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  1. [7:43] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Hey Borticus, are you here?
  2. [7:43] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Where am I?
  3. [7:43] Skol@KaptainKaos: ooo
  4. [7:43] James@shapey: borticus usually hangs out in doffjobs
  5. [7:43] Skol@KaptainKaos: pink text
  6. [7:43] Veladorn@xeperi: :O
  7. [7:43] James@shapey: omg 2 devs
  8. [7:44] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: What are you two doing in here?
  9. [7:44] Nolena@Rolavian: dafuq, it's a dev-invasion
  10. [7:44] Skol@KaptainKaos: oh hai... welcome
  11. [7:44] Veladorn@xeperi: lol
  12. [7:44] Xiruch@Knusum: lol
  13. [7:44] Veladorn@xeperi: I think we are being devtrolled
  14. [7:44] James@shapey: lol it's the fuzz!
  15. [7:44] Neacon@Jowogra: lol
  16. [7:44] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: TIL how to wear the pink hat.
  17. [7:44] Skol@KaptainKaos: oh my they know the lingo
  18. [7:44] Nolena@Rolavian: 2 spots kase
  19. [7:44] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: We also know about narwhals.
  20. [7:44] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: And bacons.
  21. [7:44] Skol@KaptainKaos: o_O
  22. [7:44] James@shapey: bacon
  23. [7:44] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: AT MIDNIGHT!
  24. [7:44] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: Could go for some 2 AM bacon right now
  25. [7:44] Skol@KaptainKaos: lawl
  26. [7:44] Xiruch@Knusum: the WORLD OF TOMORROW!
  27. [7:44] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Just to spite you, Fark. JUST TO SPITE YOU.
  28. [7:44] Virsh@Scotterdoos: Hola Ms. Dev
  29. [7:45] Veladorn@xeperi: baha
  30. [7:45] Amy@Aeyael: how about catpictures
  31. [7:45] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: ...
  32. [7:45] Skol@KaptainKaos: SHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONEY
  33. [7:45] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: mmm candyed backon and chocolate sause pancakes
  34. [7:45] Veladorn@xeperi: DAE love Devs??? lol
  35. [7:45] Nolena@Rolavian: hey wait a minute, shouldn't you devs be designing my new kdf ship?
  36. [7:45] Nolena@Rolavian: :P
  37. [7:45] Veladorn@xeperi: We still need a Dev AMA
  38. [7:45] Rina@Abydos1: Hello
  39. [7:45] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: I am a lurker in RedditChat, AMAA.
  40. [7:45] James@shapey: they already desinged it nolena, the future kdf ship ;p
  41. [7:45] Rina@Abydos1: lol
  42. [7:45] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: AMAATDGMF (... that doesn't get me fired)
  43. [7:45] Nolena@Rolavian: omg you lurk here?
  44. [7:45] Amy@Aeyael: do you have a cat at the office?
  45. [7:46] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Only Thomas.
  46. [7:46] James@shapey: so all you can do is give super vague hints ;p
  47. [7:46] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: Ask Me Anything And The Dragon Goes Much Faster.  huh?
  48. [7:46] Nolena@Rolavian: Listen... I was joking about that thing I said with having the girls in my basement...
  49. [7:46] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Yes, I lurk. No, unless you count ThomasTheCat.
  50. [7:46] Skol@KaptainKaos: i'll take super vague hints
  51. [7:46] Nolena@Rolavian: :P
  52. [7:46] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Super vague hints... hmm...
  53. [7:46] Amy@Aeyael: well, guess it'll do
  54. [7:46] James@shapey: will the tholian lockbox end before the ferengi one did (as in not 3+ months before we see a new one)
  55. [7:46] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Super Vague Hint #1: Aliens... (insert meme photo)
  56. [7:46] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: There is more content upcoming, and some people have possibly guessed what it could be.
  57. [7:46] Veladorn@xeperi: nice
  58. [7:47] Skol@KaptainKaos: Therefore...Aliens
  59. [7:47] Nolena@Rolavian: ROMULANS
  60. [7:47] James@shapey: 1000 day ship vet = future ships, calling it now
  61. [7:47] Nolena@Rolavian: Give me my damn warbird already
  62. [7:47] Rina@Abydos1: How has starbase progression flowed compared to what you expected?
  63. [7:47] Kit@SirLagsalot: playable iconians
  64. [7:47] Veladorn@xeperi: WARBIRD
  65. [7:47] Xiruch@Knusum: *slowclap*
  66. [7:47] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Rina, yes.
  67. [7:47] Skol@KaptainKaos: playable Tribbles?
  68. [7:47] Skol@KaptainKaos: i want to roll around ESD
  69. [7:47] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: Tribbles riding Hortas
  70. [7:47] Veladorn@xeperi: they get a bonus to Roll maneuver Skol, yes
  71. [7:47] Xiruch@Knusum: Ooooh! tribble attack cruiser!
  72. [7:47] Skol@KaptainKaos: omfg
  73. [7:47] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: I like Rina's question. The answer is complicated, but the short version is "close to as expected, minus some hiccups that we're trying to address."
  74. [7:47] James@shapey: you guys see the futurama last night? they landed on the mars rover
  75. [7:47] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Example of hiccups: Turrets. Sensor Doffs. Dosi Rotgut.
  76. [7:47] Amy@Aeyael: i'd find a ranking of whose starbase is the farthest quite fun
  77. [7:47] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: James, I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to answer that question.
  78. [7:47] Djinn@kyusswren: Wait, is this a Q&A session?
  79. [7:47] Rina@Abydos1: Did you guys see our headless guild picture?
  80. [7:47] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: hahahaha
  81. [7:48] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: It's an AMAA. GO!
  82. [7:48] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: Not sure why Reddit likes Curiosity so much.  It killed a cat
  83. [7:48] Rina@Abydos1: It has a Laser!
  84. [7:48] Amy@Aeyael: oh no ._.
  85. [7:48] James@shapey: futurama killed it ;p
  86. [7:48] Veladorn@xeperi: The next one should be Satisfaction, which brought the cat back. ;)
  87. [7:48] Skol@KaptainKaos: how can i make ship have more pew pew
  88. [7:48] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Rina, nope, I didn't.
  89. [7:48] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Skol, give it some stinky food?
  90. [7:48] Skol@KaptainKaos: ooooooo
  91. [7:49] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: Tape some skunks to it
  92. [7:49] Veladorn@xeperi: Hey Devsters, given the tweeted pic of a saucer sep Gal-X back in the Spring, I'm wondering if there is still any plan to eventually introduce that?
  93. [7:49] Cell'ne@cell0ne: we've got devs! I just got kicked out of a kase
  94. [7:49] Kit@SirLagsalot: manually massage its scent glands?
  95. [7:49] Skol@KaptainKaos: oui  oui
  96. [7:49] James@shapey: Devs: Idea for a new ship (to really annoy stf elite "elites) ship gives an inheriet dmg bonus if your using more then 1 type of energy weapon
  97. [7:49] James@shapey: rainbow boats everywhere!
  98. [7:49] Veladorn@xeperi: Even if no ETA.
  99. [7:49] Nolena@Rolavian: Hey just wondering, are you guys working on the whole, people getting kicked out of stfs in 10 seconds thing?
  100. [7:49] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: The Saucer Sep Galaxy is still in the works. It's a complicated animation procedure.
  101. [7:49] Neacon@Jowogra: so we are doing KASE and one of our team members got kicked on start
  102. [7:49] Nolena@Rolavian: Because it's annoying as shit
  103. [7:49] Veladorn@xeperi: I love it James.
  104. [7:49] Neacon@Jowogra: that getting fixed anytime soon?
  105. [7:49] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Imagine trying to take a ship, and give it limbs. Not as easy as a bird with arms, I guarantee.
  106. [7:49] Cell'ne@cell0ne: what's the room name?
  107. [7:49] Lexeme@Lexeme: I heard there was bacon here?
  108. [7:50] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: Neacon where did they join from?
  109. [7:50] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: I got a question. Are KDF players ever goign to get an equivalent of Starbase 24?
  110. [7:50] Kit@SirLagsalot: skittles class assault cruisers!
  111. [7:50] Nolena@Rolavian: most likely sector space
  112. [7:50] Thil@Andrys: good to see devs around
  113. [7:50] Veladorn@xeperi: Thanks, Bort!  I'm patient, just want to have something to look forward to for my Dread. :)
  114. [7:50] Cell'ne@cell0ne: I joined from space
  115. [7:50] Nolena@Rolavian: that's where it seems to happen most
  116. [7:50] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Lexeme, it's not midnight yet. And you're not a narwhal.
  117. [7:50] Nolena@Rolavian: cellone kaseye room name, kasee password
  118. [7:50] James@shapey: it would drive those super elites who flip out when you have a rainbow boat
  119. [7:50] Veladorn@xeperi: I can bet that's a nifty animation in the works though.
  120. [7:50] Neacon@Jowogra: it was cell'ne that we lost
  121. [7:50] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: I'll put the rainbow ability onto the Pony Ship.
  122. [7:50] Skol@KaptainKaos: are any of the Devs members of Starfleet Dental
  123. [7:50] Xiruch@Knusum: For the saucer sep - cant you just have it shoot off like a frisbee, "ramming" everything in its path? Would be awesome :)
  124. [7:50] Veladorn@xeperi: lol Xiruch
  125. [7:51] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: Nyanboat! ^_^
  126. [7:51] Veladorn@xeperi: Captain America's shield, Xiruch
  127. [7:51] Amy@Aeyael: oh my, nyanboat better have a speedboost
  128. [7:51] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: It also has an ambient audio effect. I'll let you imagine it.
  129. [7:51] Rina@Abydos1: Headless guild:
  130. [7:51] Kit@SirLagsalot: and a rainbow trail console
  131. [7:51] Amy@Aeyael: >:3
  132. [7:51] Xiruch@Knusum: "SURPRISE MOFOS!" *sacrifices civilian half of crew in frisbee saucer attack*
  133. [7:51] James@shapey: someone made that joke for the atrox, rainbow impulse engine for the cat carrier
  134. [7:51] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: ALso is Terradome ever going to get fixed to use the queue system? I don't think people know about it. :/
  135. [7:52] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Terradome needs an update from Content before we add it to the queues.
  136. [7:52] Thil@Andrys: terradome is long overdue
  137. [7:52] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Yes, a 1 mil HP boss is a bit much solo. =p
  138. [7:52] Skol@KaptainKaos: Are we getting Vesta class?
  139. [7:52] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Terradome, more like Terrordome amirite?
  140. [7:53] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: And my other question about KDF SB24?
  141. [7:53] Rina@Abydos1: Who decided to put weapons on a torpedo? (bio-neural)
  142. [7:53] Thil@Andrys: we even forgot its name lol
  143. [7:53] Veladorn@xeperi: Isn't that from TMNT?
  144. [7:53] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Skol, you can wear a vest if you get the formal wear. :)
  145. [7:53] Skol@KaptainKaos: awe :(
  146. [7:53] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Sorry, I don't think I've heard anything about a KDF version of SB24.
  147. [7:53] Skol@KaptainKaos: :P
  148. [7:53] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: whats going on in here?!
  149. [7:53] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Technodrome, Vela.
  150. [7:53] Rina@Abydos1: Can we get our guild emblem on the floor of the starbase?
  151. [7:53] Veladorn@xeperi: jeebus
  152. [7:53] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Not to say it won't happen. Just hasn't been talked about, to my knowledge.
  153. [7:53] Thil@Andrys: Will the 29th century uniforms ever make it in game?
  154. [7:53] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: It's Salami! Close the door, that's not bacon.
  155. [7:53] Veladorn@xeperi: I SEE FOUR DEVS...
  156. [7:53] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: 5
  157. [7:53] Rina@Abydos1: There are 4 devs!
  158. [7:53] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: tell me you see 5
  159. [7:54] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: and the torture will stop
  160. [7:54] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: I was promised bacon
  161. [7:54] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Well the reason I ask about KDF SB24 is that KDF PVE is largely restricted to unpopular events, Mirror, Fleet Events and STFs.
  162. [7:54] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: There's 5.  seriously
  163. [7:54] Kit@SirLagsalot: THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS
  164. [7:54] Veladorn@xeperi: <thumbs up>
  165. [7:54] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: KDF version of SB24 would go a long way towards fixing it.
  166. [7:54] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: But... there ARE 5.
  167. [7:54] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: ASSUMING CONTROL
  168. [7:54] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: then there are 4!
  169. [7:54] Amy@Aeyael: NO >:(
  170. [7:54] Rina@Abydos1: It's a trap!
  171. [7:54] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: 5 is right out.
  172. [7:54] Xiruch@Knusum: lol slow night in the dev office?.....or you all just extremely classy gents/ladies *monocle and tophat*
  173. [7:54] Thil@Andrys: it's a tarp
  174. [7:54] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Zero told me there'd be punch and pie.
  175. [7:54] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: classy kids up in here
  176. [7:54] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: and our fleet needs some lovin
  177. [7:54] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: She tells everyone that.
  178. [7:55] Rina@Abydos1: KDF fleet has cookies
  179. [7:55] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: More people will come if you say it.
  180. [7:55] James@shapey: it's salami!, cryptic devs, introuduce more buggy items I can sell on exchange, salami made me space rich
  181. [7:55] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: XD
  182. [7:55] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: i dont know what youre tallking about
  183. [7:55] Thil@Andrys: were are the devs at physically? on reddit's station?
  184. [7:55] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Space rich is the only real kind of rich.
  185. [7:55] Tiekgizrehmrab@kyusswren: Quick question about the jackal mastiff, how do we claim that?
  186. [7:55] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: which one?
  187. [7:55] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: You have to remodulate your flux capicitors.
  188. [7:55] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: I have a red one
  189. [7:56] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Devs, when is Cryptic going to intervene with the dil/zen rates? They're crashing and iirc there's allegedly a hard cap of how low it'll be allowed to go.
  190. [7:56] Skol@KaptainKaos: Why are there shuttles inside fleet starbase?
  191. [7:56] Rina@Abydos1: How did a player get a borg engine equiped to their FEET!!
  192. [7:56] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: i wish i was space ritch :(
  193. [7:56] Rina@Abydos1: Borg surfboard in the works?
  194. [7:56] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: You just need more space
  195. [7:56] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: They don't work on water
  196. [7:56] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Without more power?
  197. [7:56] Rina@Abydos1: Borg don't like water?
  198. [7:56] Thil@Andrys: devs come to drozana station #2
  199. [7:56] Leland@Mikhail_Keeling: Is there any chance of DS9 Under Siege making a come back?
  200. [7:56] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Other than the hard floor on Dil/Zen exchange, I don't anticipate an intervention.
  201. [7:57] Rina@Abydos1: What is the hard floor?
  202. [7:57] James@shapey: no no no never go to drozana
  203. [7:57] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Hmm, okay.
  204. [7:57] James@shapey: unless your going to troll them
  205. [7:57] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Are there any plans to ever increase the daily dil cap?
  206. [7:57] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: But, we have several Devs here that take a special interest in the economy... watching trends, adapting to changes, etc.
  207. [7:57] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Buying shoes.
  208. [7:57] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: So chances are that something will happen before it hits the floor.
  209. [7:57] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: They're the ones with monacles
  210. [7:57] Thil@Andrys: do you have a phd economist like EVE?
  211. [7:57] Rina@Abydos1: Does James give you guys nightmares manipulating the economy?
  212. [7:57] James@shapey: actually thats a good idea, devs go to drozana and spam some fire foam all over ;p
  213. [7:57] Skol@KaptainKaos: When will we get hats? lol
  214. [7:57] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: we're paying close attention
  215. [7:57] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: worry not
  216. [7:57] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Skol, that's an excellent question. Salami should answer it.
  217. [7:57] Kit@SirLagsalot: i want hates, make this TF2 in space
  218. [7:58] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: I know Zero wants hats badly.
  219. [7:58] Kit@SirLagsalot: hats
  220. [7:58] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: zero insists on hats
  221. [7:58] Skol@KaptainKaos: it's the natural progression of MMORPGs
  222. [7:58] James@shapey: I sold a TF2 hat for 5 new games awhile back ;p
  223. [7:58] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Step 1: Make hats
  224. [7:58] Skol@KaptainKaos: omg
  225. [7:58] Xiruch@Knusum: I want my tophat. Have a decent future monocle, but no real tophat :(
  226. [7:58] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: Step 2: ???
  227. [7:58] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: step 2, cut a hole in the hat
  228. [7:58] Thil@Andrys: step 3: profit
  229. [7:58] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: 0_o
  230. [7:58] Skol@KaptainKaos: oh my
  231. [7:58] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: I don't think we're all looking at the same plan...
  232. [7:58] Kit@SirLagsalot: i want hats for my hats
  233. [7:58] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: oh my /takai
  234. [7:58] Skol@KaptainKaos: I see why he is the big Salami
  235. [7:59] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: Let me see that design doc
  236. [7:59] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: hello, fleet!
  237. [7:59] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: hello!
  238. [7:59] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Hello Zeena.
  239. [7:59] James@shapey: salami will be running around as his half naked caitian with a top hat on his crotch
  240. [7:59] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: Hello!
  241. [7:59] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: Ooh we got a whole ton of devs hanging out!! :D
  242. [7:59] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: just like i do at work
  243. [7:59] Skol@KaptainKaos: meow!
  244. [7:59] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: Wher?
  245. [7:59] James@shapey: scary thought
  246. [7:59] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: What's the collective noun for devs?
  247. [7:59] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: im producer, my goal is to motivate
  248. [7:59] Thil@Andrys: six devs now
  249. [7:59] <DEV> EQAH@Farktoid5000: A Murder of Devs
  250. [7:59] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: Nice to meet all you lovely devs
  251. [7:59] James@shapey: dev've've'ves
  252. [7:59] Rhett@dr0tter3636: wow i just come back and a dev is in here?
  253. [7:59] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: 6
  254. [7:59] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: A gaggle of devs
  255. [7:59] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Yeah, murder is ok....
  256. [7:59] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Guessing my question about dil got lost in the chat. xD
  257. [7:59] Rina@Abydos1: learn to count Rhett
  258. [7:59] James@shapey: a chowder of devs
  259. [7:59] Rhett@dr0tter3636: devs*
  260. [7:59] Skol@KaptainKaos: all devs are here
  261. [8:00] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: a mother flock of devs
  262. [8:00] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: Can any Dev tell us which fleet is the most active? Is it Reddit's fleets?
  263. [8:00] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Try asking again.
  264. [8:00] Rhett@dr0tter3636: wow this is awesome
  265. [8:00] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Zeena, no, none of us can tell you that.
  266. [8:00] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Well I had wanted to know whether or not there were plans to increase the daily dilithium refining cap.
  267. [8:00] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: there are a large number of very active fleets
  268. [8:00] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: curses!
  269. [8:00] Skol@KaptainKaos: let me shake and ask again
  270. [8:00] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Sources hazy, check back later.
  271. [8:00] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: @r'marissa not at this time
  272. [8:00] James@shapey: R'merisse, Cryptics other game gave 1000 day vets the ability to refine 16,000 ore a day
  273. [8:00] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: In that case I will continue to fantasize that Reddit is the most active :)
  274. [8:01] Amy@Aeyael: is/will there ever be some kind of ranking of which starbases are built the farthest?
  275. [8:01] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Like, a public leaderboard?
  276. [8:01] Kit@SirLagsalot: are ther any plans to make [Hangar - Advanced Peregrine Fighters] havea more noticeable improvement over thw normal ones?
  277. [8:01] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Aw. Thing is there's so many dil sources nowadays, it's very easy to hit the 8k cap, 9k if veteran, within a matter of hours.
  278. [8:01] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: yeah a public leaderboard of starbase progress?
  279. [8:01] Rina@Abydos1: Any chance we can get Pet Ownership specified in the combat log? (IE. Rina summons bird of prey #1234)
  280. [8:01] Amy@Aeyael: kinda, just for the base
  281. [8:01] Skol@KaptainKaos: i'm a little upset that our bartender is not a cat. clearly in the assignment, he was a he is ferengi
  282. [8:01] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: so devs how many Pokemon are there?
  283. [8:01] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: All of them.
  284. [8:02] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: I want you devs to know that I only joined after the game went F2P, but since then Ive spent over $250 on it. F2P was a smart move
  285. [8:02] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: 649
  286. [8:02] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: thanks
  287. [8:02] Thil@Andrys:
  288. [8:02] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Are there any plans to make GPL more than a novelty currency in terms of purchasable items? If you look at Fleet Marks, Dililthium and Zen, you see much more useful items for acquiring them.
  289. [8:02] James@shapey: you guys need to make a mission where we get to fire on a planet from space and level something
  290. [8:02] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: R'Merisse: YES. SOON.
  291. [8:02] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: James, make it yourself in the Foundry! YEAH!
  292. [8:02] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: FALSE - there are 250 REAL pokemon
  293. [8:02] Rina@Abydos1: James, there's one on a Romulan planet
  294. [8:03] James@shapey: not while we are on the planet rina
  295. [8:03] Rhett@dr0tter3636: ok i have to ask
  296. [8:03] Rina@Abydos1: well it's a ground mission
  297. [8:03] Rina@Abydos1: ah
  298. [8:03] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: GPL will always remain a "Social Currency" allowing players to only purchase item that do not have an impact on combat.
  299. [8:03] Rhett@dr0tter3636: why are you guys here?
  300. [8:03] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: But there are already wheels in motion to improve the items obtained. And then some.
  301. [8:03] Xiruch@Knusum: Btw if we DO get a tophat, i want a new stance as well - one where i look down on the plebs around me with distain *nods*
  302. [8:03] James@shapey: I mean in space and going pew pew pew, (ala exterminatus)
  303. [8:03] Rina@Abydos1: ah ok
  304. [8:03] Rina@Abydos1: that'd be cool
  305. [8:03] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: Because its late on a friday and my dog is doing all my programming for me
  306. [8:03] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Rhett, why are any of us here? Deep thoughts for a Friday afternoon.
  307. [8:03] James@shapey: yea when do we get jamjamz GPL d'kora skin
  308. [8:03] Rhett@dr0tter3636: ah now i see
  309. [8:03] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Wait, where IS Cryptic located? I thought they were in LA, but you guys're talking like it's midnight.
  310. [8:04] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: Los Gatos Ca
  311. [8:04] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: pacific standard time
  312. [8:04] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: THE CATS!
  313. [8:04] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: Same time zone as LA though
  314. [8:04] Nolena@Rolavian: 5500 cell
  315. [8:04] Nolena@Rolavian: er
  316. [8:04] Amy@Aeyael: CATS? WHERE
  317. [8:04] Nolena@Rolavian: neacon
  318. [8:04] Nolena@Rolavian: 5000 me
  319. [8:04] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: That's how much we have in common, Reddit. We are IN THE CATS.
  320. [8:04] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Yo im down is orange county wassup
  321. [8:04] Nolena@Rolavian: cell 2700
  322. [8:04] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: It's like it was meant to be. <3
  323. [8:04] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: Rampart
  324. [8:04] Cell'ne@cell0ne: eww
  325. [8:04] Cell'ne@cell0ne: this sci needs help
  326. [8:04] Skol@KaptainKaos: Was here before beta, during beta, paid for 3 months...left shortly after. came back after f2p and then bought a lifetime sub because of the work you all have done to improve the game...
  327. [8:04] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: <3
  328. [8:05] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: Salami brings up a good point. I really think we need to be spending more time talking about Rampart
  329. [8:05] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: Thanks, Skol!
  330. [8:05] Veladorn@xeperi: omfg Rampart
  331. [8:05] Rhett@dr0tter3636: i am very tempted to get a lifetime subscription
  332. [8:05] Skol@KaptainKaos: i'm here for the long haul nao!
  333. [8:05] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: hey, this is kind of an ama
  334. [8:05] James@shapey: woot, looks like zen will be dropping to 164 and lower soon
  335. [8:05] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: AMAA, Salami. That second A is important.
  336. [8:05] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: we are slowly changing STO chat into another reddit
  337. [8:05] Cell'ne@cell0ne: I need to finish my 3 runs of defari and my pi canis today
  338. [8:05] Amy@Aeyael: its been down to like 162 already
  339. [8:05] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Devs, what is the point of the Star Cruiser class? It seems that there's no reason to take it over an Assault Cruiser, especially with the availiblity of the Mirror Sovereign, and the Regent.
  340. [8:05] Rina@Abydos1: and what was it ever like before?
  341. [8:06] Rhett@dr0tter3636: well this is either gonna end badly or go extremely well
  342. [8:06] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: 'your forums will be assimilated'
  343. [8:06] Rhett@dr0tter3636: that's a good question
  344. [8:06] Kit@SirLagsalot: Alcoholic Motorists Association of America?
  345. [8:06] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: @r'merissa its all about options.  People like ships and gameplay for different reasons but theres never a right answer
  346. [8:06] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: The "point" of the Star Cruiser is to allow a more Sciencey cruiser option at that tier.
  347. [8:06] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: you will be reddit
  348. [8:06] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: except for rampart
  349. [8:06] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: My personal question is what's the point of anything other than my tricked out Prometheus.
  350. [8:06] Rhett@dr0tter3636: lol
  351. [8:06] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Hmm, I see.
  352. [8:06] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: The issue is that Science is seen as generally inferior to Tactical. That's an issue we intend to try and address, given time.
  353. [8:06] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: an armitage or defiant with cloak
  354. [8:06] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: thats the point zero
  355. [8:07] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: My question is why is there anythink when I have access to the /kill command
  356. [8:07] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: l2p
  357. [8:07] James@shapey: dev reddit amaa " the show where everything's vauge and the hints don't matter."
  358. [8:07] Rhett@dr0tter3636: I have an Orb Weaver what's the point if that ship O_o
  359. [8:07] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: seriously, its overpowered. I can one shot everything!
  360. [8:07] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: lower your forum moderators and prepear for assimation
  361. [8:07] Rina@Abydos1: That's just cause you have Dev powers
  362. [8:07] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Rhett, it's a damn fine piece of machinery.
  363. [8:07] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Orb Weaver is an awesome science ship!
  364. [8:07] Veladorn@xeperi: I've heard good things about the Orb actually, I'd be curious to test it out.
  365. [8:07] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Also another question. Are there any plans to incorporate the Vor'cha refit into Fleet Vor costs? If you have the Vor'Kang refit, you don't get a discount.
  366. [8:07] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: thats the only show worth watching James
  367. [8:07] Veladorn@xeperi: If you have one you don't want I'd be glad to field test it for you and give you full credit. :D
  368. [8:07] James@shapey: not as good as it used to be, but still funny
  369. [8:07] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: I saw a post on Reddit the other day suggesting that there was no chance that a Tholian ship would be in the next lock box.
  370. [8:08] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: It, sadly, falls into the same trap as other Sci ships at the moment though... they're considered inferior to Cruisers and Escorts. Again, this is something we're looking to improve upon.
  371. [8:08] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: we havent ruled out hte possibility of adding new fleet ships down the line
  372. [8:08] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: We sure showed you.
  373. [8:08] Rhett@dr0tter3636: now on to a questione everyone has been dying to ask, or at least me
  374. [8:08] Veladorn@xeperi: haha
  375. [8:08] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Working as Intended.
  376. [8:08] James@shapey: I was saying there was it a good chance the tholians where in the lockbox for a few months
  377. [8:08] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: R'Mer
  378. [8:08] Kit@SirLagsalot: next fed ship should be a flight deck oddyssey
  379. [8:08] Nolena@Rolavian: is the metreon gas supposed to blow up as your farting it and kill you?
  380. [8:08] James@shapey: would be
  381. [8:08] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: clever girl
  382. [8:08] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Romulans as a playable faction?
  383. [8:08] Rhett@dr0tter3636: yes, no, maybe?
  384. [8:08] Nolena@Rolavian: cause that happened a few times
  385. [8:09] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: R'Merisse, no. The discount is only for T5 ships.
  386. [8:09] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: hrmm, lemme check on that.
  387. [8:09] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Or any faction that isn't KDF vs Fed? IE
  388. [8:09] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: IE Romulan, Breen, etc.
  389. [8:09] Rhett@dr0tter3636: that too
  390. [8:09] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: no make an engi combat with 3 fight decks' DOOOO'ET
  391. [8:09] Veladorn@xeperi: Kit:  mind=blown
  392. [8:09] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: combat carrier*
  393. [8:09] James@shapey: level cap to 60 in season 7? (was orignally told we would get that with fleet bases for the fleet admiral rank)
  394. [8:09] Amy@Aeyael: only other faction i'd play is dominion :3
  395. [8:09] Nolena@Rolavian: they aren't going to confirm or deny something as big as new faction guys, nice try ;)
  396. [8:09] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: we're not?
  397. [8:09] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: i was just about to
  398. [8:09] Nolena@Rolavian: nope
  399. [8:09] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: i heard that tribbles were the next playable faction
  400. [8:09] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: then you ruined it
  401. [8:10] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: He said no, so we can't
  402. [8:10] Rhett@dr0tter3636: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  403. [8:10] Nolena@Rolavian: Everytime I ask i'm told
  404. [8:10] Skol@KaptainKaos: Do you know of any RL Star Trek actors/actresses that play/have played STO?
  405. [8:10] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Jeez, wtg.
  406. [8:10] Nolena@Rolavian: just wait
  407. [8:10] James@shapey: devs by nature can only be vague or give general hints
  408. [8:10] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Skol, Whil has.
  409. [8:10] Kit@SirLagsalot: <3 troll devs
  410. [8:10] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: probably wheaton
  411. [8:10] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Metreon Gas explosions are not intended to harm the ship that lays the fart clouds out.
  412. [8:10] Skol@KaptainKaos: was totally guessing wheaton
  413. [8:10] Nolena@Rolavian: thanks bort
  414. [8:10] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: He tumblrd it or something.
  415. [8:10] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: So, if that's happening, please submit a bug report.
  416. [8:10] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: FINE THEN, ILL MAKE MY OWNE FACTION, WITH BLACK JACK... AND HOOKERS.
  417. [8:10] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: INFACT FORGET THE FACTION
  418. [8:10] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: wil wheaton is also a Redditor
  419. [8:10] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: And the black jack
  420. [8:10] Skol@KaptainKaos: we need a "Shut Up, Wesley" emote
  421. [8:10] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Meh, forget the whole thing.\
  422. [8:10] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: forget the faction
  423. [8:10] Nolena@Rolavian: I'll submit a report the next time I run my regent
  424. [8:10] Veladorn@xeperi: I would sell an organ on the black market for a Romulan D'Deridex-class Warbird.  Not one of my own, mind, but an organ nonetheless.  Whatever church I steal it from'd be mad, too!
  425. [8:10] Nolena@Rolavian: see if it still happens
  426. [8:11] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Skol, I requested that myself. It was a backhand to the face emote.
  427. [8:11] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: 2 devs jumped on that
  428. [8:11] Skol@KaptainKaos: omg awesome :D
  429. [8:11] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Are there any plans to reveal the fate of the Enterprise-E? From what I've seen of known STO lore, it's up in the air asto what happened.
  430. [8:11] Kit@SirLagsalot: i want a nyan console similar to metreon or theta radiation, but with obvious visual effects
  431. [8:11] Nolena@Rolavian: Just an organ vela?
  432. [8:11] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: but you see i CTRl + C
  433. [8:11] Nolena@Rolavian: I'd sell someone else's kids into slavery for a warbird
  434. [8:11] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: MWAHAHAHA
  435. [8:11] Veladorn@xeperi: Enterprise E fate was alluded to in the fiction piece in ST Magazine, not the new one but a previous one.
  436. [8:11] James@shapey: any plans to tweak scaling weapons? (lets be honest, having most weapons scale to mk x just sucks)
  437. [8:12] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: you mean levelless weapons?
  438. [8:12] Veladorn@xeperi: Well I'm opening up my offer at an organ.  Gotta negotiate, Nolena.
  439. [8:12] Nolena@Rolavian: lol vela
  440. [8:12] Rina@Abydos1: Which organ?
  441. [8:12] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Honestly, I think there's some licensing issues involved with us telling the Ent-E story. Between Cryptic and NBC. Way above my pay grade.
  442. [8:12] Veladorn@xeperi: Pipe.
  443. [8:12] James@shapey: yes leveless items (scaling to mk x at max it seems)
  444. [8:12] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: NBC? You mean CBS?
  445. [8:12] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Wow ok this has turned into a group AMA
  446. [8:12] Nolena@Rolavian: Lay some smack down
  447. [8:12] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Yeah, those letters.
  448. [8:12] Virsh@Scotterdoos: Preferrably the kidneys
  449. [8:12] Veladorn@xeperi: I believe Bort is probably right, there.  But the little taste in ST Mag was nice I thought.
  450. [8:12] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: thats the trade off, you can have them forever but at a point theyre not that great any more
  451. [8:13] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: You've passed the test, R'Merisse.
  452. [8:13] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: the friendship test
  453. [8:13] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Are there any plans to introduce alternatives, for end-game gear, to STF?
  454. [8:13] Nolena@Rolavian: GIVE US FLEET SETS ffs
  455. [8:13] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Since it seems like there's no point in using anything *other* than MACO/KHG/Omega gear.
  456. [8:13] James@shapey: at the point you start using MK XI and up items in most cases the scaling items are now useless
  457. [8:13] Rhett@dr0tter3636: like PvP gear?
  458. [8:13] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Fleet stuff is about on par with STF stuff.
  459. [8:13] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: we always look to adding new sets in order to refresh gameplay
  460. [8:13] Neacon@Jowogra: we already have the fleet gear as that
  461. [8:13] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: Fleet gear is ESTF quality gear
  462. [8:13] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: because friendship is magic
  463. [8:13] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Rewarding for PvP is a big topic. It's under discussion, but there's no easy resolution just yet.
  464. [8:13] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: What about non-Borg STFs? IE STFs against Undine or Romulans.
  465. [8:13] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: am'i'rite
  466. [8:13] Rina@Abydos1: Who gave the mirror universe guys tractor beams?!
  467. [8:13] Nolena@Rolavian: I want a fleet set that gives bonuses to all fleet members in the same stf with you
  468. [8:14] Nolena@Rolavian: that'd rock
  469. [8:14] Kit@SirLagsalot: ^
  470. [8:14] Miri Hawke@Morbach: I'd be forced to use it all the time to help other people...
  471. [8:14] Miri Hawke@Morbach: anyway: VESTA VESTA VESTA
  472. [8:14] Rhett@dr0tter3636: I want to not be being punished
  473. [8:14] James@shapey: introduce ways to aquire MK XII items for the rest of the space sets would be nice (jem'hadar set etc)
  474. [8:14] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: You don't want vesta, just wait for 7
  475. [8:14] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: I want a set that only devs can wear that makes us stronger so we can kill things easier.
  476. [8:14] Rina@Abydos1: Vesta getting DHCs?
  477. [8:14] James@shapey: as you did with the remean set
  478. [8:14] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: And any plans for more Mirror Universe stuff? The Mirror Oddy in Tholian, for example.
  479. [8:14] Skol@KaptainKaos: vesta so sexy
  480. [8:14] Nolena@Rolavian: Forget another shitty fed ship, My idea has merrit, another fed ship is just another waste of talent
  481. [8:14] James@shapey: you guys can already fly around in cubes
  482. [8:14] Miri Hawke@Morbach: 7 what?
  483. [8:14] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: so how many new ships will be in 7?
  484. [8:14] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Or even a 24/7 mirror invasion, with bonuses during the hour like what Fleet Marks Event has.
  485. [8:14] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: :p
  486. [8:14] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Mirror Oddy that would be.........
  487. [8:14] Miri Hawke@Morbach: oh, S7. Oh, crap, hi, devs
  488. [8:14] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: hm, my window vista pun failed
  489. [8:15] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: I thought reddit was good at pun thrads
  490. [8:15] Nolena@Rolavian: rofl
  491. [8:15] Kit@SirLagsalot: what about a fleet version of the oddy?
  492. [8:15] Nolena@Rolavian: I got it
  493. [8:15] James@shapey: Skip windows 8
  494. [8:15] Miri Hawke@Morbach: ...Sorry, I've been driving for a few hours, I'm really kinda out of whack.
  495. [8:15] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Guess they're not programmed to understand them.
  496. [8:15] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Nah it's all about Windows 94
  497. [8:15] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: I just skip all windows and to straight to *nix
  498. [8:15] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Can you be in whack?
  499. [8:15] Veladorn@xeperi: I should make a USS Fully Functional
  500. [8:15] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Yes, but I'd need to be in my bunk.
  501. [8:15] Nolena@Rolavian: I hear Miri's always whacking something
  502. [8:15] Xiruch@Knusum: Night all. Have fun. Dont break the devs :)
  503. [8:15] Nolena@Rolavian: gotta watch that
  504. [8:15] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Sorry, I need to bail. My people need me.
  505. [8:15] Rhett@dr0tter3636: we'll try not too
  506. [8:15] Nolena@Rolavian: WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE
  507. [8:15] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Oh gods.
  508. [8:15] <DEV> Bort the Dev@BorticusCryptic: Bye Reddit, stay classy.
  509. [8:16] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Good luck storming the castle.
  510. [8:16] Virsh@Scotterdoos: o/
  511. [8:16] Rina@Abydos1: bye
  512. [8:16] Miri Hawke@Morbach: See you around. Say hi to Falkoren for me, btw
  513. [8:16] Veladorn@xeperi: Hey that reminds me, what's up with the Android BOffs of female/Tac/Sci options?
  514. [8:16] James@shapey: nothing tops the USS Capitalism, Ho!
  515. [8:16] Wa1k1k1@wa1k1k1: it would take a miracle
  516. [8:16] James@shapey: bye dev
  517. [8:16] Skol@KaptainKaos: princess bride
  518. [8:16] Kit@SirLagsalot: who do we have to bribe for the /kill command?
  519. [8:16] Veladorn@xeperi: Fare thee well O pink ones.
  520. [8:16] Miri Hawke@Morbach: James, do you fly the USS Yayifications too?
  521. [8:16] Skol@KaptainKaos: "do you think it will work?"
  522. [8:16] Mika@csm67: looks like i missed another dev chat lol
  523. [8:16] James@shapey: lol no, but thats an idea
  524. [8:16] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: You'll have to pay me in karma if you want the kill power
  525. [8:16] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Rofl
  526. [8:16] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: I wouldn't say you missed it, Mika.
  527. [8:16] Kit@SirLagsalot: deal
  528. [8:16] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: So no plans for more mirror universe events/whatever? The Mirror Oddy was a reference to it being in the game, at least partially. Not looking for a playable ship, but shooting a mirror Oddy-
  529. [8:16] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: Delicious delicious karma
  530. [8:16] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: -might be fun!
  531. [8:16] Nolena@Rolavian: If we don't get a new kdf zen store ship soon I might have to cut someone
  532. [8:16] Nolena@Rolavian: Miri's closest i think
  533. [8:16] James@shapey: isn't that what people were abusing in the no win scenario? from foundry
  534. [8:17] Rhett@dr0tter3636: You what would be awesome if i got promoted back yes i learned my lesson about rape jokes could some one at least get me to Ensign?
  535. [8:17] Miri Hawke@Morbach: uhh
  536. [8:17] Rhett@dr0tter3636: know*
  537. [8:17] Nolena@Rolavian: lol
  538. [8:17] Veladorn@xeperi: ...
  539. [8:17] Mika@csm67: KDF stuff's would be nice =)
  540. [8:17] James@shapey: just get 1000 day vets nolena ;p
  541. [8:17] James@shapey: 50 days or so to go
  542. [8:17] Nolena@Rolavian: I can't get any vets :(
  543. [8:17] Rhett@dr0tter3636: so no promation?
  544. [8:17] Nolena@Rolavian: I dun pay
  545. [8:17] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: OH YEA, on Infected Ground, in the boss room, Y U MAKE DRONES RESPAWN DURING THE BOSS FIGHT o))
  546. [8:17] James@shapey: : (
  547. [8:17] Veladorn@xeperi: I want more info on 1k day ship!
  548. [8:17] Rhett@dr0tter3636: promotion*
  549. [8:17] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: YYYYYY
  550. [8:17] James@shapey: Veladorn good chance it's already been leaked what they are
  551. [8:17] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: So there's a challence, Kei. You don't get a freebie when you're trying to kill me.
  552. [8:18] James@shapey: videos up pics etc
  553. [8:18] Veladorn@xeperi: I looked at that stuff, intriguing.
  554. [8:18] Wa1k1k1@wa1k1k1: Rhett, how long ago did you get demoted?
  555. [8:18] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: oh the 1k day ship will be *ramparted*
  556. [8:18] Veladorn@xeperi: lol
  557. [8:18] Nolena@Rolavian: It's a ship thats twice as big as a bortas and has 'I WON STO' splashed on the side
  558. [8:18] Miri Hawke@Morbach: lol
  559. [8:18] Veladorn@xeperi: WORSE than "redacted"
  560. [8:18] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Like over a week ago i think it's been so long
  561. [8:18] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: is that working as intended though zero?
  562. [8:18] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: i know!
  563. [8:18] Veladorn@xeperi: I do like big ships...
  564. [8:18] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: or is it borken?
  565. [8:18] Veladorn@xeperi: and I cannot lie
  566. [8:18] James@shapey: Wells class/ Korath class
  567. [8:18] Veladorn@xeperi: those other captains can't deny
  568. [8:18] Miri Hawke@Morbach: On the other side is written "I bought STO Lifetime and all I got was this lousy ship"
  569. [8:18] Nolena@Rolavian: I like a BIG ship with a BIG aft
  570. [8:19] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: ...
  571. [8:19] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: those other shipyards cant deny
  572. [8:19] Nolena@Rolavian: I like it when the aft is all BAM
  573. [8:19] Nolena@Rolavian: out there
  574. [8:19] Veladorn@xeperi: nice
  575. [8:19] James@shapey: Miri thats what the lifetime com badage already says if you zoom in
  576. [8:19] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Nah i like a good sized Fore
  577. [8:19] Veladorn@xeperi: I think most of the fed ships have a "round thing in your face" in the form of saucers!
  578. [8:19] Wa1k1k1@wa1k1k1: Was anyone present during the demotion of Rhett? Has Rhett learned their lesson?
  579. [8:19] Rina@Abydos1: Nah, you gotta look at the nacelles
  580. [8:20] Veladorn@xeperi: Ample nacelles, if ya know what I mean
  581. [8:20] Rhett@dr0tter3636: umm well lets see have their been any rape jokes coming from my mouth
  582. [8:20] Nolena@Rolavian: Rhett has been on my ignore list since he tried arguing about how awesome star cruisers are
  583. [8:20] Miri Hawke@Morbach: I want to get my hands all over the Vesta's cute little nacelles...
  584. [8:20] Nolena@Rolavian: he was obviously just trolling me
  585. [8:20] Veladorn@xeperi: lol
  586. [8:20] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: the vesta's only 15 years old!
  587. [8:20] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: this amuses me
  588. [8:20] Agouti@atquick: I think that would be @americanbadass86 you should talk to, wa1k1k1.
  589. [8:20] Miri Hawke@Morbach: they're smaller than the nacelles on Sovereign and its counterparts, but it's pretty
  590. [8:20] Cell'ne@cell0ne: Devs, I have an idea for you. A different map for the fleet ship yards instead of the tectical room. just spitballin here
  591. [8:20] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: I suddenly feel we're no longer talking about spaceships.
  592. [8:20] Rhett@dr0tter3636: ya Natalya Demoted me so talk to him/her
  593. [8:20] Neacon@Jowogra: pedoromulan?
  594. [8:20] Nolena@Rolavian: wait the same americanbadass who was DEFENDING Rhett the other day??
  595. [8:20] Miri Hawke@Morbach: ...
  596. [8:20] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Speaking of which, blowing up a Wells in Second Star. ._.
  597. [8:20] Nolena@Rolavian: HAHA
  598. [8:20] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: oh yea and tell the art dev's that made the OMEGA force ground gear ty it looks REALY sweet
  599. [8:21] Nolena@Rolavian: Oh man I do love me some good ole fashioned irony
  600. [8:21] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: he made all the elite uniforms
  601. [8:21] Miri Hawke@Morbach: But...
  602. [8:21] Mika@csm67: oo...I have an actual question i've wante an answer too for a while.....Is there any progress (or even thought too) a DOFF mobile app?
  603. [8:21] Wa1k1k1@wa1k1k1: Rhett, it sounds like americanbadass has the keys to your promotion. I dont want to interfere until im filled in.
  604. [8:21] Rhett@dr0tter3636: umm wait when was Natalya defending me
  605. [8:21] Miri Hawke@Morbach: but the Vesta was from 2380, it's 2409
  606. [8:21] James@shapey: love the grey-ish skin on the Korath
  607. [8:21] Miri Hawke@Morbach: the Vesta's 19 now! She's legal!
  608. [8:21] James@shapey: sexy looking
  609. [8:21] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Mika, sources hazy, check back later.
  610. [8:21] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: we had discussions about it today Mika
  611. [8:21] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: take that zero!
  612. [8:21] Nolena@Rolavian: Actually I believe River holds the key
  613. [8:22] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Well this is a ery odd pickle i got in this time
  614. [8:22] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Any plans for more Borg doffs? The current ones are only worth it if you're running a torp-based ship setup.
  615. [8:22] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: always room for more doffs and doff packs
  616. [8:22] James@shapey: borg skin suit for liberated borg capt please ;p
  617. [8:22] Mika@csm67: Zero - Why would ou say that...just means Im going to shake you harder for the info =)
  618. [8:22] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: but not sensor doffs
  619. [8:22] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: frankly the ability to change the hud colors would be sweet
  620. [8:22] Rhett@dr0tter3636: no one likes them
  621. [8:22] James@shapey: also holo leeta being only a blue = crazy, you'd think she was purple considering how rare it is
  622. [8:23] Rina@Abydos1: 2nd the hud colors option
  623. [8:23] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Those sensor duty officers just don't play well with others.
  624. [8:23] Rina@Abydos1: They're always scanning EVERYTHING
  625. [8:23] Mika@csm67: Failing the mobile app (And it BETTER be on Android!!) has there been any progress in wiring me directly to the server throug my neo-cortex?
  626. [8:23] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Weren't they adopted?
  627. [8:23] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Well, it's the Holo Spock that's purple.
  628. [8:23] Rhett@dr0tter3636: O_O
  629. [8:23] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: we're sending nanites through the tubes now
  630. [8:23] Mika@csm67: excellent !
  631. [8:23] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: will the holo deck on fleet starbaces ever serve a perpios?
  632. [8:23] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: (No, there is no Holo Spock. Le sigh.)
  633. [8:24] Rhett@dr0tter3636: -_-
  634. [8:24] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: ... having complete ground armor sets that assimilate you kinda like the space borg set
  635. [8:24] Rina@Abydos1: Spock clone?
  636. [8:24] James@shapey: got them lined up as other convetion items eh
  637. [8:24] Neacon@Jowogra: will we be able to fight evil abe and genghis khan on the holodeck?
  638. [8:24] James@shapey: I "gifted" someone a d'kora
  639. [8:24] James@shapey: they gifted me a sheet with the holo leta
  640. [8:24] James@shapey: sharing is caring
  641. [8:24] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Oh ya when do you guys think you will be able to fix the Tholian Web abilities graphical bugs?
  642. [8:25] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: quite a trade
  643. [8:25] James@shapey: I have 8 d'koras
  644. [8:25] Nolena@Rolavian: so did we ever get an answer about a mobile doff app? I was taking care of something
  645. [8:25] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: thanks for liking lock boxes
  646. [8:25] James@shapey: all thanks to you! :P
  647. [8:25] Miri Hawke@Morbach: :P
  648. [8:25] Rina@Abydos1: Someone needs to investigate James inventory
  649. [8:25] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Nolena, no, not yet. Something about something later maybe.
  650. [8:25] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Oh ya when do you guys think you will be able to fix the Tholian Web abilities graphical bugs?
  651. [8:25] James@shapey: lol I buy them off the exchange with space bucks you started me with salami
  652. [8:25] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Or maybe Salami was trolling.
  653. [8:25] Veladorn@xeperi: I think screenshots of James bank would make people cry
  654. [8:25] Nolena@Rolavian: Alright thanks Z
  655. [8:25] James@shapey: thanks for buying all those yellowstone/gold boxes
  656. [8:25] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: then i was being a tease and said we spoke about it today
  657. [8:25] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Nah, that's a good answer
  658. [8:25] Nolena@Rolavian: lol
  659. [8:25] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: because we did
  660. [8:25] Kit@SirLagsalot: Why no fleet version of the oddy?
  661. [8:26] James@shapey: oddy already is
  662. [8:26] James@shapey: a fleet
  663. [8:26] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: james, i dont know what you're talking about
  664. [8:26] Nolena@Rolavian: Last I heard they were actively trying to hire people to write the API
  665. [8:26] James@shapey: with its stats
  666. [8:26] Nolena@Rolavian: but this was ages ago
  667. [8:26] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: id never do such a thing, and never have
  668. [8:26] James@shapey: <whistle> salami ;)
  669. [8:26] James@shapey: odd all those mails then
  670. [8:26] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: If there's an "oddy" is there a "normally"?
  671. [8:26] Rhett@dr0tter3636: lol
  672. [8:26] James@shapey: what happens if they ram each other
  673. [8:26] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Bad Things
  674. [8:27] Nolena@Rolavian: I'd fly a USS Normally
  675. [8:27] Rhett@dr0tter3636: LUCIEN
  676. [8:27] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: did the question of random boots from Elite Stfs get asked yet?
  677. [8:27] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: And today James learns where shuttles come from...
  678. [8:27] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: or any groups
  679. [8:27] Freeman@afree100: is their any chance that the Fleet Advanced Escorts boff's slots can be changed to the standard Advanced Escorts it would make a lot of PVPers happy
  680. [8:27] Lucien@Skookah: ME
  681. [8:27] Miri Hawke@Morbach: @Conwill: They know it's an issue and they're working on it. That's what I remember from when EQAH was here.
  682. [8:27] Rhett@dr0tter3636: I'm still wondering about the Tholian Web Graphic's Bugs
  683. [8:28] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: understoof Miri
  684. [8:28] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: canno types
  685. [8:28] Amy@Aeyael: did anyone ask for an android app yet
  686. [8:28] Miri Hawke@Morbach: The best way to mitigate being booted from an ESTF is to start it from sector space.
  687. [8:28] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Freeman, no way man. They're two different ships.
  688. [8:28] Nolena@Rolavian: Okay so a serious question... Will you guys make our shipyard in Reddit finish faster so I can buy my fleet defiant nao?
  689. [8:28] Nolena@Rolavian: I'll mail you a dollar
  690. [8:28] Miri Hawke@Morbach: rofl
  691. [8:28] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: oh yeah, running the command now
  692. [8:28] Nolena@Rolavian: RIGHT ON
  693. [8:28] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: beep boop
  694. [8:28] Nolena@Rolavian: lemme find my dollar
  695. [8:28] Miri Hawke@Morbach: LOL
  696. [8:28] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: r2?
  697. [8:28] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Seriously
  698. [8:28] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: putting my leg up on the console riker status
  699. [8:28] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Guys
  700. [8:28] Freeman@afree100: well is their any chance that a seperate Fleet version could be made (I doubt it but...)
  701. [8:29] Miri Hawke@Morbach: @Devs
  702. [8:29] Miri Hawke@Morbach: If you update the starbase right now
  703. [8:29] Muranyi@segamanxero: Hello all! And hello Devs!!!
  704. [8:29] Miri Hawke@Morbach: I will drop by with a keg or something of beer
  705. [8:29] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: Why can't I hold all this zen?
  706. [8:29] Lucien@Skookah: "or something" = a thimble
  707. [8:29] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: We don't accept beer, only upvotes
  708. [8:29] Agouti@atquick: Hi Muranyi.
  709. [8:29] Nolena@Rolavian: lol!
  710. [8:29] Wa1k1k1@wa1k1k1: Hi Muryani :)
  711. [8:29] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Hey i'm closest to them i'll drop of the beer
  712. [8:29] Nolena@Rolavian: Sorry I take my upvotes very serious
  713. [8:29] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: There are people that get us beer and cake for doing nothing other than our jobs and being awesome. ;)
  714. [8:29] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Dammit! But I live in Saratoga! I'm pretty much next door to you!
  715. [8:29] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: and ice cream
  716. [8:29] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: Oh my, I seem to have walked in on a dev party!
  717. [8:29] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: And robots
  718. [8:29] Mika@csm67: you know...out of context.....
  719. [8:29] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: dont forget about ice cream
  720. [8:30] James@shapey: not even canadian beer?
  721. [8:30] James@shapey: for shame
  722. [8:30] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: You guys got robots too right?
  723. [8:30] Rhett@dr0tter3636: yes you have Devs Meet THE SEXIEST BEARD ALIVE
  724. [8:30] Nolena@Rolavian: With cholocate and carmel?
  725. [8:30] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: programers get robots
  726. [8:30] Nolena@Rolavian: You guys hiring?
  727. [8:30] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: yep
  728. [8:30] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: what do you do
  729. [8:30] Nolena@Rolavian: :P
  730. [8:30] Nolena@Rolavian: Sit on my ass for hours
  731. [8:30] Nolena@Rolavian: I'm really good at it
  732. [8:30] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Actually, if you guys are hiring, I might actually apply
  733. [8:30] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: me too!
  734. [8:30] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: You can apply to be assimilated on our website
  735. [8:30] Rhett@dr0tter3636: awesome i'm going to school for programming
  736. [8:30] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: we are actively hiring
  737. [8:30] James@shapey: Did you know, when riker meet his transporter clone, if their beards had of touched, a new big bang would have happened
  738. [8:30] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: and we have at least 3 former hardcore players on our team
  739. [8:30] Lucien@Skookah: not hardcore anymore?
  740. [8:31] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: And at small army of puppies too
  741. [8:31] Nolena@Rolavian: No, now they dev lol
  742. [8:31] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: now theyre devs, so they arent allowed to be hardcore
  743. [8:31] Nolena@Rolavian: This is why I can't dev/GM a game I love
  744. [8:31] Lucien@Skookah: I suppose they're hardcore devs.
  745. [8:31] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: they all do very good work
  746. [8:31] Freeman@afree100: I want to be a programmer but Windows 8 is dimming the future
  747. [8:31] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Actually, I've got another question for you guys
  748. [8:31] James@shapey: windows 8 = icky
  749. [8:31] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: The game gets a bit easier when you can use debug tools to grant yourself anything you want and complete any mission
  750. [8:31] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Did you ever get O Mi Ninja as a truck? XD
  751. [8:31] Nolena@Rolavian: LoL
  752. [8:31] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: significantly easier
  753. [8:31] Miri Hawke@Morbach: er, the food truck
  754. [8:31] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: miri, who are you
  755. [8:32] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Not me
  756. [8:32] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: you know things...
  757. [8:32] James@shapey: [Impulse Engines MK XII [Full]x3] like my impulse engine devs?
  758. [8:32] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: terrible things
  759. [8:32] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: So being a Dev=playing as Q?
  760. [8:32] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Rofl
  761. [8:32] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: We make Q look unskilled.
  762. [8:32] Nolena@Rolavian: I GM'd for a game I used to play called RYL, and I found that too, never again
  763. [8:32] Miri Hawke@Morbach: I'm a friend of one of the other guys on the team. XD;
  764. [8:32] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: Fascinating
  765. [8:32] Rhett@dr0tter3636: oh god our Reddit Chat has multiple Q in it shit
  766. [8:32] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Oh that's even scarier
  767. [8:32] Nolena@Rolavian: "why is this thing hitting me?" *click, kill command* much better
  768. [8:32] James@shapey: I used to GM (the lower level ones)  for a time as well in Tibia
  769. [8:32] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: thats just how Reddit rolls
  770. [8:32] Kit@SirLagsalot:
  771. [8:32] James@shapey: <bashes head against wall>
  772. [8:33] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: or make yourself untargetable, or unkillable, or god mode, or use the command to kill everything on the map
  773. [8:33] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: that kind of fun stuff
  774. [8:33] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: Fly a tactical cube
  775. [8:33] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: hnnnngggg
  776. [8:33] Cell'ne@cell0ne: kit, those don't look like engines
  777. [8:33] Nolena@Rolavian: lol had an invisibility command for our avatars too
  778. [8:33] James@shapey: fly around in a cube like you did at the end of beta
  779. [8:33] Kit@SirLagsalot: best engines ever
  780. [8:33] Nolena@Rolavian: standing there one sec, the next, "wtf"
  781. [8:33] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Oh man, I have a hilarious story about the devs flying around at the end of beta
  782. [8:33] Rhett@dr0tter3636: wow so how about we run an stf with the devs am iright?
  783. [8:33] James@shapey: so when do we get the borg lockbox with a probe/sphere in it
  784. [8:33] James@shapey: I want to load my borg set on it and make it super borgy
  785. [8:34] Miri Hawke@Morbach: I think you guys changed the equation for calculating Ramming Speed damage after the beta ended
  786. [8:34] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: a borgified borg?
  787. [8:34] James@shapey: : ( no more ramming speed kills on CE
  788. [8:34] Urist@minionator: I can't imagine why
  789. [8:34] Miri Hawke@Morbach: because my friends and I rammed your 7 million HP spheres for ridiculous damage
  790. [8:34] Nolena@Rolavian: I think you guys nerfed ramming speed on the skul fighters again without saying anything
  791. [8:34] Nolena@Rolavian: I'm very cross
  792. [8:34] James@shapey: hidden nerfs the best nerfs
  793. [8:34] Rhett@dr0tter3636: So Politics
  794. [8:34] Lucien@Skookah: you're always cross.
  795. [8:34] Amy@Aeyael: so, are there any thoughts on a android or iphone app? >:x
  796. [8:34] James@shapey: gotta love WOT for that
  797. [8:34] Nolena@Rolavian: I know Lucien, shh
  798. [8:34] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Amy, asked and answered.
  799. [8:34] Lucien@Skookah: answer was "coming" I believe.
  800. [8:34] Nolena@Rolavian: whoa, don't go all lawery up in here
  801. [8:35] Amy@Aeyael: ._. sorry, had to eat
  802. [8:35] James@shapey: they said they talked about it just the other day amy
  803. [8:35] Veladorn@xeperi: Man, Saucer Sep on the Venture-X is going to be trickier to look right I'm betting because of that wedge-shaped bit like on the Sovereign's saucer.
  804. [8:35] Rhett@dr0tter3636: wait can you guys use the kill all command on like ds9
  805. [8:35] James@shapey: drozana*
  806. [8:35] James@shapey: do an exterminatius on drozana
  807. [8:35] Rhett@dr0tter3636: that would be better
  808. [8:35] Kit@SirLagsalot: cleanse drozana
  809. [8:35] Rina@Abydos1: Drazana needs a good deep cleaning
  810. [8:35] James@shapey: for the emperor!
  811. [8:35] Nolena@Rolavian: Okay, so, identity time, how many Redditors did you guys steal from Reddit/Snoo
  812. [8:35] Matt@csm67: kill all /server
  813. [8:35] Rina@Abydos1: wipe out all biological matter
  814. [8:35] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Can we? Yes. But we temper our justice with mercy.
  815. [8:35] Nolena@Rolavian: LET OUR PEOPLE GO
  816. [8:36] James@shapey: a bolter to the face IS mercy
  817. [8:36] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: tell the borg that
  818. [8:36] Matt@csm67: have you SEEN drozana....killing WOULD be a mercy
  819. [8:36] Rhett@dr0tter3636: This James guy he follows the false emporer
  820. [8:36] James@shapey: never
  821. [8:36] Rhett@dr0tter3636: He must DIE
  822. [8:36] Nolena@Rolavian: Don't make me go all moses up in this shit
  823. [8:36] James@shapey: big guy, sits on a golden toliet
  824. [8:36] Veladorn@xeperi: loooooooooool
  825. [8:36] James@shapey: sorry "throne"
  826. [8:36] Kindjal@kindjal1: WTB Golden Toilet Captian's Chair.
  827. [8:36] Veladorn@xeperi: Where the hell is Enzo?
  828. [8:36] Xiah@TheGow: evening all
  829. [8:36] Veladorn@xeperi: Hi Xiah
  830. [8:36] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: ohai
  831. [8:36] Rhett@dr0tter3636: and a bunch of lunatic fanatics follow him for some odd reason
  832. [8:36] James@shapey: enzo always shows up after the devs leave
  833. [8:36] Veladorn@xeperi: Welcome to reddevchat
  834. [8:37] Nolena@Rolavian: *Loads Drozana killing torp into a HUGE modified torpedo bay* wut..
  835. [8:37] Rina@Abydos1: The Devs locked his account while they're here
  836. [8:37] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: Enzo is our God
  837. [8:37] Rhett@dr0tter3636: wait they left?
  838. [8:37] Kit@SirLagsalot: enzo probably is a dev in disguise
  839. [8:37] James@shapey: if only we could space walk on drozanas hull, and plant a bomb on it
  840. [8:37] Lucien@Skookah: THAT'S why he turned out the recluse
  841. [8:37] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: They did? I had so many questions :(
  842. [8:37] Lucien@Skookah: he already has six
  843. [8:37] James@shapey: watch them get sucked into space
  844. [8:37] Zeena LaVey@wa1k1k1: lol
  845. [8:37] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Yes they are awesome
  846. [8:37] Lucien@Skookah: through his dev powers
  847. [8:37] Miri Hawke@Morbach: [shrugs]
  848. [8:37] Rina@Abydos1: Any new space walk missions?
  849. [8:37] Veladorn@xeperi: I bet Enzo isn't even really an Aquarius.
  850. [8:37] Amy@Aeyael: we're probably not asking interesting things right now :o
  851. [8:37] Nolena@Rolavian: NO RINA don't give them ideas
  852. [8:37] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Oh, one more thing. I really hope we never see
  853. [8:37] Xiah@TheGow: so, anything fun happening?
  854. [8:37] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Me too Lexeme. Me too.
  855. [8:37] Nolena@Rolavian: the last one made my brain hurt
  856. [8:37] Rhett@dr0tter3636: How about these Tholian Web bugs?
  857. [8:38] [Friend] @Rolavian has accepted your friend request.
  858. [8:38] Rhett@dr0tter3636: how some of the walls disappear
  859. [8:38] Xiah@TheGow: oh, hello you wonderful dev people
  860. [8:38] James@shapey: we should make a bunch of alt accounts "Enzo gemini" etc one for each month
  861. [8:38] Veladorn@xeperi: Tholian Web bugs = tholians
  862. [8:38] Miri Hawke@Morbach: [Special Requsitions Pack - Alternate Reality Constitution]
  863. [8:38] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Hello sir or ma'am.
  864. [8:38] Kit@SirLagsalot: OK question! were there any changes made to jump height or running speed? i can't reach the same areas i could before S6 launched
  865. [8:38] Rina@Abydos1: HAHA
  866. [8:38] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: You're just out of shape
  867. [8:38] Nolena@Rolavian: I just call them all my Hebitches, much easier
  868. [8:38] Xiah@TheGow: lol
  869. [8:38] Kit@SirLagsalot: de
  870. [8:38] Veladorn@xeperi: I call dibs on Enzo Libra
  871. [8:38] James@shapey: Mriri 1000 day vet reard
  872. [8:38] Rina@Abydos1: Jump height related to character height now?
  873. [8:38] James@shapey: Im always out of shape
  874. [8:38] Miri Hawke@Morbach: NOOOOOOOOOOOO
  875. [8:38] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: I recommend doing some daily cardio for at least a half hour
  876. [8:38] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Are there any plans for Fleet Events where you attack a starbase or basically the exact opposites of the ones we have now? All the ones we have are defend base/freighters/colonists/stop incursion.
  877. [8:38] Kit@SirLagsalot: am not! round is a shape!
  878. [8:38] Rhett@dr0tter3636: And no one has any news on my disappearing tholian OK
  879. [8:39] Nolena@Rolavian: lol kit
  880. [8:39] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: when is the 1000 day thing?
  881. [8:39] Rhett@dr0tter3636: web*
  882. [8:39] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: I demand the addition of an epic gandalf-style beard.
  883. [8:39] Veladorn@xeperi: I hit 1k in October
  884. [8:39] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: Wrong IP, sorry
  885. [8:39] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: I believe October 11th is the first day, Kei.
  886. [8:39] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: T_T
  887. [8:39] James@shapey: I can see something like "buy a lifetime get all vet rewards unlocked" in the future if the 1000 day is the very very last vet reward forever
  888. [8:39] Nolena@Rolavian: yes my orion girl needs an awesome gandalf beard, seconded all in favor
  889. [8:39] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: october 10
  890. [8:39] Rina@Abydos1: Evil Abed cameo?
  891. [8:40] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: Cool, cool. Cool cool cool
  892. [8:40] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Wait can't Admirals invite them to the Starbase?
  893. [8:40] Veladorn@xeperi: Nolena: from waist down
  894. [8:40] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Didn't the game launch on the 1st of February 2010?
  895. [8:40] Nolena@Rolavian: LOL VELA
  896. [8:40] Muranyi@segamanxero: If I had the money I would do lifetime... I am saving for it =D
  897. [8:40] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: February 2.
  898. [8:40] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: 2009
  899. [8:40] Nolena@Rolavian: omg
  900. [8:40] Rina@Abydos1: HIve Mind!
  901. [8:40] Veladorn@xeperi: :)
  902. [8:40] Nolena@Rolavian: That's just omg lol
  903. [8:40] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: Devmind
  904. [8:40] James@shapey: 60 days till im 1000, but i know some people are ahead of me
  905. [8:40] Nolena@Rolavian: THAT'S A BIG BUSH
  906. [8:40] Rhett@dr0tter3636: so no party with the devs?
  907. [8:40] Veladorn@xeperi: Need a bat'leth to trim it
  908. [8:40] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Always a party on Drozana.
  909. [8:40] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: It's always a part with devs around
  910. [8:41] Miri Hawke@Morbach: no it's 2010, because you guys were partially responsible for my grades in 2nd semester Freshman year dropping :P
  911. [8:41] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Not at Drrozana
  912. [8:41] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: In fact... the party don't start till we walk in.
  913. [8:41] James@shapey: I wouldn't call what people do on Drozana a party
  914. [8:41] Xiah@TheGow: hey, do you guys know the highest a team has gotten on no win so far?
  915. [8:41] Rina@Abydos1: Any chance we can get Pet Ownership indicated in the combat log? (IE Rina summons Bird of Prey #1234)
  916. [8:41] James@shapey: unless it's full of STD's
  917. [8:41] Rhett@dr0tter3636: We all want to show you are AWESOME starbase
  918. [8:41] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: lets get it started
  919. [8:41] Miri Hawke@Morbach: 'cause 1000 days after 2nd Feb is 29th Oct this year. If that's the case, and this is a really specific question,
  920. [8:41] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Xiah, yes we do.
  921. [8:41] Rina@Abydos1: ha
  922. [8:41] Xiah@TheGow: oh, has anyone beaten it yet?
  923. [8:41] Miri Hawke@Morbach: but why does the 1000 day activate on the 10th/11th?
  924. [8:41] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: That woulnd't make any sense, now would it
  925. [8:41] Veladorn@xeperi: Miri, I think people who preordered Lifetime got the vet days counted from before launch?
  926. [8:42] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Did you guys start counting from the middle of the month or some-- ah, that explains it
  927. [8:42] Xiah@TheGow: lol guess ot
  928. [8:42] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: correct
  929. [8:42] Kit@SirLagsalot: has anyone legitimately beaten it yet?
  930. [8:42] Xiah@TheGow: not*
  931. [8:42] James@shapey: quite a few people have beat no win Xiah, due to bug abuse
  932. [8:42] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Well, that answers that. :P
  933. [8:42] Xiah@TheGow: oh yeah, forgot about that
  934. [8:42] Rhett@dr0tter3636: *cough* romulan torps*cough*
  935. [8:42] James@shapey: something to do with foundry and a kill command or something
  936. [8:42] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: Something tells me it's still considered an exploit, and we shouldn't talk about it.
  937. [8:43] Rina@Abydos1: What should I name my Vo'quv?
  938. [8:43] Veladorn@xeperi: Hah, cheating the NWS.  Kirk pride.
  939. [8:43] Muranyi@segamanxero: ^_^
  940. [8:43] James@shapey: exactly
  941. [8:43] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: What if you're SUPPOSED TO CHEAT?!??!?!
  942. [8:43] Amy@Aeyael: did they get punished or was it Kirk enough to be legit
  943. [8:43] Kit@SirLagsalot: well these would be the people to talk about it to
  944. [8:43] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Umm there was a vo'quv spasming above ds9
  945. [8:43] Rina@Abydos1: They'd have to reprogram the game
  946. [8:43] Veladorn@xeperi: That'd be hilarious.
  947. [8:43] James@shapey: he got an award in the end for doing it I thought
  948. [8:43] Veladorn@xeperi: Commendation for creativity?  I forget the line.
  949. [8:44] James@shapey: they changed it in the movie
  950. [8:44] Xiah@TheGow: do you guys plan to do any work on terradome? or is it just gonna stay like it is?
  951. [8:44] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: People were never actually beating the *real* NWS. Just the Foundry mirror version.
  952. [8:44] Rina@Abydos1: They said it needs content work
  953. [8:44] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: so on a scale of 1-10 how smug are you that your game is doing better than TorTanic witch had a budget of 200 million?
  954. [8:44] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Just, you know, FTR.
  955. [8:44] Rhett@dr0tter3636: So anyone want to go against the Devs in PvP
  956. [8:44] Kit@SirLagsalot: has anyone legitimately beaten it yet?
  957. [8:44] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Oh, so we were seeing messages from them beating it on the Foundry side. Okay!
  958. [8:44] Amy@Aeyael: oh, alright then
  959. [8:44] Rina@Abydos1: Rhett, yes!
  960. [8:44] Rhett@dr0tter3636: MAKE IT SO
  961. [8:44] James@shapey: big thing you need on NWS, people with tractor repulsors to push ships away from it before they blow
  962. [8:45] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: James, the kill power helps too.
  963. [8:45] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: we're all the same industry, and the same business.  We dont really enjoy it too much when an MMO does well, even when its acompetitor
  964. [8:45] Rina@Abydos1: Agreed James; park a Sci carrier under it
  965. [8:45] Xiah@TheGow: i should probably try my sci officer at some no win sometime
  966. [8:45] Kit@SirLagsalot: meh, thats not critical, what you NEED is lots of aoe
  967. [8:45] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: flip that
  968. [8:45] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: LOL Salami is in opposite land.
  969. [8:45] Rina@Abydos1: lol
  970. [8:45] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Mirrorlami.
  971. [8:45] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: my words got in a transporter accident
  972. [8:45] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: Some sort of mirror universe if you will
  973. [8:45] Miri Hawke@Morbach: wait hang on, what were you answering with that
  974. [8:45] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Well that sucks
  975. [8:45] James@shapey: tractor repulsors help a ton, you can't heal the ship enough if they get near it then blow up
  976. [8:46] Rina@Abydos1: I thought they fixed the transporters so that can't happen
  977. [8:46] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: So wait, that sounds strange considering you'd think mirror NWS wouldn't fire off messages on Holodeck... ._.
  978. [8:46] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: He's saying we like everyone. Love and peace and happy happy joy joy.
  979. [8:46] Kit@SirLagsalot: james, bow them up before they reach the transport
  980. [8:46] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: E-hippies?
  981. [8:46] Rhett@dr0tter3636: so only 2 non-devs for Devs vs Reddit
  982. [8:46] Veladorn@xeperi: The problem is that when a game fails, it can shake confidence in the genre/industry for investors and publishers.
  983. [8:46] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: I don't like everyone.
  984. [8:46] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: I'm actually quite misanthropic
  985. [8:46] Rina@Abydos1: Rhett, I'm sure Kit would join in
  986. [8:46] James@shapey: look at EA, they are tanking (not that I mind)
  987. [8:46] Rhett@dr0tter3636: make a match
  988. [8:46] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: But the rest of the devs like everyone I'm sure
  989. [8:46] Rhett@dr0tter3636: and invite me
  990. [8:46] Rina@Abydos1: I'd need to swap chars
  991. [8:46] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: so what your saying is that you practace love and tollerance?
  992. [8:46] James@shapey: now we just need ubisoft to tank
  993. [8:47] Rhett@dr0tter3636: I want to fight Devs
  994. [8:47] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: What I love right now...
  995. [8:47] Rina@Abydos1: I'm trying to save a chat log right now
  996. [8:47] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: ...more than anything....
  997. [8:47] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: And I want 500 dollars
  998. [8:47] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: oooh
  999. [8:47] James@shapey: pizza?
  1000. [8:47] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: It's FRIDAY FRIDAY!
  1001. [8:47] Kit@SirLagsalot: karma
  1002. [8:47] Rhett@dr0tter3636: NO
  1003. [8:47] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: and what do you want to do?
  1004. [8:47] Miri Hawke@Morbach: It really is! When the heck are you guys getting out?
  1005. [8:47] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: FALSE - its sunday
  1006. [8:47] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Gotta get down on FRIDAY!
  1007. [8:47] Rhett@dr0tter3636: NO
  1008. [8:47] Veladorn@xeperi: ...
  1009. [8:47] Miri Hawke@Morbach: oh christ no
  1010. [8:47] James@shapey: <sets phaser to kill>
  1011. [8:47] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Trololo
  1012. [8:47] Gavilan@gavilan: I didn't even know there WAS a dev chanel...
  1013. [8:47] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: Have a good weekend redditors. LLAP. ;)
  1014. [8:47] Xiah@TheGow: It's friday alright, and i have already cracked open a bottle of wine :D
  1015. [8:47] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: there isnt
  1016. [8:47] James@shapey: cya zero
  1017. [8:47] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Awesome. o/ Have a good weekend, Zero
  1018. [8:48] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: we have taken control
  1019. [8:48] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: 'WE COME IN PEACE'
  1020. [8:48] Rina@Abydos1: Bye Zero
  1021. [8:48] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL.
  1022. [8:48] <DEV> Zero@ZeroniusRex: ASSUMING CONTROL OF THIS ONE
  1023. [8:48] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: shoot to kill shoot to kill
  1024. [8:48] Kit@SirLagsalot: toodles all
  1025. [8:48] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Btw: Any of you guys going up to San Francisco for the Jpop Summit this weekend? hahaha
  1026. [8:48] Rhett@dr0tter3636: ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL
  1027. [8:48] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: Ooooh, hivemind
  1028. [8:48] James@shapey: eneimes everywhere go go go
  1029. [8:48] James@shapey: the most said line in mass effect 1
  1030. [8:48] Lucien@Skookah: mmm 6050 zen
  1031. [8:48] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: ^^^
  1032. [8:48] Lucien@Skookah: how many more orb weaver can I find
  1033. [8:48] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: howmutch is life time membership?
  1034. [8:49] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: I'm out of here too everyone
  1035. [8:49] Miri Hawke@Morbach: 300 USD
  1036. [8:49] Gavilan@gavilan: do they control the vertical?  I thought we had the horizontal on lock down...
  1037. [8:49] James@shapey: sweet zen almost to 160
  1038. [8:49] Miri Hawke@Morbach: See ya later! Have a good one
  1039. [8:49] Rhett@dr0tter3636: umm well i guess i should say who gave me the orb weaver.....
  1040. [8:49] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: plus tip
  1041. [8:49] Rina@Abydos1: cya
  1042. [8:49] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: thanks for chatting us up!
  1043. [8:49] James@shapey: and its not even sat yet (when it really drops usually)
  1044. [8:49] Lucien@Skookah: bye good salamai
  1045. [8:49] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: have fun!
  1046. [8:49] Cell'ne@cell0ne: l8r devs thanks for playin
  1047. [8:49] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: Even if you didn't stroke my beard...
  1048. [8:49] Xiah@TheGow: later. thanks for stoping buy
  1049. [8:49] Miri Hawke@Morbach: You too. 8)
  1050. [8:49] James@shapey: bye salami
  1051. [8:49] Rhett@dr0tter3636: We will
  1052. [8:49] Xiah@TheGow: by*
  1053. [8:49] Agouti@atquick: bai
  1054. [8:49] Virsh@Scotterdoos: goodbye Mr. lunchmeat
  1055. [8:49] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: we're watching the r/sto, so keep the feedback coming
  1056. [8:49] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: LATER!
  1057. [8:49] Merkur@marek0rn: thanks's devs!
  1058. [8:49] Rhett@dr0tter3636: wait really?
  1059. [8:49] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: brb, posting STO rule 34
  1060. [8:49] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: always watching...
  1061. [8:49] Rhett@dr0tter3636: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  1062. [8:49] Miri Hawke@Morbach: oh gods
  1063. [8:49] Muranyi@segamanxero: =D
  1064. [8:49] Agouti@atquick: Yay
  1065. [8:49] Miri Hawke@Morbach: if you want rule 34 just go to /r/drozana
  1066. [8:49] Rina@Abydos1: stay away from r/drozana
  1067. [8:49] James@shapey: quick delete /r sto
  1068. [8:50] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: I'm downvoting everything you say from now on Rhett
  1069. [8:50] Mogwai@americanbadass86: hi
  1070. [8:50] James@shapey: err drozana
  1071. [8:50] Miri Hawke@Morbach: ROFL
  1072. [8:50] Miri Hawke@Morbach: ROFL
  1073. [8:50] Kindjal@kindjal1: Shut. Down. EVERYTHING.
  1074. [8:50] Rina@Abydos1: lol
  1075. [8:50] Miri Hawke@Morbach: HAHAHAHAHAHA
  1076. [8:50] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Wow i am sad now
  1077. [8:50] Amy@Aeyael: there better be something involving salami in the next 10 minutes
  1078. [8:50] Miri Hawke@Morbach: AHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA
  1079. [8:50] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: Much lawls
  1080. [8:50] Mogwai@americanbadass86: Hi Dev.
  1081. [8:50] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: SHUT DOWN ALL THE THINGS \o
  1082. [8:50] Rhett@dr0tter3636: But you don't know what my account is o_O
  1083. [8:50] James@shapey: Ive got a salami sandwhich in the fridge
  1084. [8:50] R'Merisse@chrysalisnavita: It's funny how people think Reddit is a crappy community to be involved in, but I can think of at least two subreddits where game company devs are actively involved.
  1085. [8:50] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: I'll just downvote all the posts then
  1086. [8:50] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: look up ret
  1087. [8:51] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: you have it listed on your fleet profile Rhett
  1088. [8:51] Mogwai@americanbadass86: Dev how do you feel about /r/Drozana (I'm a moderator)
  1089. [8:51] Rhett@dr0tter3636: ah fuck me
  1090. [8:51] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: huehuehuehue
  1091. [8:51] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: :)
  1092. [8:51] Mogwai@americanbadass86: Are you subscribed to /r/Drozana?
  1093. [8:51] James@shapey: Mogwai anything drozana releated freaks out normal people
  1094. [8:51] <DEV> Salami Inferno@Salami_Inferno: ok im out for reals, this was too much fun, thanks everyone
  1095. [8:51] Mogwai@americanbadass86: Have you caught on to the catgirl fever?
  1096. [8:51] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: Bye!
  1097. [8:51] Rhett@dr0tter3636: lol
  1098. [8:51] Skol@KaptainKaos: cya Salami
  1099. [8:51] James@shapey: <spray bottle> bad kitty
  1100. [8:51] Muranyi@segamanxero: Take care Salami Inferno!!!
  1101. [8:51] Mogwai@americanbadass86: Can you get rid of the Caitains and replace them with catgirls?
  1102. [8:51] Freeman@afree100: see ya
  1103. [8:51] Rhett@dr0tter3636: Cya round
  1104. [8:51] Gavilan@gavilan: later
  1105. [8:51] Agouti@atquick: haha
  1106. [8:51] Mogwai@americanbadass86: YOU CAN DO THIS DEV
  1107. [8:51] Rhett@dr0tter3636: lol
  1108. [8:52] Veladorn@xeperi: That was fun!
  1109. [8:52] Mogwai@americanbadass86: Thanks for gracing us with ur presence tonight
  1110. [8:52] Mogwai@americanbadass86: Unfortunately, I came in at the end
  1111. [8:52] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: Yeah, all the devs left
  1112. [8:52] Veladorn@xeperi: I'm psyched to have had Gal-X saucer sep confirmed.
  1113. [8:52] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: Too bad
  1114. [8:52] James@shapey: no they thank us for spending the $
  1115. [8:52] Lucien@Skookah: damn devs
  1116. [8:52] Lucien@Skookah: always leaving
  1117. [8:52] James@shapey: just us purple people left
  1118. [8:52] Muranyi@segamanxero: Awwww
  1119. [8:52] Mogwai@americanbadass86: Can I have some free ships Lexeme?
  1120. [8:52] Veladorn@xeperi: Lexeme I always see as Lwaxana sidelong
  1121. [8:52] Rhett@dr0tter3636: ok next time We ARE havings Devs vs Reddit
  1122. [8:52] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Well that sucks.
  1123. [8:53] Rhett@dr0tter3636: having*
  1124. [8:53] Lucien@Skookah: what one wasn't enough Mog
  1125. [8:53] Mogwai@americanbadass86: j/p
  1126. [8:53] Lucien@Skookah: :P
  1127. [8:53] James@shapey: Devs fly borg cubes, we did that end of beta
  1128. [8:53] James@shapey: we all blew up
  1129. [8:53] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: What team am I on then, because I'm both a dev and a redditor
  1130. [8:53] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: Maybe I'm a spy
  1131. [8:53] Rhett@dr0tter3636: .........
  1132. [8:53] Miri Hawke@Morbach: Yeah, guys, that's problematic
  1133. [8:53] Lucien@Skookah: you're a dev, be on both teams.
  1134. [8:53] <DEV> Lexeme@Lexeme: But for which side...?
  1135. [8:53] James@shapey: referre
  1136. [8:53] Miri Hawke@Morbach: they're all redditors too
  1137. [8:53] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: Spah round here...
  1138. [8:53] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: spy around here
  1139. [8:53] Mogwai@americanbadass86: Wanna come hang out with me at Drozana, Lexeme?
  1140. [8:53] James@shapey: spy? you'd fit right in on dental ;p
  1141. [8:53] Kei Nagase@texas-queens: THAT DEVS A BLOODY SPY
  1142. [8:54] Miri Hawke@Morbach: lol dental
  1143. [8:54] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: [Special Requisition Pack - Jarate]
  1144. [8:54] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: dam you barb i moused over that
  1145. [8:54] Barbarossa@mustardadmiral: huehue
  1146. [8:54] Mogwai@americanbadass86: Who are the bigger trolls? The Devs that fly around in Borg cubes or Starfleet Dental?
  1147. [8:54] Abraham Drinkin@Conwill: dental
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