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Drama @ #EVE-online

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  1. So one day in the quiet #eve-online channel at quakenet IRC, some guy logs in at night and 16 seconds after joining spams his channel:
  3. * LazTel (~Bryan@c-68-60-214-214.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #eve-online
  4. <LazTel> hey guys, im trying to get an eve stream channel set up on quakenet, would any of you guys mind idling #CHATSTREAM so that i can get it registered
  6. Well, some people take it unkindly, namely, an individual called El-Diablito:
  8. * El-Diablito sets ban on *!*@c-68-60-214-214.hsd1.ga.comcast.net
  9. * El-Diablito has kicked LazTel from #eve-online (It's one thing for someone to ask a favour, it's another to join the channel and just spam a chan)
  11. So the following day LazTel opens a convo with El-Diablito:
  13. <El-Diablito> [18:56] <El-Diablito> People joining my channel to spam links
  14. <El-Diablito> [18:56] <El-Diablito> That is my problem
  15. <El-Diablito> [18:56] <LazTel> i didnt spam a link
  16. <El-Diablito> [18:56] <El-Diablito> But don't worry about it, it's very easy to solve
  17. <El-Diablito> [18:56] <LazTel> i asked dudes to idle my channel so i can get it authed
  18. <El-Diablito> [18:56] <El-Diablito> No? Joining my channel, then begging for people to join your channel? Not spamming? That was not a channel link?
  19. <El-Diablito> [18:57] <El-Diablito> Consider it a permanent one
  20. <El-Diablito> [18:57] <El-Diablito> Goodbye
  21. <El-Diablito> [18:57] <LazTel> yeah
  22. <El-Diablito> [18:57] <LazTel> for the eve community
  23. <El-Diablito> [18:57] <LazTel> you cant have a channel named #eve-online and then be a nazi about it
  24. <El-Diablito> [18:57] <LazTel> its a public meeting place
  25. <El-Diablito> [18:59] <El-Diablito> So you're saying, that I can't ban you?
  26. <El-Diablito> [18:59] <LazTel> no, im saying that you are banning me for trying to get more eve related channels going
  27. <El-Diablito> [19:00] <LazTel> and i would have chatted with the people in there but only one guy was awake
  28. <El-Diablito> [19:00] <LazTel> you must not know who i am
  29. <El-Diablito> Funny how he found that out like three seconds after joining
  30. <El-Diablito> [19:00] <El-Diablito> I do not, but by all means inform me
  31. <El-Diablito> [19:00] <El-Diablito> I'm just dying to know
  32. <El-Diablito> I mean, like I've said
  33. <El-Diablito> If any of you want some idlers to a chan just ask
  34. <El-Diablito> But join, two seconds later spam a link and be a face I've never seen before?
  35. <El-Diablito> buh-bye
  36. <Warri> oh shit mate
  37. <Warri> you dont know him!
  38. <El-Diablito> [19:01] <LazTel> my in game name is Lazarus Telraven, i was commentator on Alliance Tournament X and I am one of the top EVE streamers. Myself and Kil2 are working to expand the streaming scene and reach players that are not currently playing eve
  39. <El-Diablito> haha
  40. <Warri> oooooooh shit
  41. <Warri> :D
  42. <spooge> hahaha
  43. <spooge> cmon don't ban that guy :D
  44. <spooge> or post more
  45. <El-Diablito> [19:02] <El-Diablito> I'm trying to think of a way to convey to you, just how small of a fuck I give, but it is literally non-existant and I confess, that for once in my life I am at a loss for words
  46. <spooge> ooooh
  47. <spooge> no fucks available
  48. <Warri> i shall tell him that youre a goon
  49. <Warri> hes gonna get you kicked!
  50. <El-Diablito> Someone tell me what corp/alliance this chipmunk is in
  51. <Warri> well if hes raelly laz then hes in amok :P
  52. <BANAANS> hahaha wow
  53. <BANAANS> El-Diablito,
  54. <BANAANS> is that really him?
  55. <El-Diablito> [19:03] <LazTel> wow, mad with power. You shouldnt ever hold any sort of power
  56. <El-Diablito> [19:04] <El-Diablito> Yes, I am clearly mad for power for banning a guy who, joined my channel for the first time, spammed a link and then said nothing else. Then tries to claim that despite spamming said link and getting banned within about 20 seconds of joining, he knows the activity number for the channel and that this is a valid excuse for not making chit chat
  57. <El-Diablito> [19:04] <LazTel> i spammed the link was awake for another hour then went to bed as it was 4am
  58. <El-Diablito> [19:04] <El-Diablito> Mad I say, for not letting you spam your little ego project, mad to deny the poor people in the channel the opportunity to learn what eve is through your new channel
  59. <El-Diablito> I don't fucking know
  60. <BANAANS> well
  61. <El-Diablito> What alliance is amok in?
  62. <BANAANS> LAzarus is
  64. <BANAANS> :D
  65. * kevPerpsBe (own3d@adsl-99-74-119-19.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net) has joined #eve-online
  66. <BANAANS> and in Amok.
  67. <BANAANS> he was a p cool commentator
  68. <El-Diablito> [19:05] <LazTel> banned within 20secs?
  69. <El-Diablito> [19:05] <LazTel> you logged in an hour after i posted that
  70. <El-Diablito> [19:05] <El-Diablito> Oh, so you'd been spamming more? My oh my, good thing I came on and stopped your reign of terror
  71. <El-Diablito> haha
  72. <El-Diablito> Well he can't have me kicked
  73. <El-Diablito> I bribe the right directors
  74. <Warri> i think hes even director himself :D
  75. <El-Diablito> [19:06] <El-Diablito> I think the key point here, to focus on, is that I am not lifting your ban because you joined exclusivly to spam ads
  76. <El-Diablito> [19:06] <LazTel> i didnt join exclusively for that
  77. <El-Diablito> [19:06] <El-Diablito> And this isn't coldfront, nor will it ever become coldfront, so go home
  78. <El-Diablito> [19:06] <LazTel> i just started my quaknet account last night
  79. <El-Diablito> And I care?
  80. <Warri> no one here plays eve anyway besides Grizzly who faggot gatecamps
  81. <BANAANS> ok its really him
  82. <BANAANS> :D
  83. <El-Diablito> [19:08] * El-Diablito Shrugs
  84. <El-Diablito> [19:08] <El-Diablito> It is what it is
  85. <El-Diablito> [19:08] <El-Diablito> Next time, try to be nice and get to know people before you beg for things
  86. <krisss> hmm
  87. * kevPerpsBe (own3d@adsl-99-74-119-19.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net) has left #eve-online
  88. <El-Diablito> Crikey though
  89. <El-Diablito> Last thing we need is an invasion of leet streaming faggots
  90. <El-Diablito> who are ├╝ber at 1337 pvp
  91. <El-Diablito> e-peening all over qnet
  92. <El-Diablito> That's what coldfront is for
  93. <El-Diablito> This is a gentlemans club godamnit
  94. <spooge> old chap
  95. <BANAANS> El-Diablito,
  96. <BANAANS> <LazTel> yo
  97. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> for 100M ISK
  98. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> I will tell who banned you
  99. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> his ingame nick, corp and alliance
  100. <BANAANS> <LazTel> i know who banned me lol
  101. <BANAANS> <LazTel> oh
  102. <BANAANS> <LazTel> that might be interesting
  103. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> )
  104. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> you would be surprised
  105. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> if you really are Lazarus Telraven
  106. <BANAANS> <LazTel> lol do you know who i am?
  107. <BANAANS> <LazTel> yeah
  108. <BANAANS> <LazTel> lol
  109. <BANAANS> <LazTel> ill give you 100m for the info and if you idle my channel
  110. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> convo me ingame @ Rita Lasmane
  111. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> k
  112. <BANAANS> <LazTel> so i can get the damn thing authed
  113. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> I just need to know its really you
  114. <BANAANS> <LazTel> logging in an alt to sned isk
  115. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> ok
  116. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> I would appreicate if you sent it from
  117. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> your main though
  118. <BANAANS> <BANAANS> you know, being Lazarus Telraven and all
  119. <BANAANS> <LazTel> sent you 100m
  120. <El-Diablito> I will laugh
  121. <El-Diablito> So hard
  122. <BANAANS> :DDDD
  123. <BANAANS> I have his 100M
  124. <BANAANS> should I link you?
  125. <BANAANS> I figure scamming a goon is fun enough
  126. <BANAANS> :D
  127. <El-Diablito> You HAVE to copy paste the conversation
  128. <spooge> hahaha
  129. <El-Diablito> In here
  130. <spooge> this gon be great
  131. <El-Diablito> YOu have to
  132. <BANAANS> which convo
  133. <BANAANS> its all there is
  134. <El-Diablito> oh god tell me he did it
  135. <BANAANS> I have 100M
  136. <El-Diablito> Give him my name
  137. <El-Diablito> Yes
  138. <El-Diablito> No h
  139. <El-Diablito> Jonny 101
  140. <El-Diablito> haha
  141. <El-Diablito> Spell it right now
  142. <El-Diablito> All he had to do was fucking ask me :P
  143. <BANAANS> I linked it ingame
  144. <El-Diablito> Oh give me his fucking reaction
  145. <BANAANS> well, tbh
  146. <BANAANS> would be more fun
  147. <BANAANS> if I just scammed him
  148. <BANAANS> :(
  149. <El-Diablito> Kinda would
  150. <El-Diablito> I mean he'll find out np
  151. <El-Diablito> But that would be hilarious too
  152. <El-Diablito> Or you could take it
  153. <El-Diablito> And just tell him to fucking ask me
  154. <BANAANS> too late
  155. <El-Diablito> Because I'm not exactly known for hiding it
  156. <BANAANS> I already gave him you
  157. <El-Diablito> I be logging in
  158. <El-Diablito> To see if any drama is going to start
  159. <BANAANS> [17:13:04] Lazarus Telraven > lol is that really him?
  160. <El-Diablito> Wouldn't exactly be the first time someone tried having me booted for being me :P
  161. * Rahl has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
  162. <El-Diablito> [19:13] <LazTel> So whats your ingame name?
  163. <El-Diablito> [19:14] <El-Diablito> Dude he was copy pasting the conversation to me in the channel, we've been laughing our asses off
  164. <El-Diablito> [19:14] <El-Diablito> You could have just fucking asked me and I'd have given it to you
  165. <El-Diablito> [19:14] <LazTel> ill talk to vily
  166. <El-Diablito> [19:14] <El-Diablito> I'm sure he'll love that
  167. <El-Diablito> Vily's my nigga
  168. <El-Diablito> We're homies from the pirate days <3
  169. <Warri> haha
  170. * Janubis-Rahl (Janubis-Ra@ has joined #eve-online
  171. <El-Diablito> (7:15:21 PM) jonny_101@goonfleet.com/PC: [19:14] <LazTel> ill talk to vily
  172. <El-Diablito> [19:14] <El-Diablito> I'm sure he'll love that
  173. <El-Diablito> (7:15:22 PM) jonny_101@goonfleet.com/PC: Yeap
  174. <El-Diablito> (7:15:25 PM) jonny_101@goonfleet.com/PC: He paid someone 100m for my name
  175. <El-Diablito> (7:15:30 PM) Vily: lol who cares
  176. <El-Diablito> I love my corp so much
  177. <BANAANS> [17:13:04] Lazarus Telraven > lol is that really him?
  178. <BANAANS> [17:13:14] Rita Lasmane > well
  179. <BANAANS> [17:13:15] Rita Lasmane > the thing is
  180. <BANAANS> [17:13:18] Rita Lasmane > you could have just asked him
  181. <BANAANS> [17:13:37] Lazarus Telraven > asked him what?
  182. <BANAANS> [17:13:39] Lazarus Telraven > lol
  183. <BANAANS> [17:13:40] Rita Lasmane > whats his ingame name
  184. <BANAANS> [17:14:16] Lazarus Telraven > im actually really surprised
  185. <BANAANS> [17:14:25] Rita Lasmane > you can send me 300M more maybe then?
  186. <BANAANS> [17:14:49] Rita Lasmane > I mean, I gladly pay for surprises
  187. <BANAANS> [17:15:18] Lazarus Telraven > :)
  188. <BANAANS> [17:15:24] Rita Lasmane > im serious
  189. <BANAANS> [17:15:30] Rita Lasmane > I will give his RL country and height?
  190. <BANAANS> [17:15:36] Lazarus Telraven > lol
  191. <BANAANS> [17:15:45] Lazarus Telraven > nah all i needed was his IGN
  192. <BANAANS> [17:15:51] Lazarus Telraven > gonna talk to his ceo
  193. <BANAANS> [17:15:59] Rita Lasmane > good luck babe
  194. <BANAANS> he closed the convo
  195. <BANAANS> I opened a new one
  196. <Horza> haha
  197. <Horza> from the at stream
  198. <BANAANS> I am just telling him how he was ok at the AT stream
  199. <BANAANS> because I liked him :(
  200. <El-Diablito> Oh dear
  201. <Horza> wouldn't have guessed laz was that big of a faggot
  202. <BANAANS> yeah
  203. <Horza> someone copypaste this whole thing to pastebin
  204. <BANAANS> and post to reddit?
  205. <Horza> so it can be shared around :P
  206. <El-Diablito> Eeh
  207. <El-Diablito> Let's not
  208. <El-Diablito> I am a goon after all :P
  209. <El-Diablito> It doesn't do to be infighting
  210. <El-Diablito> Even if he is a stuck up little cockwaddle
  211. <Warri> so what was the channel he was spamming anyway?
  212. <El-Diablito> Don't get me wrong, he acted like a dick here and I treat him as such, this isn't ingame but I'm not going to go out of my way to humiliate him
  213. <BANAANS> he actually did act like a dick
  214. <BANAANS> I would have banned him too
  215. <BANAANS> if I was op
  216. * Q gives voice to El-Diablito
  217. <spooge> pause for edit!
  218. * wg has quit (Ping timeout)
  219. * Silk75 (~Silk75@ has joined #eve-online
  220. <El-Diablito> You done?
  221. <El-Diablito> :P
  222. <El-Diablito> Well shit
  223. <El-Diablito> We had some fun tonight as well, good stuff
  224. <El-Diablito> And people made money, also good
  225. <BANAANS> 100M is money?
  226. <BANAANS> I am trying to get him to pay
  227. <BANAANS> 150M for my main
  228. <BANAANS> :D
  229. <Lark> ur fucked now El-Diablito
  230. <Lark> the mighty alliance commentator is angry
  231. <BANAANS> http://i.imgur.com/eoO8f.png
  232. <Warri> )
  233. <Lark> BANAANS: I'm proud of you, son!
  234. <BANAANS> I got more from the bulgarian who wanted to join TEST
  235. <BANAANS> but couldnt speak english
  236. <BANAANS> so I scammed him in ruski
  237. <BANAANS> I think I got 300M from him :/
  238. <Lark> I remember how happy thanie was the first time he scammed someone for 50m :D
  239. <BANAANS> the Bulgarian said that the gods will curse me :(
  240. <Lark> fo sho!
  241. * Thimerion has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  242. <El-Diablito> Lark, will you protect me?
  243. * bw|Uram1s (~mullvad@static. has joined #eve-online
  244. <Lark> what alliance is he in?
  245. <El-Diablito> He's a director in goons
  246. <El-Diablito> [19:14] <LazTel> ill talk to vily
  247. <El-Diablito> [19:14] <El-Diablito> I'm sure he'll love that
  248. <El-Diablito> Vily is my CEO and a goon director
  249. <Lark> oh
  250. <El-Diablito> (7:15:30 PM) Vily: lol who cares <-that's his scathing response to me
  251. <Lark> well, then you're shit out of luck
  252. <Lark> I don't like goons
  253. <El-Diablito> I feel quite chastisted
  254. <El-Diablito> Aww :(
  255. <Lark> cunts were our mortal enemies back in the day
  256. <El-Diablito> Mine too
  257. <El-Diablito> But I'm in Eternity Inc
  258. <El-Diablito> Not the goon corp itself
  259. * Thimerion (~nn@Thimerion.users.quakenet.org) has joined #eve-online
  260. <Warri> well neither is amok? :p
  261. <El-Diablito> I'm pretty sure my corp ranks a gazillion slots above his in terms of contribution tbh
  262. <El-Diablito> And if you look at jonny 101's titles ingame
  263. <El-Diablito> I look hella important
  264. <El-Diablito> So you know
  265. <El-Diablito> That's useful when people bitch
  266. * bw|Uram1s (~mullvad@static. has left #eve-online
  267. <El-Diablito> Given to those who participated in the first great goon genocide of delve <-just realised one of my ingame medals says this btw
  268. <El-Diablito> Let's hope nobody in goons actually read all my medals :P
  269. <El-Diablito> I think something like 80% of my goon kb participation are kills against goons
  270. <Tombstone> :D
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