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  1. hi franziska
  2. i'd like to clarify a few things regarding C11 and C12 and their respective cuts
  3. firstly, i want to apologize for my short answers last time, but i must say i was overwhelmed by the estimates for the cuts and my immediate response was to agree with you and accept the terms you've presented
  4. i would also like to state that the intent of this message isn't, by any means, to disrespect your work or your involvement on this project in any shape, way or form as we make it a priority to pay you properly and fairly for your contribution.
  5. while discussing the costs with the team, as well as your animations, we noticed that C12 not only loops at 2 seconds in (as opposed to 4 seconds), but also relies heavily on C11's animation as it is a direct overlap - meaning C12 and C11 are the exact same animation, only on different resolutions (C11 being the one furthest away from the camera, and C12 the closeup of the character)with the addition of the hea tilting and the praying hands, would these be the factors to greatly affect the pricing of the cut?
  6. based on this, we belive it would be only fair for C12's costs to be considerably less than C11 as the animation is being repurposed
  7. although we do ackowledge and appreciate the work put into C11, we can't say the same dedication has been put into C12 - to put it blunty, we would be paying twice for the exact same animation sequence, as well as for the duration of more than one loop of animation, which isn't an ideal investment on our end, as you can imagine
  8. we also understand working on various projects simultaneously is draining and demanding, as well as exhausting, and we couldn't be more grateful for the time you've poured into LGTS so far, but we would like to properly discuss the issue regarding C12, as we believe its cost doesn't add up to the work put into it
  9. as you know, AstralShift is a small indie team in its infancy as opposed to a corporation with endless funds (we rely on patreon, as you know), as such we make it a priority to invest our funds in fairly paid work, but also expect to be treated with empathy
  10. additionally, we would like to ask you to be more thorough with the roughs - animate the character's rosary necklace, as well as the rosary headpiece and the frilled hems on her design as these are essential to her visual identity within the context of these animations
  11. we hope you understand our stance on the issue as much as we understand yours, and would like to ask you to feel free to further discuss this matter with us or let us know if further clarification is needed from our end
  12. we aim to avoid any future misunderstandings and to be able to maintain a good working relationship, as well as for transparency when communicating with you!
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