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naturowhat May 10th, 2015 260 Never
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  1. Mona MorsteinMay 9 7:34 AM
  2. Hello, all,
  4. I'd like to report that Doctor's Data Labs has once again offered to sponsor NaturopathicChat for another 1.5 years. As many of you know, running NatChat takes a bit of my time, to say the least, and I hope we as a group can appreciate DDL stepping up, acknowledging the benefit of this email list to our profession, and being ready and willing to sponsor it.
  6. When any company sponsors any part of our profession, it is a good thing. I have used DDL for 25 years as a leading edge company; they are my go to lab for all stool analyses and I am grateful they will continue to be the Official Sponsor of NaturopathicChat.
  8. Mona Morstein, ND, DHANP
  9. Tempe, AZ
  11. Official Sponsor of NatChat--Doctors Data Labs
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