Ileleste Jrnl 4

Darkling Feb 17th, 2019 72 Never
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  1. Another day in the dungeon, another foe beaten down. We found some bits of treasure, nothing too useful at the moment, maybe at a later time. While we were exploring we came across a room that was trapped to deafen some of us. We advised Rozar to stay behind lest he also be deafened, and proceeded forward. I communicated with him what we were doing, but he must have grown bored and started yelling to us. Of course he managed to attract unwanted attention.
  2. We rushed back to his aid to find him in a fight with a woman and some dwarves. They seemed taken by the darkness as perhaps I was before, and we opted quickly to only subdue them and not kill them. She seemed a very capable fighter, the dwarves perhaps less so, but could still hold their own. The more possible allies in this place the better off. Since our exploration was cut short I do not have much else to write about until we are able to get some information from this woman.
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