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Japanese Play Store

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Sep 13th, 2014
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  1. It is recommended that you just find an updated APK file and install using that.
  3. This guide is for accessing the Japanese Google Playstore for android devices outside of Japan. There are alternatives to this method, but this is the one I use. I will update this pastebin with more resources and alternative if people are still having trouble. Sorry, I do not apple.
  5. 1: Create a Japanese Google account. Make sure to set the country to JAPAN.
  6. 2: Add that account to your device by going to SETTINGS -> ADD ACCOUNT -> GOOGLE
  7. If there's problems signing in, it's a Google problem. Just wait a while and check your emails if you added a current email.
  8. 3: Activate any VPN.
  9. 4: Go to SETTINGS -> APPS -> Google Playstore
  11. 6: Open the Playstore
  12. 7: Accept.
  13. 8: Click the ≡ symbol in the top left to bring out the account menu.
  14. 9: Top on the down arrow next to your account name.
  15. 10: Look for the Japanese Google account and click it.
  16. 11: Accept terms again.
  17. 12: The appstore should now be in Japanese.
  18. You can now turn off your VPN and explore the store.
  19. You will have to do this every time the store reverts to English.
  22. Some apps will ask if you want to use a different account for the app, some apps will use the primary account on your device, some apps will use the account used to download. When given the option, always use your primary account.
  23. If the app you're using uses any other account, make sure you have a way of saving data. Delete the email account its using from your device, open the app, and try to buy something. It should ask to pay using your original email.
  24. Re-add the JP account after all payments are done.
  26. Do NOT add a payment option to your Japanese Google account. Doing so will most likely turn it into an English account and prevent you from accessing the Japanese playstore.
  28. Alternatively, go to Japan, but that's no why you're here is it? ;)
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