Happy: Nothing. I have no one to play with.
  33. Raisin: What about juggling? I like to juggling rocks when I'm bored. No gas. I can teach you.
  34. Happy: That isn't fun.
  35. Raisin: ...So you like making games, but not playing them?
  36. Happy: I'm playing the game making game.
  37. Raisin: How long have you been playing it?
  38. "Happy stops, going 'hmmm' as she pokes her lips with a finger"
  39. Happy: Seven years.
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