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  1. Key: Vicious7Delicious
  2. Character: Amalia
  3. Skill(or transformation): Keyblade tier 2
  4. Reasoning:  While still stumbling to put words to the motives of her actions, Amalia is sure of one thing - evil must be eradicated. Surely it was evil inspired for Kanagi to use poison in her battle against Amalia, otherwise, she just couldn't understand a person who'd be willing to use deadly force over getting kicked out of someone else's house. Pearl knocking the woman out and confirmation from Acai finally brought Amalia to the realization that Kanagi is indeed corrupted with evil.
  5. Realizing that Acai or Mint had not done anything about the evil force among them, despite openly displaying her powers, Amalia's disappointment could not be overstated. Was this not what the Stratus Guard was for? Smiting evil? If her superiors were not going to be up to the task, then she'll have to take matters into her own hands. Realizing that her previous battle was a close call, she's asked for Zen to help her train, and in turn, he's offered advice to help her get in better tune with her Keyblade.
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