20 Questions #27: Beta Man

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  1. So, as those of you who've been following 20 Q's lately know, I've done away with the "you have to be in the Top 50" rule since #25, when Charchar started this current line of interviews mostly targeting the new "generation" of Prototypers.
  3. Today's subject, Beta Man, is the farthest thing from new, though; He's been on Prototype for 3 full years, and has been an active member for almost that entire time. Very few people who frequent the chat DON'T know who Beta is, though, really, it's kinda hard to not notice; he's the one that's likely too busy to hold a conversation with you 'cause he's busy making sprites or a game concept or a comic or something along those lines. :P
  5. In all seriousness, though, Beta's kinda sorta been wanting to do this for a WHILE; the problem was that he was always just OUTSIDE the Top 50 [sometimes 52nd or 53rd] before the new BP era started. I felt as though I personally owed him this; He's been waiting 2 full years for it, and quite frankly, he deserves it.
  7. So, here it is, an interview delayed 2 years too long, really. Enjoy.
  10. Community Q's:
  13. Q1. I don't mean to bring back some unpleasant memories, but what convinced you to start making those tournament threads so long ago? (Musical)
  14. Beta: "Well, to be honest, it could be one of two things: 1. It was a trend at the time or 2. It's probably the kind of determination I USED to have to see at least ONE of them to the end. ...To be honest, I actually kinda want to do an RPG-style Tournament (with restrictions, of course) based off of- spoilers, by the way- Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power. However, I constantly decide against it for the obvious reason that the Tournament Thread Era has long since died."
  16. Q2. If you could meet one Prototype user in real life, who would it be? (TobyJoey)
  17. Beta: "Honestly? I'd like to meet MegaBoy, since he seems to be the closest friend I have around here, though it would be nice to meet ANYONE from Prototype in real life."
  19. Q3. I noticed PMD style mugshots in your Bio (awesome job, btw). Which game in the series is your favorite, and why is it Explorers of Time/Darkness/Skies? (TobyJoey)
  20. Beta: "First of all, thanks for the compliment on those mugs, despite them, for the most part, being from the original Time/Darkness/Skies game with a different border, and the rest just being edits.
  21. Second of all, I like Super Mystery Dungeon the most. I think whatever games comes next would replace it, though, because you know... Out with the old, in with the new. But putting newness aside, I think Super will be my most favorite, considering the (Spoilers again) twist brought to the ending when the PARTNER disappears instead of the player character, unlike the games beforehand.
  22. I think Time/Darkness comes at a second favorite, though, considering I kinda had some fond memories compared to the FIRST one I got, Red Rescue Team. Which actually leads on to the second question... The reason the mugshots are Explorers-style is because A. I doubt I'd be able to edit Super Mystery Dungeon's mugs and B. They are mainly made for interactions with Rotom, who uses the same style. So yeah."
  24. Q4. Favorite type of game (platform , shooters , fighting , etc) (Copyie)
  25. Beta: "I think my favorite type of game might be fighting games, though another game I enjoy is Tomodachi Life, and I plan on getting Miitopia when it releases. But the thing I like MOST is games that gives you choices and/or customization things. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME SOMETHING TO CHANGE INTO WHATEVER I WANT IT TO BE."
  27. Q5. Do you ever have a problem remembering all of your fan characters? (TobyJoey)
  28. Beta: "Well, major characters like Beta or Ninja, or even specific supporting characters like Beta Reaper or Jazz, are easy to remember if you use them enough. However, for minor characters like the robots created during Bt Ghost's Chatroom RP Saga (back when THOSE were a thing), I actually use my old, unused second account Sargent Man to make notes (because why not). However, before I came to MMRPG, I was actually a part of another forums page (which kinda started my usage of "Bt" in usernames, actually.), where there are a few characters that I would often forget because I hardly use them. Yeah, those days are LONG gone now."
  30. Q6. What are your thoughts on Mega Maker? (StupidStudiosN)
  31. Beta: "Basically, it's Mario Maker with Mega Man. And going back to the whole "liking of customization" thing back in an earlier question, Mario Maker was yet ANOTHER game I liked. So yeah, Mega Maker's great. I made a level, but I'm pretty sure there are better ones out there."
  33. Q7. Who would you like to see playable in MMRPG? (Shiver)
  34. Beta: "In terms of being an actual playable character, I'd actually like seeing Quint and the Mega Man Killers being playable. (I'm STILL waiting for the day when codes made specifically to unlock them become a thing.) But in terms of actually BEING in the Prototype? I'd actually like to see the likes of Rockman Shadow in the prototype."
  36. Q8. How did you find the Prototype? (StupidStudiosN)
  37. Beta: "Well, here's what I can remember about finding it: I was curious on whether or not there were any browser-based Mega Man games, so I searched that up and found this. Then I came around to the community, and... Well, the rest is history."
  39. Q9. Favorite franchise (if it is Megaman a franchise that is not Megaman)? (Copyie)
  40. Beta: "To be honest, I'd have to say Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. are in my top 2, with Fire Emblem slowly reaching the third spot, though it would have to get past Tomodachi Life/Miitopia first."
  42. Q10. Who and/or what forced you and MegaBoy to have to work together on Beta and Mega? (Musical)/When and why you and Megaboy wanted to start BaM? (Copyie)
  43. Beta: "It originally begun when I decided to introduce myself to Smackjeeves in the form of Bt Man (remember, this was when he was a recolor) being in the void. Then MegaBoy did a thing, and then me and MegaBoy just ended up doing some mini-series. Then that series moved on to a Boss Rush Adventure against the MM2 gang. Next thing we new, BaM was born. Then rebooted. Then (possibly) killed."
  45. Q11. What kind of music do you listen to? Do you prefer mainstream music (Classical, Jazz, uhh, whatever other genres there is) or something along the lines of synthesized experimental music? (Musical)
  46. Beta: "I listen to music a LOT. But I think I mostly enjoy Video Game OST and Fan-songs based on them (Ex. The Megas, The Living Tombstone). However, for stuff like ACTUAL music, I'd say I'm a fan of Classic Rock, Jazz (maybe), and High Quality Rips."
  48. Q12. Suppose an angry rhinoceros were to barge into your home and force you to hide in your closet. Who Beta: "in the community would you ask to help you out of this bizarre situation? (StupidStudiosN)
  49. Well, I'm not entirely sure I know anybody who would know how to handle a Rhino, so... Rotom. I think he'd be able to distract the Rhino somehow, giving me a chance to escape."
  51. Q13. Do you have any intentions to aim higher in the Leaderboards? (Shiver)
  52. Beta: "I do indeed. My main goal is to reach first and get all Starforce. But, you know. I'm very lazy. So progress on that is rather slow."
  54. Q14. What's your favorite Pokemon? (StupidStudiosN)
  55. Beta: "Mewtwo. Which is ironic, considering any Pokemon-related account I have (Ex. GPX Plus, Pokemon Showdown) and my Google Account is centered around my SECOND favorite Pokemon, Lucario. (And also considering none of my Pokemon-related characters are either of the two, not counting the long-since-abandoned Shadow Mewtwo.) "
  57. Q15. When are you getting out of Beta? I want Full Release Man. (TobyJoey)
  58. Beta: "Don't worry, Full Release Man is under development. Expect a pre-purchase to be available in April of 2019."
  61. Mikey's Q's:
  64. Q16. If it were up to you, who would you have me interview next?
  65. Beta: "Well, the main deciding factor for me is dependent on who you DIDN'T interview yet. And basically, you pretty much covered a few I would've had on my list- Meta, Ender, MegaBoy, Bawss, N, Musical, Nice, Char, and Walter. MAYBE Rotom, but... I'll be honest. I'm uncertain on how things would go if a Rotom interview were to happen."
  67. Q17. There's a lot of stuff in your profile, and I mean, a LOT of stuff, but, there's pretty much NOTHING in there about YOU. Could you give us a few sentences about YOU?
  68. Beta: "Hm... Alright. In the style of a similar question asked by NiceIce, I shall mention 10 things about myself.
  69. 1. At first, dabbing and that "what are those" meme were intolerable to me. ...Only one of those two things stopped bothering me to this very day. And I'm sure you can guess which since you saw my profile. (And not noticing anything about me as a PERSON? Wow. That's some dedication.)
  70. 2. I am currently in the 12th grade. (Well, I will be by time Summer ends.)
  71. 3. At first, I actually thought Mega Man was a human wearing a suit of armor. I ALSO thought Bass was a good guy, but I guess that's what happens when you read Mario vs. Sonic vs. Mega Man without understanding a single THING about Mega Man.
  72. 4. I'm kinda developing in my skill, but believe it or not, I'm actually kinda bad at Mega Man games.
  73. 5. There are a few Youtubers that I kinda stalk for videos, but never subscribe to. Some of those, however, are some I eventually became a subscriber of.
  74. 6. I kinda like the Pokemon Anime for its story, but honestly, never really for the theme song or the Poke Rap.
  75. 7. I kinda want to be a game developer, yet at the same time I'm uncertain if its something I can actually manage doing.
  76. 8. My favorite anime is Dragon Ball Z/Super. Every other anime is just something I never/barely touch.
  77. 9. I like the idea and concept of evil duplicators/imitators of heroes, like Goku Black from DBS, Metal Sonic from Sonic (duh), and, of course, Copy Robot from Mega Man.
  78. 10. I actually have a Sonic OC that publicly never saw the light of day, and never will. It's basically Shadow with his colors swapped and clothes. And now you see why it will never see the light of day."
  80. Q18. What do YOU think of Prototype's Star Force mechanic?
  81. Beta: "Of COURSE you'd be the one asking this, Mike. :P
  82. All jokes aside, though, Starforce to me is actually more of a collectible than anything else. So I don't care if it has a use or not, because to me, it will always be that sort-of thing that makes you think that you HAVE to get it in order to win the game at 100%.
  83. ...I DO, however, see better potential in it in terms of Roleplaying use. And there are certain... Secrets... About Starforce planned to be revealed in MegaTale. (Which honestly I'm a BIT disappointed that nobody asked me about it, but what can you do?) "
  85. Q19. What's your all-time favorite official MM game [and why]?
  86. Beta: "My favorite Mega Man game... Hard to say, actually, considering I was never actually able to manage beating a single one. But, uh... I MIGHT just go with Mega Man 2, since it's a classic that actually manages to leave the original in its shadow."
  88. Q20. I apologize. I didn't know how much one person could be shafted by such a stupid rule. I know you were almost always just outside the Top 50 for nearly the entirety of that idiotic rule existing, and you weren't able to be interviewed as a result. I wanted to officially tell you that the community spoke up, and I listened, and that'll never be a thing, again. I'm sorry it took me so long to see it. I was wrong. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT: I WAS WRONG. Can you ever forgive me? :P
  89. Beta: "...I'll be honest, Mike. It kinda hurts, being in the dark for so long. This was something I wanted for a long time, only for it to be pushed aside since the very beginning up until now. I know that there were certain life events that happened that pushed this aside AFTER the rule. But considering a few certain individuals having SECOND interviews is proof enough that this isn't the FIRST time you've let people down.
  90. But... Perhaps there will come a time when I officially forgive you. And we can still be friends, of course. But... It will take time for this to heal. Just please, don't let it happen again.
  91. ...Ah, I'm just messing with ya! It's all water under the bridge, Mike! ...Or is it OVER the bridge? Eh, point is, you're forgiven. And let's not pretend I didn't held this back a bit either myself. ;) "
  93. ==========
  95. Well, it's been fun and all. Thanks again for having me for a guest, Mike. Beta Man out! *Throws a Beta Blast in front of him, disappearing in the midst of the explosion.*
  97. *Cough, cough, cough!* Well.....*ahem* least he didn't leave on a *cough* BAD note. Scared me for a second, there. I know I normally reserve Q20 as a joke questions, and, to a point, it is, but, it's also kinda serious; Beta, here was kind constantly borked by the rule ALL the time, really.
  99. Special thanks to Beta Man for being a really sporting 20 Q's subject, despite my all previous dumbness. Additional thanks go out to Copyie, Musical, Shiver, StupidStudiosN and TobyJoey for their pretty good suggestions.
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