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  1. Alright, let's begin this.
  3. When I first joined the server, back in April, it all seemed to be a nice server, nice clan. Everything seemed to be OK, except for the spawn, which I redid, till most of the people liked that area. I was like: okay, and dregs helped me out there pretty well too. The admins back then, were much nicer than they are now. What happened to you? It seems like we're turning in some kind of company with over 5 000 customers that want to use our stuff, and the admins are just on top of it, ignoring all players, and sometimes even the (mc) staff members? There also is a thread in the staff section with the tasks each rank has to do. Let's write it down:
  4. [B]Police:[/B]
  5. -Kick/Mute/Jail players breaking rules
  6. -Help players that call for it, and call moderator if needed
  7. -Solve player disputes (if items stolen call mod or above)
  9. [B]Police Chief:[/B]
  10. -Choose Police
  11. -Ban rule breakers
  12. -Kick/Mute/Jail players breaking rules
  13. -Help players that call for it, and call moderator if needed
  14. -Solve player disputes
  16. [B]Moderators:[/B]
  17. -Ban rule breakers
  18. -Region lands
  19. -Assist Police that require Mod power
  21. [B]SuperMod:[/B]
  22. -Regen destroyed land
  23. -Ban rule breakers
  24. -Assist with new (clan) buildings
  26. [B]Admins [/B]
  27. -Deal with ban appeals
  28. -Ban rule breakers
  29. -Keep server fun with content (events, party's .ect)
  31. That's what is being said in the staff section. In my honest opinion, only a few do what they are supposed to do. [B]Most[/B] police do their job as intended, the police chief is doing [B]correctly[/B], some moderators are just [B]screwing around[/B] with their commands, some supermods are as [B]inactive[/B] as I don't know how to call it, and the admins [B]dont do anything[/B] in-game as listed above. Why don't you guys do the jobs you have to do? You are volunteering to do it, then why not do it? Just to enjoy the commands? And if I look at that one case, the admins should have taken action as soon as they got 1 single complaint. When on earth have we had fun content in our Minecraft server? I heard Jelloman had a disco before, but that's [B]all[/B]. Too bad, the admins are barely online anymore and when they're online, they're saying they're busy when they're just away from their keyboards. The only admin online, that shouldn't even be online, is General_Haxman. He is [B]Call of Duty manager[/B], not the person to keep all stuff straight on the Minecraft server. Get this straight. Vacation is over now guys, school starts again. You're not abroad anymore, you're at home either enjoying the weather or playing League of Legends. Yes, the nice weather is a good reason to stay off from your computer, but you guys are running a [b]CLAN[/b] not to forget! They rely on YOU guys, not on the staff in-game, they(we) barely have permissions to do stuff for the clan.
  33. So, if you want a list of the active and inactive people, the helpful and the lame people, here you get it.
  34. STEALTH - Still doing a good job, imho.
  35. Dregs - Got less active at minecraft, but more in COD. Still good.
  36. Eclipse - Where the hell is he at? I sometimes see him at teamspeak, just ignoring people.
  37. Millalite - I heard he had troubles, still fine with him.
  38. Jayslimmshady - Barely see or hear him.
  40. You people, altogether, form the clan administration. We are only getting less and less from you guys. What on earth are you guys even doing, except for the trolling part? I still don't get it. Do your jobs serious, stop trolling around. Listen to the clan members, and to the players. And a special one for Eclipse, just because you don't like a person, doesn't mean he has to be banned from all services. If you're not doing your stuff as head admin, then just ACT as if you're a head admin. You're carrying lots of responsibility, and in my honest opinion, you're not as good as you were before anymore. Too bad guys, this clan is falling down a cliff, not going downhill. This time, I'm not just speaking of minecraft, but the entire clan. Without you guys, we are nowhere, and you guys are starting to be more inactive and less helpful than before: then we're going nowhere again.
  42. Alright, back to the area where I know more than from the clan, minecraft. I have some complaints about the staff positions in the game. Not everyone in-game DESERVES their rank. Multiple people have to be promoted, multiple people have to be demoted. Shall I sum these up either?
  43. [B]Rasamalai[/B], should definitely be promoted to the rank of supermod. Still pretty new to the commands, but deserves the supermod rank more than a few current supermods.
  44. [B]Synich[/B], should be an in-game admin for Minecraft. He's put more times in the server than a couple of supermods and moderators together. How could this actually be possible? If Synich should be supermod, some should be ugpolice, not supermod.
  45. [b]General_Haxman[/b], not for minecraft, but the entire clan, he's one of the goddamn most active persons in here, always on teamspeak not hiding in his goddamn office like ALL admins are doing. Stop hiding, show up and do your thing. Give him more permissions in the clan, and let this clan roll again.
  46. [b]ExoticXYZ[/b], should be promoted to the rank of supermod. Not moderator, that's basically a demotion, and supermod is just to release the stress of all police down from him. I know STEALTH wanted him to be UGPChief for [U]atleast[/U] 6 months, that is ridiculously long. Give him supermod, basically same commands. Promotion to mod, is a demotion, since he loses most of his commands. He deserves supermod more than multiple people.
  48. There, you have some people that really REQUIRE a promotion. Now, for the demotions? This is not only MY opinion, but from others. I will not list their names.
  49. [B]Dcottrell135[/B], yeah I know there is a very negative connection in between us, but it's not only my opinion. You are being negative in every single thread. I only see positive stuff if there's something fun to do. That's it, not to speak of your activity in Minecraft, because that's below 0. You are too busy with your War of Nations server, then be there, finish it and be a staff member on that. You don't need a rank on the current server if you're barely on it.
  50. [B]ItsMeSayan7D[/B], where on earth have you been recently? I didn't see you since I came back from vacation, a month ago! You are aswell being inactive like multiple people, if you're not willing to take the time for it anymore, then you should also be demoted.
  51. [B]EzraGarza0[/B], you are a division leader. And not even a good one, sorry bro! You're complaining about people that they do not get help, because you have 1 fps. "NO IM NOT FUCKING HELPING YOU I HAVE 1 FPS SHUT UP", yeah, that is not a nice reaction coming from a division leader. You were nice, you're not anymore. Sorry. You're turning into someone that has too much power.
  52. [B]HouseMD[/B], who are you? You are never on the server anymore. That's it.
  53. [B]SeanFaun100[/B], inactive. Gets on when he feels like. That's not the institution. If you volunteer, then you volunteer. You don't volunteer because you get commands then, and you can use them when you feel like.
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