Ball Bugs (11/18/11)

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  1. (8:28:39 PM) Wombat: Ryan patrols the corridors.
  2. (8:29:54 PM) DoubleU left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  3. (8:30:37 PM) Tara_Unknown: Rosalind continues to read in the Rec Room, making herself as small as possible
  4. (8:30:52 PM) Tox: Oh hey there's the vending machine that Dumbass McIdiot shot at. It's all better now!
  5. (8:31:56 PM) Erit_Invictus [Mibbit@878B54DF.1EC4D6AB.77423906.IP] entered the room.
  6. (8:33:05 PM) Wombat: Ryan double checks to make sure the monkey replaced the lock correctly.
  7. (8:33:38 PM) Tox: Yep. S'all good. They're crafty little guys for being blind.
  8. (8:33:40 PM) Sequence [] entered the room.
  9. (8:36:13 PM) Wombat: Ryan heads down to Engineering, and asks the monkeys for a fine mesh net, preferably made out of a hard metal.
  10. (8:36:59 PM) Tox: The monkeys tilt their heads. Collectively. //In unison.//
  11. (8:37:28 PM) Wombat: "Something that I can catch animate tools in that they can't cut through."
  12. (8:37:31 PM) Scantron: Green tilts his head somewhat at Rosalind, keeping a neutral expression.
  13. (8:37:46 PM) Wombat: "Sort of like really small chain mail?"
  14. (8:39:11 PM) Tox: The lead monkey shrugs. "Sorry. Don't think we have anything like that."
  15. (8:39:23 PM) Wombat: "..."
  16. (8:39:26 PM) Wombat: "You guys can TALK?"
  17. (8:39:34 PM) Tox: "We should be able to -- uh, yeah."
  18. (8:39:34 PM) Wombat: <<GUYS>>
  19. (8:39:41 PM) Wombat: <<MONKEYS GOT VOICES>>
  20. (8:40:02 PM) Tox: "We should be able to whip something up, though..." He glances around, speculatively.
  21. (8:40:07 PM) Sequence: <<Uh, yeah, of course they do.>>
  22. (8:40:18 PM) Wombat: "Thanks a lot. Why didn't you ever talk before, though?"
  23. (8:41:23 PM) Tox: The monkey shrugs.
  24. (8:41:33 PM) Erit_Invictus: <<What!? This I gotta see>>
  25. (8:41:51 PM) Wombat: "Also..."
  26. (8:42:03 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian storms out of his room, headint to engineering
  27. (8:42:04 PM) Wombat: "How do you talk with no mouth? I've always wanted to be a ventriloquist..."
  28. (8:42:34 PM) Scantron: Green hears but does nothing. He's more interested in why Rosalind hasn't at least called him an asshole or something.
  29. (8:44:34 PM) Tox: The monkey shrugs again, noncommittally, as it oversees the other monkeys in figuring out exactly how best to create a net of metallic mesh.
  30. (8:45:10 PM) Wombat: "Well, thanks. Give me a call when you're done with it, and I'll come pick it up." Ryan heads up to the caf.
  31. (8:48:55 PM) Daedalize: Damian, roll Perception.
  32. (8:49:18 PM) Erit_Invictus: 6df+5
  33. (8:49:18 PM) Glacon: Erit_Invictus: 6 (6df+5=+, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  34. (8:50:03 PM) Daedalize: Damian hears... a rustling noise, somewhere nearby.
  35. (8:50:40 PM) Wombat: Ryan patrols.
  36. (8:50:55 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian stops
  37. (8:51:22 PM) Scantron: Green gives Rosalind a slow, jittery wink.
  38. (8:51:53 PM) Erit_Invictus: Tries to head towards the sound
  39. (8:52:20 PM) Tara_Unknown: Rosalind buries her bace in her book\
  40. (8:52:28 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Hey, is anybody there?"
  41. (8:52:54 PM) Daedalize: There's a door to his left, with a plaque reading "Storage". Vents along the wall near the ground, and another hallway branches off just ahead.
  42. (8:53:06 PM) Wombat: Is Ryan near Damian?
  43. (8:54:19 PM) Daedalize: Damian was headed to Engineering, and Ryan is coming from Engineering, so they aren't near enough that Ryan can hear the noise, but are along the same route.
  44. (8:54:35 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian pulls out his tazer, and heads to the door
  45. (8:54:49 PM) Wombat: Ryan begins whistling "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"
  46. (8:54:53 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian puts an ear near the door
  47. (8:55:00 PM) Erit_Invictus: Can he listen anything?
  48. (8:56:13 PM) Daedalize: The rustling, still, though it's hard to tell whether it's coming from the other side of the door, or from his side. It's a soft noise.
  49. (8:57:18 PM) Wombat: Ryan continues to walk down the corridor.
  50. (8:57:25 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian checks the vents
  51. (8:57:46 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander wanders the halls aimlessly, bored once again and looking for something entertaining to pass the time...
  52. (8:59:26 PM) Daedalize: Roll Perception to see into the dark vents.
  53. (8:59:46 PM) Daedalize left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  54. (8:59:57 PM) Erit_Invictus: 6df+5 Goddamn rodents
  55. (8:59:57 PM) Glacon: Erit_Invictus: Goddamn rodents: 2 (6df+5=-, 0, -, 0, -, 0)
  56. (9:00:38 PM) Daedalize [] entered the room.
  57. (9:00:38 PM) mode (+ao Daedalize Daedalize) by ChanServ
  58. (9:01:55 PM) Daedalize: Nope. Too dark to see in there.
  59. (9:02:18 PM) Wombat: Ryan walks past, whistling.
  60. (9:03:10 PM) Wombat: Redact
  61. (9:03:13 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian decides to open the door slighty, tazer in hand, even if there was somehting in the vent He couldn't do anything about it
  62. (9:03:28 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander takes a corner and notices Damian opening the door, armed...
  63. (9:04:41 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "What's the tazer for?" he says abruptly perring over Damian's shoulder into the room...
  64. (9:04:56 PM) ShadesO`Gray: peering*
  65. (9:05:15 PM) Daedalize: There's shelves holding what looks to be cans of paint. A stepladder, a box of brushes...
  66. (9:05:29 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian's startles, "Dude, keep quiet, I coulda tazed ya!"
  67. (9:05:30 PM) Daedalize: Roll Perception again, Damian. And Vander.
  68. (9:05:41 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Im hearing something, I can't quite say what it is"
  69. (9:05:42 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6
  70. (9:05:43 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: 9 (6df+6=0, +, +, +, 0, 0)
  71. (9:05:46 PM) Erit_Invictus: 6df+5
  72. (9:05:46 PM) Glacon: Erit_Invictus: 6 (6df+5=+, +, +, -, 0, -)
  73. (9:06:09 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Well let me have a listen then."
  74. (9:06:54 PM) Daedalize: ...that stuff on the floor. It's not matting, like they thought at first glance.
  75. (9:07:17 PM) Daedalize: It's bugs. Pillbugs, from the looks of them. All a dull, gleaming red.
  76. (9:08:04 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian looks at the pillbugs, are they normal sized?
  77. (9:08:41 PM) Wombat: Ryan comes walking back, and looks in.
  78. (9:08:48 PM) Wombat: "Woah."
  79. (9:08:57 PM) Daedalize: From what he knows of pillbugs, these are a /little/ oversized, but not much.
  80. (9:09:26 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Well...would you look at that..."
  81. (9:09:35 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Looks' like we need to call an exterminator"
  82. (9:09:48 PM) Daedalize: There are hundreds of them, covering the floor of the closet entirely, and some of them are scurrying out of the now-open door.
  83. (9:10:05 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian overhears Ryans whistling
  84. (9:10:08 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Takes the door from Daiman's hand and closes it
  85. (9:10:29 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Hey dude, come here!, we got some sort of infestation"
  86. (9:10:33 PM) Wombat: <<Murphy to Central. We have in infestation of red pillbugs in Room Alpha Five Niner Six. Possible red pool breach. Request backup and sterilization team."
  87. (9:10:41 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Bring fire..."
  88. (9:10:46 PM) DoubleU [Mibbit@F20809DE.EFC8D667.7E25B20E.IP] entered the room.
  89. (9:10:50 PM) Daedalize: The door closes, but there's already a mess of them out in the hall, scurrying off in all directions.
  90. (9:10:58 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Fire in the storage?"
  91. (9:11:11 PM) Tox: <<Central copies. Give us a moment to figure out how the fuck to handle pillbugs.>>
  92. (9:11:29 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Stomps on a few, and pulls his pistol free...mostly out of nervous habit
  93. (9:11:35 PM) Tox: The voice is somewhat confused.
  94. (9:11:46 PM) Wombat: <<Got any bug bombs?>>
  95. (9:11:56 PM) Daedalize: Roll Melee, Vander.
  96. (9:12:10 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Errh... We gonna need somehting differnt, unllesss you wanna shoot them all"
  97. (9:12:13 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6
  98. (9:12:14 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: 7 (6df+6=0, +, -, -, +, +)
  99. (9:12:23 PM) ShadesO`Gray: squish squash
  100. (9:12:35 PM) Wombat: "5.56 won't do shit against these, and it'll just ruin the floor."
  101. (9:12:51 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Makes me feel better..."
  102. (9:12:54 PM) Daedalize: Those under his foot are smushed, but all the others suddenly freeze up.
  103. (9:13:00 PM) Daedalize: Then, they ball up.
  104. (9:13:01 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 Look around the room to see if there's anything really flammable or easily damaged.
  105. (9:13:01 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Look around the room to see if there's anything really flammable or easily damaged.: 6 (6df+6=+, -, +, -, 0, 0)
  106. (9:13:05 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "OOOhhhh...shit
  107. (9:13:06 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "
  108. (9:13:07 PM) Wombat: "Awww shit..."
  109. (9:13:16 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Hey, do the monkeys have any sort of bug squasher?"
  110. (9:13:28 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Backs away without turning his back
  111. (9:13:32 PM) Daedalize: The balls start rolling off, faster than the bugs were crawling.
  112. (9:13:51 PM) Wombat: The door's closed. Where are they going?
  113. (9:13:53 PM) Daedalize: Ryans sees nothing around the hall.
  114. (9:15:01 PM) Tox: <<Murphy, Central. Be advised, standard insecticides are ineffective, say again, ineffective against pillbugs. Standby.>>
  115. (9:15:32 PM) Wombat: <<Copy. Suggest high temperature sterilization."
  116. (9:16:12 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "No shit," says Vander, training his pistol on the rolling bug ball
  117. (9:16:22 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Hey, that's a ball of bugs, the means..."
  118. (9:16:31 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian tazes the bug-ball
  119. (9:16:35 PM) Erit_Invictus: 6df+5
  120. (9:16:35 PM) Glacon: Erit_Invictus: 6 (6df+5=0, -, +, +, -, +)
  121. (9:16:36 PM) Daedalize: There are many bugs, all rolling off in different directions.
  122. (9:17:01 PM) Wombat: <<Murphy to central, infestation spreading.>>
  123. (9:17:35 PM) Wombat: <<I'm going to try to use a fire hose to corral them into one room.>>
  124. (9:17:54 PM) Tox: <<Central copies. Standby. Uh, Murphy, are you sure that's a good idea?>>
  125. (9:18:23 PM) Daedalize: The nearest hose, if Ryan recalls his security briefing, is back down the hall towards Engineering.
  126. (9:18:36 PM) Wombat: <<They're rolling off. I should be able to push them in one direction with the water flow. Do I have approval?>>
  127. (9:19:38 PM) Tox: <<Authorized, Murphy. We're still trying to find an insecticide that'll work on these damned things.>>
  128. (9:20:00 PM) Daedalize: Damian's tazer shot misses the bug he was aiming at. They are very small and hard to hit.
  129. (9:20:17 PM) Wombat: Ryan runs to the nearest hose, opens the cabinet, and aims the hose at the bug tide heading his way.
  130. (9:20:28 PM) Wombat: 6df+8 FWOOSH! Wave of Water!
  131. (9:20:29 PM) Glacon: Wombat: FWOOSH! Wave of Water!: 9 (6df+8=0, +, +, +, -, -)
  132. (9:20:59 PM) Daedalize: He manages to outpace the bugs and turns the hose on them.
  133. (9:21:20 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander hugs the wall and evades the ensuing water wave
  134. (9:21:28 PM) Daedalize: The balled-up bugs are sent flying as they encounter the jet, but they seem... bouncier than normal.
  135. (9:21:36 PM) Daedalize: *ping* *ping ping*
  136. (9:22:21 PM) Daedalize: They're bouncing off of the walls with the momentum granted by the water, ricocheting like little pinballs through the air.
  137. (9:22:28 PM) Wombat: Ryan attempts to direct them into a corner.
  138. (9:22:45 PM) Wombat: <<These things are acting like little superballs!>>
  139. (9:23:05 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef, Ryan.
  140. (9:23:14 PM) Erit_Invictus: "We need electricity"
  141. (9:23:14 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Lot's of it, the tazer won't work"
  142. (9:23:20 PM) Wombat: 6df+5 Pdef
  143. (9:23:20 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Pdef: 7 (6df+5=+, 0, +, 0, +, -)
  144. (9:23:21 PM) Tox: <<Like /what/?>> In the background during the radio call, the people are muttering and talking indistinctly.
  145. (9:23:40 PM) Wombat: <<Those little rubber balls that bounce really far!>>
  146. (9:24:10 PM) Tox: <<...goddamn red pool bullshit...>>
  147. (9:24:21 PM) Daedalize: One of the bouncing bugs *ping*s off of Ryan's head. They hit a lot harder than it seems they should be able to, and it knocks him for a loop, though there's no real injury.
  148. (9:24:34 PM) Wombat: Ryan shuts off the water to stop giving them velocity.
  149. (9:24:44 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Any more bright ideas?"
  150. (9:24:47 PM) Wombat: <<Water ineffective. I'm going to engineering to borrow a blowtorch.>>
  151. (9:25:23 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 OBTAIN BLOWTORCH
  152. (9:25:23 PM) Glacon: Wombat: OBTAIN BLOWTORCH: 5 (6df+6=+, 0, -, -, +, -)
  153. (9:26:09 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Hey, find a power outlet, step back and throw a peeled cable in the water we will zap this little things"
  154. (9:26:10 PM) Daedalize: Ryan scrambles off down the hall towards Engineering, bugs pinging off of the walls behind him. They don't seem to be losing any momentum as they bounce.
  155. (9:26:34 PM) Wombat: "Fuckin' A!" Ryan is glad for body armor.
  156. (9:26:39 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Lets...wait a second before we start fucking with water and electricity okay?
  157. (9:27:23 PM) Wombat: "Hey monkeys! I need a blowtorch so I can fight off a red pool pillbug infestation!"
  158. (9:27:28 PM) Daedalize: Meanwhile, the bugs have taken off down other hallways from Vander and Damian, still rolling since they were not sent flying by the water.
  159. (9:27:59 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Bends down and picks one of the bugs up
  160. (9:28:01 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Dude, a blowtorch and water?"
  161. (9:28:24 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 applies closer inspection
  162. (9:28:25 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: applies closer inspection: 8 (6df+6=0, 0, -, +, +, +)
  163. (9:28:33 PM) Daedalize: The monkey looks confused, then a bug bounces through the empty door into the room. It looks panicked, and waves for Ryan to follow it as it runs out through a door.
  164. (9:28:35 PM) Wombat: "Or Liquid nitrogen! Or Spray adhesive!"
  165. (9:28:44 PM) Wombat: Ryan follows.
  166. (9:28:47 PM) Daedalize: [PAUSE]
  167. (9:29:09 PM) Erit_Invictus: <<Marchese to site, the infestation just got bigger, we need to stablish a perimeter lock down"
  168. (9:29:42 PM) Tara_Unknown: Rosalind looks around to see if anyone else, besides Green, is in the Rec Room
  169. (9:32:09 PM) Daedalize: [MEANWHILE, WITH DAMIAN AND VANDER]
  170. (9:32:36 PM) Daedalize: The bugs have cleared out from the closet-area, scattering off down various halls.
  171. (9:32:50 PM) Wombat: <<Murphy to Central! Close the blast doors!>>
  172. (9:33:11 PM) Daedalize: A stray bug or two flies past, coming back from the Engineering hallway.
  173. (9:33:21 PM) Tox: <<Marchese, Central, copy. Murphy, quit watching Star Wars so much. Locking down exterior accesses.>>
  174. (9:33:57 PM) Tox: The successive sound of the lockdown dropping echoes throughout the site.
  175. (9:34:17 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "...did you just see one of the bugs bounce this way from engineering?"
  176. (9:34:47 PM) Erit_Invictus: <<Central, do you have any intel on how far has the bug's spread? are there any non-infested rooms left inside perimeter?>>
  177. (9:34:52 PM) Erit_Invictus: "I think I did"
  178. (9:34:56 PM) Daedalize: Said bugs ricochet around, *ping*ing off the walls.
  179. (9:35:02 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Whatever is this, let's not sqaush them"
  180. (9:35:03 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef, Damian.
  181. (9:35:11 PM) Erit_Invictus: 6df+6
  182. (9:35:11 PM) Glacon: Erit_Invictus: 7 (6df+6=0, +, -, 0, +, 0)
  183. (9:35:33 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander continues inspecting the bug he picked off the floor in his hand
  184. (9:35:40 PM) Daedalize: A bug hits Damian in the arm. It's a pretty hard hit, probably going to bruise later.
  185. (9:35:54 PM) Wombat: Ryan follows the Monkey.
  186. (9:36:23 PM) Tox: <<At this point, Marchese, the Box may be the only room that's clear. We've had reports from Medical, Engineering and the Security barracks.>>
  187. (9:36:35 PM) Daedalize: It's red, and a little large. It balled up when he grabbed it.
  188. (9:37:35 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Sigh, I hate when these things start coming out all...'mundane' and shit...just means they'll eat your face twice as hard later..."
  189. (9:37:57 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander applies pressure and wipes the remains on the wall
  190. (9:38:50 PM) Daedalize: There aren't any remains to wipe. His fingers slip over its shell as he tries to pinch it, and the pillbug shoots out of his hand, bouncing off the ceiling.
  191. (9:39:57 PM) Daedalize: [MEANWHILE, WITH RYAN]
  192. (9:40:23 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "FUCK..."
  193. (9:40:25 PM) Wombat: Ryan continues to follow the monkey.
  194. (9:41:00 PM) Daedalize: The bugs seem to be spreading through Engineering, judging from the shouts Ryan hears as he follows the monkey. An alarm goes off as bugs ricochet through the halls.
  195. (9:41:46 PM) Scantron: Green looks away from Rosalind. "What was that?"
  196. (9:41:46 PM) Wombat: "Fuck. So, what do we have?"
  197. (9:42:37 PM) Daedalize: The monkey leads him into one of the workshops and climbs a shelf, retrieving... a vacuum.
  198. (9:42:54 PM) Tara_Unknown: Rosalind shrugs and goes back to reading
  199. (9:42:55 PM) Wombat: "It'll do. Got a portable power supply?"
  200. (9:43:40 PM) Daedalize: The monkey nods, pointing to what must be the power pack on the vacuum's side, and gestures for Ryan to head back out in the hall.
  201. (9:43:58 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander sees there isn't much he can do hear at the moment, and moves to engineering to see what's taking Ryan so long with the fire...
  202. (9:43:58 PM) Wombat: Ryan heads out, and flips on the vacuum when he sees bugs.
  203. (9:44:13 PM) Daedalize: Roll Athletics, Ryan.
  204. (9:44:26 PM) Wombat: 6df+6 *VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*
  205. (9:44:26 PM) Glacon: Wombat: *VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*: 8 (6df+6=-, +, 0, +, 0, +)
  206. (9:45:16 PM) Daedalize: Seeing a bug coming down the hall towards him, Ryan lifts the vacuum at just the right angle and *shwoomp*, the bug is sucked up.
  207. (9:45:33 PM) Erit_Invictus: <<Marchese to central, I need info in the medical bay, there are any chemicals we can use as pesticide?>>
  208. (9:46:00 PM) Daedalize: Meanwhile, Damian and Vander hear something.
  209. (9:46:06 PM) Daedalize: *thud*
  210. (9:46:16 PM) Wombat: <<Murphy to Central. Deploy All Janitor teams. Vacuum the suckers up.>>
  211. (9:46:26 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 What was that noise?
  212. (9:46:28 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: What was that noise?: 5 (6df+6=+, 0, -, 0, 0, -)
  213. (9:46:49 PM) Daedalize: It came from the closet the rest of the bugs were trapped in.
  214. (9:46:54 PM) Erit_Invictus: 6df+5
  215. (9:46:55 PM) Glacon: Erit_Invictus: 3 (6df+5=-, 0, 0, -, 0, 0)
  216. (9:47:00 PM) Daedalize: *THUD*
  217. (9:47:08 PM) Tox: <<Marchese, Central, be advised we are looking into that matter now. Nothing in Medical will work, do you copy? Murphy, acknowledged, dispatching crews.>>
  218. (9:47:09 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Well that was louder...."
  219. (9:47:13 PM) Daedalize: Something is knocking against the door...
  220. (9:47:22 PM) Daedalize: *THUD THUD THUD*
  221. (9:47:24 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander readies his gun and motions for Damian to open the door
  222. (9:47:26 PM) Wombat: Ryan heads up the hall towards the other room, vacuuming bugs as he goes.
  223. (9:47:39 PM) Daedalize: The thuds come faster and faster.
  224. (9:47:46 PM) Erit_Invictus: <<Copy, there's noise in the storage room, will go check>>
  225. (9:47:59 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian pulls out his tazer, opnes the door
  226. (9:48:01 PM) Tox: <<Acknowledged, Marchese.>>
  227. (9:48:07 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef, Damian.
  228. (9:48:16 PM) Erit_Invictus: 6df+6
  229. (9:48:17 PM) Glacon: Erit_Invictus: 5 (6df+6=+, -, +, -, -, 0)
  230. (9:48:26 PM) Daedalize: *TH-BAM*
  231. (9:49:14 PM) Daedalize: As Damian opens the door, something basketball-sized rockets out and nails him straight in the chest, slamming him into the wall across from the door.
  232. (9:49:37 PM) Daedalize: -1 Body.
  233. (9:49:43 PM) Wombat: Ryan is on his way.
  234. (9:50:05 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Backs trains his pistol, but golds his fire until he gets a clear shot
  235. (9:50:08 PM) Daedalize: Ryan hurries back up the hall, vacuuming up every bug he sees.
  236. (9:50:41 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian graspes for air, and stands up "So much for cannon fodder"
  237. (9:50:43 PM) Daedalize: The ball-thing bounces about like the smaller ones before, moving far too fast to shoot.
  238. (9:51:02 PM) Daedalize: It seems to be aiming itself somewhat, rather than shooting around haphazardly.
  239. (9:51:17 PM) Wombat: When Ryan rounds the corner, he sights down his vacuum nozzle.
  240. (9:51:18 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "See what'd I tell you...EATS YOUR FACE HARDER!!"
  241. (9:51:27 PM) Wombat: 6df+8 "C'mon if you think you're hard enough."
  242. (9:51:28 PM) Glacon: Wombat: "C'mon if you think you're hard enough.": 9 (6df+8=-, -, +, +, +, 0)
  243. (9:51:33 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian looks at the floor, there's still water?
  244. (9:52:30 PM) Daedalize: As Ryan appears around the corner, the giant pillbug bounces itself off a wall and shoots towards him - more specifically, towards the hand carrying the vacuum.
  245. (9:53:20 PM) Daedalize: Said vacuum is knocked out of Ryan's hands by the impact, and the bug proceeds to crush it by bouncing several times on the thing.
  246. (9:54:14 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef, Ryan.
  247. (9:54:17 PM) Wombat: <<Hey Monkeys, vacuum's history. How're the fire, ice, and glue coming?"
  248. (9:54:18 PM) Erit_Invictus: "We need somehting to slow down this thing"
  249. (9:54:48 PM) Tox: <<All stations, all stations. Be advised, security teams are handling the smaller pillbugs. Say again, security is handling the smaller pillbugs.>>
  250. (9:55:26 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian looks at the storage room, is there anything he can use to slow down the pillbug?
  251. (9:55:56 PM) Wombat: 6df+5 Aww sheet
  252. (9:55:57 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Aww sheet: 7 (6df+5=+, -, -, +, +, +)
  253. (9:56:47 PM) ShadesO`Gray: <<Command, be advised we have...decidedly larger pill bug(s) seem intelligent, and hostile over>>
  254. (9:57:10 PM) Daedalize: *THWACK* Right at Ryan's shoulder. The impact feels like being tackled by a heavyweight wrestler, and Ryan is knocked to the ground. -1 Body.
  255. (9:57:25 PM) Tox: <<Acknowledged.>>
  256. (9:57:31 PM) Wombat: 6df+8 Grab on, and don't let go for anything!
  257. (9:57:32 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Grab on, and don't let go for anything!: 9 (6df+8=-, 0, +, 0, +, 0)
  258. (9:57:45 PM) Wombat: Ryan figures that if he hangs onto it, he might slow it down some.
  259. (9:58:37 PM) Daedalize: Damian sees only the paint, brushes, stepladder, and other such materials he saw before. The shelves are smashed up, though, and most of the cans are busted open.
  260. (9:59:46 PM) Daedalize: Ryan lunges for the bug and tries to grab it, but the shell is so smooth he can't maintain any form of hold. The bug quickly bounces away from him.
  261. (10:00:01 PM) Erit_Invictus: "No luck here, guys, we must retreat to somewhere were we can slow it down"
  262. (10:00:12 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Either that, or a tight hallway"
  263. (10:00:26 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef again, Damian.
  264. (10:00:42 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Fuck, we need a net..."
  265. (10:00:50 PM) Erit_Invictus: 6df+6
  266. (10:00:50 PM) Glacon: Erit_Invictus: 6 (6df+6=0, -, 0, 0, +, 0)
  267. (10:01:02 PM) Wombat: That's it! Ryan's tool-catching net!
  268. (10:01:16 PM) Wombat: <<Murphy to Engineering, is that net ready?>>
  269. (10:02:15 PM) TheRaven [~Ravinoff@7C3DC16B.15A31086.2023863C.IP] entered the room.
  270. (10:02:19 PM) Daedalize: Altering its course again, the ball-bug bounces from floor to wall and speeds off in the opposite direction from the Engineering hallway, bowling Damian over as it goes. It hurts like hell, and he thinks he may have a cracked rib. -1 Body.
  271. (10:03:19 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Guys, We must retreat, this thing will pulverize us"
  272. (10:03:50 PM) Daedalize: The bug seems to be retreating, itself, down a different hall, towards the dorms.
  273. (10:04:05 PM) Tox: <<Murphy, yea mon. Yor net's ready. Come on down and grab it, mon.>> Are they imitating a Jamaican accent.
  274. (10:04:10 PM) Daedalize: It bounces off, ricocheting along down said hall.
  275. (10:04:30 PM) Wombat: Ryan runs down there at full tilt, and gets his net.
  276. (10:04:52 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Chases after it, feeling more comfortable with it in his sight then out of it...
  277. (10:05:39 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian goes afeter Valden's "Hey dude, STOP!"
  278. (10:05:55 PM) Daedalize: *THUD* Right into the heavy metal doors, the bug bounces back towards Valden at high speed.
  279. (10:06:04 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef.
  280. (10:06:22 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian step's back
  281. (10:06:39 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 "Shoulda seen that coming OMPF"
  282. (10:06:39 PM) Wombat: After acquiring the net, Ryan runs back up to where the bug ball is. He's certainly getting his exercise in today.
  283. (10:06:40 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: "Shoulda seen that coming OMPF": 5 (6df+6=-, +, -, 0, +, -)
  284. (10:07:57 PM) Daedalize: The bug hits Valden right in the face, his nose crunching as it breaks from the impact. He's sent sprawling across the ground as it shoots away. -2 Body.
  285. (10:08:04 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Told ya"
  286. (10:08:26 PM) Wombat: When Ryan gets back up, he opens the net, and glares at the bug.
  287. (10:08:43 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian help's Vander to stand up
  288. (10:09:12 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "GWAD DWMN IT..." growls Vander gnashing his teeth in pain
  289. (10:09:17 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Ryan, we need somebody that can take a jump so we can lure this thing into the net"
  290. (10:09:33 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Who's the fastest here?"
  291. (10:09:54 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Reaches up and snaps his nose back into place with another shout of pain..."I'm game..."
  292. (10:09:56 PM) Daedalize: The bug is cornered in this intersection, and seems to be building up as much momentum as possible.
  293. (10:10:17 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Don't think he is though..."
  294. (10:10:24 PM) Wombat: "Okay guys. We each grab a side, and then when it's in the net, we hang on for dear life."
  295. (10:10:25 PM) Daedalize: *THUD THUD THUD* between the floor and ceiling.
  296. (10:10:39 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian grabs his side of the net
  297. (10:10:48 PM) Erit_Invictus: "Everyone's ready!?"
  298. (10:11:02 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Between the the thing and the door NOW!"
  299. (10:11:05 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "*
  300. (10:11:55 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Vander Grabs Damian's side of the net and holds on for all he's worth...
  301. (10:12:19 PM) Daedalize: All three of you, roll Athletics.
  302. (10:12:23 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "We're only got one shot at this, when it hits ensare it FAST"
  303. (10:12:32 PM) Erit_Invictus: 6df+3
  304. (10:12:33 PM) Glacon: Erit_Invictus: 2 (6df+3=0, +, -, +, -, -)
  305. (10:12:36 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6
  306. (10:12:36 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: 2 (6df+6=-, +, -, -, -, -)
  307. (10:12:42 PM) Wombat: 6df+6
  308. (10:12:43 PM) Glacon: Wombat: 8 (6df+6=0, -, 0, +, +, +)
  309. (10:13:48 PM) Daedalize: The bug shifts its trajectory and flies towards them. Ryan stands firm, but Damian and Vander fail to hold their end, and the bug is only partially caught.
  310. (10:14:07 PM) Daedalize: Roll Pdef, D and V.
  311. (10:14:13 PM) Wombat: 6df+8 Ryan fucking tackles that thing and tangles it in the net.
  312. (10:14:13 PM) Glacon: Wombat: Ryan fucking tackles that thing and tangles it in the net.: 6 (6df+8=0, -, 0, -, -, +)
  313. (10:14:14 PM) Erit_Invictus: 6df+6
  314. (10:14:15 PM) Glacon: Erit_Invictus: 7 (6df+6=-, +, +, 0, 0, 0)
  315. (10:14:16 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6
  316. (10:14:16 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: 9 (6df+6=+, +, +, +, -, 0)
  317. (10:15:30 PM) Daedalize: Though they fail to hold the net steady, neither is injured. Ryan leaps atop the pillbug and holds on for dear life as it rolls about in the net, trying to get free.
  318. (10:15:54 PM) ShadesO`Gray: 6df+6 Jumps on the dogpile as well
  319. (10:15:55 PM) Glacon: ShadesO`Gray: Jumps on the dogpile as well: 5 (6df+6=+, -, 0, -, 0, 0)
  320. (10:16:46 PM) Daedalize: As Damian attempts to dogpile on Ryan, the ball suddenly stops flailing and is still.
  321. (10:17:03 PM) Erit_Invictus: *Vander
  322. (10:17:13 PM) Daedalize: *flump*
  323. (10:17:27 PM) Wombat: "Finally!"
  324. (10:17:48 PM) Wombat: <<Murphy To Central. We have contained the main mass. Please get a biocontainment team down here ASAP.>>
  325. (10:18:02 PM) Daedalize: The giant pillbug uncurls, releasing hundreds of the smaller ones from inside the shell. They roll out through the holes in the net.
  326. (10:18:41 PM) Tox: <<Central acknowledges. Dispatching containment and chemical-equipped security teams.>>
  327. (10:18:51 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "FUCK!!" rolls clear of the swarm, smashing as he goes
  328. (10:19:12 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian wacthes the giant pillbug closelly, tazer in hand
  329. (10:19:16 PM) Daedalize: *roll out of the net through whatever gaps they can find, though most remain caught.
  330. (10:19:19 PM) Tox: Several scientists show up, along with security agents wielding sprayers and respirators. <Back off, shit's caustic.>
  331. (10:19:34 PM) Wombat: Ryan drops the tied off net, and backs off to a safe distance.
  332. (10:20:10 PM) Daedalize: The escapee bugs roll off past the scientists, faster than they can turn, and vanish into a vent.
  333. (10:20:24 PM) Tox: <Motherfucker!>
  334. (10:20:35 PM) Tox: The security agents wheel and turn.
  335. (10:20:45 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "I'm not getting those..."
  336. (10:20:50 PM) Wombat: "Don't we have an emergency vent sterilization system by now?"
  337. (10:21:02 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian turns to Vander, "I never got your name, Im Damian"
  338. (10:21:19 PM) Tox: The agents spread their compounds inside the vent, then proceed through the entire site and do likewise.
  339. (10:21:23 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "I didn't give it..." says Vander simply
  340. (10:22:03 PM) Wombat: Ryan sighs. "Damn I need a drink. Or at least coffee." Ryan trudges off to the caf.
  341. (10:22:24 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "I need a smoke...and also a drink..."
  342. (10:22:48 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Stands up, wobbling only slightly, before trudging off to fulfill his baser desires...
  343. (10:22:59 PM) Erit_Invictus: "I think we need to get ourselves patched"
  344. (10:23:04 PM) Daedalize: Several more scientists show up with a containment unit, and heft the whole net into it, bugs and all.
  345. (10:23:06 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian heads towards medical
  346. (10:23:59 PM) Tox: As the rest of the agents disperse, the science team carries the rest away.
  347. (10:27:34 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Giant 'rapeneys' one day, and giant bouncing pillbugs the I DESPERATELY need a reassignment."
  348. (10:29:52 PM) TheRaven: Taggart wanders into the cafeteria.
  349. (10:30:58 PM) Wombat: Ryan is there, drinking coffee.
  350. (10:32:15 PM) Scantron: Green continues to stare at Rosalind. It is the stare of a man who has been given nothing to do and lacks the imagination to find something to do.
  351. (10:33:10 PM) Tara_Unknown: Rosalind keeps shrinking and hoping that someone she knows will come and rescue her
  352. (10:35:18 PM) TheRaven: He looks over at Green. "Quit being creepy."
  353. (10:35:37 PM) Wombat: Ryan finishes his coffee, and heads up to the rec room.
  354. (10:35:55 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian leaves medical, all patched up, and heads towards the cafeteria
  355. (10:40:49 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian head's towards rec room
  356. (10:41:38 PM) Wombat: Ryan puts body armor and rifle next to the couch, and flops onto the couch.
  357. (10:43:44 PM) Wombat: "Hey Green, quit bothering the nice lady and go light something on the fire.
  358. (10:43:54 PM) Wombat: *light something on fire
  359. (10:43:54 PM) Scantron: Green turns to Ryan. "What?"
  360. (10:44:01 PM) Tara_Unknown: Rosalind is curled up in the tiniest ball possible, hiding as much as she can behind a book
  361. (10:44:06 PM) Wombat: Ryan's M-16 menaces Green.
  362. (10:44:13 PM) Wombat: "I don't think the lady wants you here."
  363. (10:44:59 PM) Scantron: The color drains out of Green's face. He gets into his wheelchair and rolls out of there.
  364. (10:46:10 PM) Wombat: "Well, now that that's taken care of..."
  365. (10:46:23 PM) Wombat: Ryan takes off his helmet, lies down, and puts the helmet on top of his face.
  366. (10:46:41 PM) Dawny [] entered the room.
  367. (10:47:53 PM) Wombat: A few minutes later, he snores quietly.
  368. (10:47:59 PM) Wombat: Rosalind is now saved.
  369. (10:49:00 PM) Scantron: Green is surrounded on all sides by Viet Cong. He has a safe spot, but they'll find him.
  370. (10:49:03 PM) Scantron: Eventually.
  371. (10:49:10 PM) Tara_Unknown: Rosalind relaxes and stretches out a little, not being nearly as much of a ball
  372. (10:50:06 PM) Wombat: Ryan is pretty much as unthreatening as can be.
  373. (10:50:35 PM) Scantron: Green enters his room and begins rigging a trap to knife whoever tries to enter
  374. (10:50:47 PM) Scantron: 6df+8 aaahhhh they're gonna get me (survival)
  375. (10:50:47 PM) Glacon: Scantron: aaahhhh they're gonna get me (survival): 10 (6df+8=0, 0, +, 0, 0, +)
  376. (10:51:11 PM) Tox: It's a lovely thing, however you wish to describe it.
  377. (10:51:21 PM) Tox: 10 is the DC against which they will have to defend.
  378. (10:51:42 PM) Scantron: Some ropes tied to some things, and a knife. It's all very intricate and such.
  379. (10:51:54 PM) Scantron: Green crouches in the corner of the room, wary.
  380. (10:52:01 PM) Daedalize: Sigrun enters the common area, heading for the vending machine, then pauses.
  381. (10:52:46 PM) Dawny: Tiana walks into the rec room and gets chocolate
  382. (10:53:09 PM) Wombat: Ryan is passed out on a rec-room couch, helmet over his face.
  383. (10:54:37 PM) Daedalize: Sigrun looks to Tiana and Rosalind. "Um, pardon, you haff not seen Nolan recently, haff you?"
  384. (10:54:49 PM) Dawny: Tiana taps on Ryan's helmet. "Bonjour?"
  385. (10:55:21 PM) Wombat: The helmet moves, and Ryan opens one eye. "Hey."
  386. (10:55:52 PM) Dawny: "You should sleep in your room, the couch is bad for your back"
  387. (10:55:54 PM) TheRaven: Taggart wanders up to the rec room, grabbing a can of Coke.
  388. (10:56:48 PM) Wombat: "I just fought a giant ball of incredibly bouncy pill-bugs. My long-term back health is of lesser importance."
  389. (10:56:51 PM) Wombat: Helmet returns.
  390. (10:57:14 PM) Daedalize: Receiving no response, Sigrun gets her pastries from the machine, glancing about all the while for trigger-happy security officers.
  391. (10:57:40 PM) Dawny: "No, it's not. Please"
  392. (10:58:40 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Who mentioned incredibly bouncy pill-bugs?" slurred Vander wandering into the rec room, a knife held loosely at the ready in one hand...
  393. (10:58:53 PM) Wombat: Zzzzzz...
  394. (10:59:50 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Tell me this is medical...because if it isn't I"m gonna be super pissed," he slurred some more, slumping against the door frame eyes apparently bleary
  395. (11:00:04 PM) Erit_Invictus: Damian returns to his room, wondering about pillbugs and shields...
  396. (11:01:00 PM) TheRaven: Taggart turns around and looks at Vander. "The hell happened to you?"
  397. (11:01:37 PM) Dawny: Tiana kneels by Vander. "What's wrong?"
  398. (11:01:43 PM) Wombat: A while later, Ryan drowsily gets up and heads down to his room.
  399. (11:01:48 PM) Wombat: He takes his equipment with him.
  400. (11:02:23 PM) Wombat: Ryan walks into his own room, not Green's, and goes to sleep.
  401. (11:02:59 PM) ShadesO`Gray: "Large mass of chitin...too the face," murmered Vander, his voice NOT exactly swelling with pride, "I'm thinking I'm concussed...if only because I've been stumbling about in circles lookin for medical for the last oh..." he looks down and smiles at his bare wrist, "heh...I'm not wearing a watch.." and the abruptly falls over.
  402. (11:03:18 PM) TheRaven: "You need a hand dragging him down to Medical?"
  403. (11:03:25 PM) Dawny: 6df+8 Checking Vander.
  404. (11:03:26 PM) Glacon: Dawny: Checking Vander.: 9 (6df+8=0, +, +, 0, -, 0)
  405. (11:11:44 PM) Daedalize: His nose is broken, quite badly, and he does appear to have a mild concussion.
  406. (11:12:46 PM) Dawny: "We need to get you to medical"
  407. (11:13:17 PM) TheRaven: Taggart slings him over his shoulder.
  408. (11:13:59 PM) ShadesO`Gray: Maintains a firm grip on his knife, grumbling incoherently as he is manhandled
  409. (11:14:03 PM) Dawny: Tiana leads the way.
  410. (11:14:10 PM) TheRaven: He follows.
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