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  1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Treasure Carp Scales guide
  2. For /ssdtg/ and /dsg/ on 4chan
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  5. Basic information
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  7. Treasure Carp Scales are a form of currency used to trade with one of two Pot Nobles in the game. The Pot Nobles have limited stock, so the number of Treasure Carp Scales you can find are exactly enough to buy both of their stocks. The scales can be found in one of three ways:
  9. 1. As loot in the world
  10. 2. By killing non-respawning Treasure Carps
  11. 3. By purchasing them from a vendor
  13. Getting all of the Scales requires you to unlock the Diving ability, which is obtained from the boss at the end of Mibu Village.
  15. When hunting Treasure Carps, they will immediately run away when they spot you, so you need to sneak up on them or quickly chase them down. After running away for a certain amount of time they will vanish, and then re-appear in the world a few seconds later. Once killed, they will drop a Scale and will not respawn.
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  18. Scale locations
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  20. Hirata Estate
  21. -4 from Treasure Carps in the lake in front of the estate, 2 require diving.
  22. -1 as loot on the shore to the left of the bridge, just past the Nightjar.
  23. -2 from Treasure Carps located under the bridge leading to the burning manor, in the river segment after the Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol. One of them requires diving.
  25. Ashina Castle
  26. -1 as loot, inside the moat under the Ashina Castle Idol. Requires diving.
  27. -1 from Treasure Carp inside the moat, after the special event that requires you to play through it again.  Requires diving.
  29. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo
  30. -2 from Treasure Carps in the pond, shortly after the Temple Grounds Idol.
  32. Sunken Valley
  33. -2 from Treasure Carps in the lake between the Gun Fort and Riven Cave Idols. Both require diving.
  34. -1 as loot within the same lake, right under the Riven Cave Idol. Also requires diving.
  36. Ashina Depths
  37. -2 sold by Exiled Memorial Mob near the Mibu Village Idol, 500 Sen each.
  38. -1 as loot at the end of the river behind the Mibu Village Idol, guarded by a purple longswordsman ninja.
  39. -1 from Treasure Carp in the river next to Water Mill Idol, near the wooden bridge with the apparition Ashina swordsman. Requires diving.
  40. -5 from the head priest hiding inside the building past the Water Mill, after giving him Water of the Palace. After giving him the water, rest or reload the area and come back.
  42. Fountainhead Palace
  43. -3 as loot in the hidden room you access by going through water in the area with flute playing nobles. Where Water of the Palace is.
  44. -3 as loot under water inside a submerged house on the right side of the lake
  45. -7 from Treasure Carps inside the lake.
  46. -2 as loot near the Headless in the lake.
  47. -4 from the noble in Feeding Grounds after feeding the Master 5 precious baits. Need to experiment further for the exact amount you can get. Some anons also reported that they got 4 by completing the noble's quest without feeding any baits to the Master.
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  50. Pot Nobles
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  52. Pot Noble Harunaga is located in the Hirata Estates, on an island to the right of the bridge leading into the estate. The second Pot Noble is at the Fountainhead Palace.
  54. ! SPOILERS !
  55. -Each noble gives you a precious bait to feed the master, and upon giving whoever's precious bait they'll turn into a carp while resulting the death of the other Pot Noble. You don't have to worry about their inventory since doing so transfers items from one to other. You'll also find a Lapis Lazuli in the pot of the transformed noble.
  56. -Once a noble transforms into a carp, warp to the Guardian Ape's Watering Hole Idol. You can loot Great White Whiskers from the corpse of the Great Colored Carp, and take it to the Noble at Feeding Grounds for a Divine Grass. Rest again at the Idol for his daughter to show up and complete their questline.
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