The Mare's Tale (Centaur)

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  1. Now, this is a story all about how
  2. my life got flipped-turned upside down,
  3. and I'd like to take a minute,
  4. Just sit right here,
  5. I'll tell you how I became lady of a land called Al Zafir.
  7. In Al Shara was where I was both born and raised,
  8. in the desert was where I spent most of my days,
  9. riding out passing people of all status
  10. and jousting boys outside of the palace.
  11. When a couple of men who were of an ill sort
  12. started making trouble within the court.
  13. One little scuffle filled my mother with fear,
  14. she said 'You're exiled' from hence forth to Al Zafir'
  16. I begged and pleaded with her day after day
  17. but she stripped my birthright and sent me on my way.
  18. Yet she gave me a kiss and then she sent for a ferry,
  19. I put my cloak on and said, 'This might not be so scary'.
  20. Royal class, my what a thrill,
  21. Satyros wine poured fresh to the glass.
  22. Is this how the people of Al Zafir partake?
  23. Hmm this might not be a mistake!
  24. But wait, I hear they're dainty and quick to despair,
  25. is this the type of place they would send this proud mare?
  26. I don't think so,
  27. I'll just have to see what I hear,
  28. I hope they're prepared for the lady of Al Zafir.
  30. I whistled for a guide and when he came near,
  31. his outfit smelled fresh and had a sword polished like a mirror.
  32. If anything I could say that this man was quite rare,
  33. But I thought 'No, forget it' - 'Sir guide, to Al Zafir!'
  35. I came to the gates two days before the ides,
  36. after a week riding bareback with the guide.
  37. I looked at my fiefdom,
  38. I was finally here,
  40. To take my place as the lady of Al Zafir.
  50. ~~Happy Easter, and I swear I'll work on something serious before the year ends.~~
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