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  1. (Reminder: The scene is in NOBU's room.)
  3. No. This is bad. If you have your way with her, she'll hate you forever when she comes to her senses. Or kick you out of the shrine. No sir, not going to happen. You push her away gently and try to find your clothes, then get out of here. Goddammit, there must be-
  5. “Where are you going?”
  7. You know that voice. You turn around and find-
  9. “Wear your glasses first,” Yukari hands you the item. You quickly snatch and put them on. Yep it's he- Ah, crap, you expose your nether regions to her. You quickly cover them with your hands and glare at her. “Ooh, what's with that sharp stare?”
  11. Goddammit, is your angry expression not enough of a clue!? Screw it, she can look at your private parts if she wants, you need to find your writing pad right now. Where is- wait a minute. You try to focus and look around: This is your room-
  13. *Grab!*
  15. Sanae grabs your body from behind. Dammit, can't she leave you alone for a while!? You wave your fist to giggling Yukari, who shows up from a hole behind Sanae.
  17. “It seems you need a little help~”
  19. She opens up a portal on the wall.
  21. “That's her room. You could leave here there.”
  23. You pick Sanae up and put her on your shoulder. Surprisingly she doesn't resist when you carry her. She's probably exhausted. Woah, this is the first time you enter her room. There's desk, complete with a chair, a cupboard-
  25. “Ughhh...”
  27. She's struggling. You don't have time to look around. You quickly put her on the bed. Her hands grip your body: She doesn't want to let go- What to do...
  29. “Sleep now~”
  31. Yukari appears behind you and puts a towel on Sanae's nose and mouth. She slowly releases her grip and falls asleep. Fuh... Now to go back to your roo-
  33. “You don't want to leave her naked, do you? She'll catch a cold tomorrow, or worse, gets seen by one of the goddesses~”
  35. … Well, she's right. You open her dresser and search for her outfit. Come on, where's her sleepwear... Or does she sleep wearing her shrine maiden outfit? Or- Ah, screw it. Anything's good. You pull out a frog T-shirt, jeans, then a pair of bra and panty. Hm, there is a long piece of cloth on the side of the bra. Oh, right, women wore this to cover their breasts before bra became common in Japan... Right? Wait, does she wear a bra when sleeping? Whatever, you hope she won't notice it. You turn to face Yukari and point to the clothes on the floor, then point to Sanae.
  37. “You want me to put it on her?” She asks. “Nah, do it yourself~”
  39. She ducks into her hole. Pffftt... Okay, calm down, you can do it. First, take her panty and put it-
  41. *Buk!*
  43. Sanae kicks your face. You look at her: Nope, she's still asleep. You pull the panty up until it covers her pink, wet puss-
  45. *Slap!*
  47. You slap yourself in the face before any dirty thoughts seep into your mind. You can hear Yukari giggling somewhere. Okay, ignore her... Next, her T-Shirt, pull it down to cover her puffy nippl-
  49. *Slap*
  51. Focus Nobu, focus... Next, her jeans. It's hard to pull it up since it's tight, especially her ass-
  53. *Slap!*
  55. “If you really like getting slapped, you can ask me you know~”
  57. Ignore the troll... After you finish dressing her up, you put her back on her bed.
  59. “And for the last touch~”
  61. Yukari appears on the top of her, then pulls out a small bottle. You grab her hands before she can pull it back, then you point to the bottle that she holds.
  63. “That's to make her sober, silly~ I used it on you and your mind is clear now, yes?”
  65. Okay... You let go of her hand and she uses the bottle to spray something into Sanae's nose.
  67. “Okay, let's go back to your room.”
  69. You cross the portal back to your room, leaving sleeping Sanae behind, then Yukari closes the portal. You hope she sleeps well and forgets whatever happened today, or you are screwed.
  71. “Do you know Nobu, that she sees you like a brother? If you do not take initiative, your position in her eyes won't change~”
  73. It's not initiative if she's not herself, it's rape. Now where's your writing pad...
  75. “Unless... Maybe you have another woman in your mind? Or maybe... It's not a woman that you like? Oh my...”
  77. Yeah, yeah, whatever. You use hand signs to ask her for your writing pa-
  79. *Tak!*
  81. You step on something. Yep, this is your writing pad. Oops. Good that it's still alright even after you step on it. You quickly write on it to ask Yukari what the hell that she did to you and Sanae.
  83. “Me? When I came to your room I found you and the shrine maiden already drunk and humping on each other in your room, trying to have sex but unable to do so because you never succeeds inserting your penis into her~” She giggles again. “No, I'm merely gave you a choice. Do you remember when the wicked hermit took you to her domain? I removed her seal, but it's your decision to walk out from her captivity, evading any conflicts between the deified human and the wicked hermit and potentially the rest of her students, too.”
  85. Oh... Wait a minute, there's her disciple that thankfully hidden and carried you back to the human village. What if she caught instead and gave you to her teacher? Won't your 'choice' end up futile if she did that?
  87. “That's part of the risks and consequences that you have to bear along with your choice. No choice in the world is risk-free. You might think that what you did to the shrine maiden this night is the safest choice for you and for her, but what if [i]she[/i] desires this? What if [i]your goddesses[/i] desire this?”
  89. Now she's getting ridiculous. You write to her to get to the point and ask her why she visited you tonight.
  91. “Yes... You only need know what you should know. Life will be much more bearable if one didn't overthink everything in one's life...”
  93. Yukari ducks into her hole, then another bigger portal opens. Not long after, she comes out from the portal, pushing the tv-console that you've given to Hiroshi into your room.
  95. “I did tell you to fix this, didn't I?” She uses her fan to cover her mouth. “What I forgot to tell about is that you have to fix that [i]alone[/i]. Sanae helped you back then with her miracle.”
  97. Hey, what's done is done. She should've been more specific.
  99. “Yes, indeed. Problem is I made it so that the important piece of your memory will awakened the moment you fix it, but since you were being helped by the green-haired shrine maiden, and the fact that you can't use kappa's tool that I sent...”
  101. She pats your head. Wait, that's a kappa's tool? It looks and functions the same to you.
  103. “I'll come back when you're ready, with a harder device to fix. Until then...”
  105. She grabs your erect rod. Hey!
  107. “Do you need some help with this?”
  109. She waves and a small hole appears in front of your rod.
  111. “Just stick your penis in it and enjoy yourself~”
  113. [] Stick it in.
  114. -[]SPIN TO WIN (Pick one number between 0 and 10 for the lucky victims)
  115. [] Use her hand to please yourself instead.
  116. [] Ask her for your clothes. And that handkerchief that put Sanae to sleep so you can sleep faster with this... problem.
  119. -Yukari Yakumo
  120. -Ran Yakumo
  121. -Hieda no Akyuu
  122. -Keine Kamishirasawa
  123. -Sunny Milk
  124. -Nitori Kawashiro
  125. -Aya Shameimaru
  126. -Tenshi Hinanawi
  127. -Rinnosuke Morichika's butt
  128. -Nobu's butt
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