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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"> Coordinated Containment </align></size=40></b>
  3. Discord:
  5. Main Rules:
  6. A hacker will be banned on sight
  7. Please only speak English as its an English Server
  8. No KOS
  9. No political views, Racism and/or Homophobia
  10. Ignoring staff is not allowed
  12. Toxicity Rules:
  13. -Manipulating doors in order to impeed the progress of your team/or to result in the death of your team.
  14. -Selling out eachother to SCP's
  15. -Constant teaming with SCP's (You may team in order to save your life, but its advised to get out of a dangerous situation immediately) (Chaos are an exception to this rule)
  16. -Insulting young players for their age.
  17. -Excessive insults and swearing towards others.
  18. -Using intercom to call out players aggressively, using spectator chat to call out players aggressively.
  19. -Killing Other SCP's as 079
  20. -Mic spam. (Including ear rape, music and voice. Soundboard use is permitted as long as its not consistant)
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