kunori - Episode 4 Commentary (SAO II)

Jul 28th, 2014
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  1. https://twitter.com/kunori_comm_en
  3. Kirito's finally in the world of GGO after that tremendous wait… I experienced that familiar full dive start effect on the Oculus Rift,
  4. and the color lines flying behind really surprised me when I turned my head and took a look back. I can't wait for it to be available…
  6. VRMMOs on《The Seed》, including ALO, generally create avatars' appearances randomly.
  7. This is, well, for the sake of the story (haha), but there's that reason of differentiating avatars visually too.
  9. There's a tendency to pick similar, good-looking avatars in games with customizable height and appearance…
  10. That would be pretty scary in a VRMMO, or rather, it would become one surreal world.
  12. Kirito converted from ALO, but his looks are random as expected. Rumor says that a long playtime on an account results in rarer avatars…
  13. Kirito's playtime's pretty absurd, isn't it, roughly 17500 hours on SAO alone…?
  15. Or so I wrote before realizing there are likely many brave ones who easily spent way more than that in a certain Azeroth and Vana'diel!
  17. GGO Kirito (AKA Kiriko) spoke…! We decided "We'll get Matsuoka to try his best!" from the start for the voice. And he really did his best!
  19. The avatar buyer guy did offer 5 mega (5m) credits, but that would be converted to 50k yen through the cashback system.
  20. That's quite a price for a new account, but Kirito's a convert, so… or rather, Asuna will send him flying if he sells it.
  22. By the way, Kirito will recover his original appearance and stats upon converting back to ALO.
  23. His money and items are cared by Agil's store's storage too, so they're alright! Agil wouldn't sell them off without permission, probably!
  25. The background art for the streets in Glocken are amazing as always…
  26. The fusion of SF and gothic elements creates a very charming design. I want to spend hours just walking around it!
  28. And the encounter with Sinon at last!
  29. Kirito purposely speaks like a girl from here, but his monologue's normal; must have been bad for Matsuoka to keep on switching at the mic!
  31. This cut where Sinon steals a glance at Kirito while walking! It's so darn cute! That I really want to pause here!
  33. A P90 in the weapon shop's ad. I always wonder "How do you hold this…" upon seeing it. Stick both hands… into the two holes… (likely wrong)
  35. Weapon shops in GGO look fun! I want to rush around looking up the specs for various guns! Or maybe the promotion staff…
  36. Glocken has more than these megastores, there are areas with a focus on smaller specialist stores too, those seem interesting too.
  38. Kirito has his stats from ALO via the convert system. However, he only inherited the abilities with none of the cash!
  40. Of course, this 1000 credits is enough for a small optical gun and some armor, so the norm's to hunt weak monsters in the underground sewer
  41. or the fields right outside for levels and money. Times like those are always the most fun part of MMOs, huh.
  43. But Kirito's goal is to quickly make a name for himself in the PvP tournament to draw Death Gun's attention,
  44. so he needs proper equips from the start. Still, I'm not quite sure a casino should be the first thing he resorts to!
  46. …That might… be possible…! QT: In that case, if Klein converts, there's a chance for Kleko…!?
  48. This increasing prize's called a《progressive jackpot》, the thing in the news when people win big sums of cash from the slots in Las Vegas.
  49. There's the possibility Japan may soon pass the casino legalization bill in the fall extraordinary Diet session too…
  51. Here's the《bullet line》that whizzed past in ep. 2's fight. Guns that aren't full auto generally display one line each,
  52. but it's a NPC (or rather, a robot? lol) shooting in this bullet dodging game, so it's showing three or six of them at once.
  54. As for full auto guns, the many《prediction lines for a bullet shot with the trigger pressed and held and the gun's position maintained》
  55. will be shown in succession. In short, the lines will shift as the muzzle moves while firing and any future line will vanish upon stopping.
  57. Repeated 2-round or 3-round bursts on full auto mode would spam those prediction lines so bad… lol.
  58. Still, not aiming by using the prediction circle properly in GGO results in nearly all misses, so… maybe a tactic for super-close range…?
  60. There's the Quick Draw skill (where the prediction circle appears and contracts instantly when trained) for the players who live by it too,
  61. but it's limited to the lightweight handguns. It does seem fun roleplaying as that sort of western gunman, though.
  63. Wonder what the lines would be with a Slide Fire stock on a semi-auto gun… and meanwhile, Kirito had just went for a reckless challenge!
  64. Just look at him go, charging in and gambling half of all his assets on some dodgy game.
  66. Monsters in SAO were given the nature of looking where they would attack (though limited to monsters with an eye or two).
  67. Hence, clearing group players polished up their skills at predicting the direction monsters will attack by their line of sight.
  69. Monsters and NPCs in ALO and GGO inherited that algorithm too. Thus, Kirito predicted the prediction line via the gunman's eyes, not gun.
  71. From revolvers! To lasers! I'm digressing, but the USSR developed a revolver-type laser gun for astronauts in the 1980s.
  72. It certainly makes me curious what or who were they expecting by preparing that…
  74. 300k credits gained! The jackpot turned zero, but crossing the 10 meters line before game over nets you a thousand credits, so…
  75. Or rather, most challengers aim for that anyway, so it should fill up plenty in another half a year.
  77. The lightsa… no, the photon sword sounds cool! There were many cosplayers with their homemade swords of light at Anime Expo.
  78. They shone really beautifully, but I have no idea how they were put together… an enormous glow stick?
  80. There are no sword skills in GGO's system, but Kirito's used to the motions, so he's able to imitate skills up to a modest number of hits.
  81. Well, the sword of light gives a one-hit kill upon a clean hit on the head or heart, so it's not like there's any point in doing ten hits.
  83. The ammo used by the Five-seveN are unique as Sinon said, so they aren't popular in squadrons despite their efficiency
  84. since ammo sharing doesn't work. BoB's solo, so that's of no concern.
  86. I did touch the 5.7x28mm used by the Five-seveN and P90 in real life and it were completely different from the 9mm Parabellum.
  87. The bullet's really small! And really pointy! (something like that?)
  89. The indoors firing range's an anime original. Sigsawa said the echoes of the firing were superb, lol.
  90. I only went to an outdoors one, but this seems really noisy… But I still want to go! Preferably at somewhere I can shoot a full auto!
  92. I considered asking to be brought to a firing range during my free time when I was in Los Angeles,
  93. but gave up upon finding out that full auto guns can't be shot in California. Or rather, it seems Nevada's the only state that allows it.
  95. Kirito's holding the gun in his left hand because he's considering about using it together with the light sword in his right.
  96. Normally, both the main and side arms would be equipped on the dominant hand.
  97. Of course, there are probably those dual wielding handguns or SMGs, but magazine changes seem like they would be troublesome for them.
  99. I just thought about Behemoth, who lost to Sinon in episode 2,
  100. training his STR further and getting revenge by dual wielding miniguns, but that thought was quickly tossed into my mind's rubbish bin.
  102. Kirito can ride the buggy he just saw for the first time not thanks to racing games, but because he rides a manual bike in the real world.
  103. And Shino rode behind her grandpa on his Super Cub back in her home town, so she's used to riding tandem.
  105. And episode 4 ends just as Sinon reveals her cheerful laughter to us. Thank you for your company! See you on episode 5!
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