Pokemon Gen 5 Logic Puzzle Walkthrough (v 1.0.2)

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  1. Pokemon Gen 5 Logic Puzzle Walkthrough:
  2. 1) If all fire-types are in a corner, and Larvesta shares a diagonal with its evolution (Volcarona), then Volcarona is in E5.
  3. 2) Volcarona's clue handily tells us that Snivy and its evolutions are not in the puzzle, so Tepig has to be in E1. Revealing Tepig informs us of the fact that water-types are only in row D. Combined with the clue that there are two basic starters in column 1, we can place Oshawott in D1.
  4. 3) Volcarona's clue also tells us that Victini is not in the quiz, since although it fits the criteria of being a fire-type legendary, it can't be in the corner since it is part psychic. The only other gen 5 fire-type legendary is Reshiram, so Reshiram must be in A5.
  5. 4) The Illusion Pokemon (as stated in the Pokedex) is Zoroark, so Zoroark is in A3.
  6. 5) We know that the legendary in C1 must go between "Larvesta" and "Oshawott" alphabetically. The only legendary to fit this criteria is Meloetta, so Meloetta is in C1.
  7. 6) From Zoroark's clue, we know that Maractus must be in either B1 or B5. However, Reshiram's clue tells us that Maractus can't be in B5, so Maractus must be in B1. It also fits very nicely between Larvesta and Meloetta alphabetically.
  8. 7) Tepig's clue tells us Frillish must be somewhere in row D. Since Maractus is diagonal to D3, Frillish is in D3.
  9. 8) Frillish's clue tells us that the legendary in row D must be in D5, since D2 and D4 are adjacent to Frillish. We also know from Tepig's clue that it must be a water-type. The only water-type legendary in gen 5 is Keldeo, so Keldeo is in D5.
  10. 9) The only Pokemon from gen 5 that evolves from a water stone is Simipour (from Panpour). We know that Keldeo is not adjacent to any single-type Pokemon, so Simipour cannot be in D4, since it is a pure water-type. Therefore, Simipour is in D2.
  11. 10) Emolga does not evolve, and is not a legendary, so it is somewhere in row B. We know from Simipour's clue that Emolga must also be somewhere in column 2. Therefore, Emolga is in B2.
  12. 11) Sigilyph is also somewhere in row B, since it is also a non-evolving, non-legendary Pokemon. It is also important to note that Sigilyph is a psychic/flying type. The prescence of Emolga - an electric/flying type - in B2 tells us that Sigilyph cannot be in B3, since Meloetta's clue prevents them from being adjacent. We also know that Sigilyph cannot be in B5 from Volcarona's clue. The only place Sigilyph can be is in B4.
  13. 12) We know from Simipour's clue that Scolipede is in either A4 or C4, and that Druddigon is in either B3 or B5. However, Druddigon, a dragon-type, cannot be in B5 because then it would be adjacent to Reshiram, a fire/dragon-type, so Druddigon must be in B3. Reshiram's clue also tells us that Scolipede cannot be adjacent to it in A4, so Scolipede is in C4.
  14. 13) Meloetta's clue tells us that both Ferroseed and its evolution Ferrothorn are in column 4. Sigilyph's clue tells us that it is not adjacent to Ferroseed, so Ferroseed cannot be in A4 or C4. We also know that row D is comprised entirely of water-types, so Ferroseed has to be in E4. If Scolipede and Druddigon are not discovered, then we know that Ferrothorn must be in A4 because Reshiram's clue tells us that Scolipede cannot be in A4, and D4 is a water-type. If they are discovered, then we can see that the only location in column 4 Ferrothorn could be while being adjacent to Druddigon is A4.
  15. 14) Sigilyph tells us that there is a fairy-type somewhere in column 2. The only two gen 5 fairy-types are Cottonee and Whimsicott, but we know from Frillish that Cottonee is not on the quiz. We also know that Whimsicott, a grass/fairy type cannot be in A2 or C2 because both of those locations are adjacent to Maractus, a grass-type. Therefore, Whimsicott is in E2.
  16. 15) Based on Scolipede's clue, Cinccino can either be in A2, C2, or C3. A2 is ruled out with Ferroseed's clue, and C2 is ruled out since both Cinccino and Meloetta share a normal type. Cinccino must be in C3.
  17. 16) Ferrothorn's and Maractus' clues tell us that the Pokemon in B5 is a normal-type that doesn't evolve. The only gen 5 Pokemon that fits that criteria is Audino, so Audino is in B5. Cinccino's clue allows us to conclude that Roggenrola is present in the quiz. We know that there is a basic rock-type in A2 from Ferroseed's clue. Roggenrola is a basic rock-type, so Roggenrola is in A2.
  18. 17) We know from Roggenrola's clue that the only possible place Swanna can be is in D4. The only remaining cell not adjacent to Swanna is C2, so Pawniard is in C2. Golurk now has the possibility of being in either E3 or C5. However, Golurk cannot be adjacent to Frillish, as they both share a ghost type. Golurk must be in C5. The only remaining space, E3, goes to Trubbish.
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