Dadonequus Discord (The After Years) The Doll

May 3rd, 2017
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  1. >It was the early evening.
  2. >You, Diamond's parents, Fluttershy. And even Discord...who was sitting on the ceiling
  3. >You all had come to see Crown Jewel dance.
  4. >Starlight had agreed to watch your sons.
  5. >It was an indoors,set up by the schoolhouse. It was a talent show. Of course, set up in the same place where the CMC once had created an admittingly awful song and dance number.
  6. >You were snoring.
  7. >"Anon!" Diamond nudges you hard on the side
  8. "Woah, what huh?!"
  9. >"Stop falling asleep! You're going to miss Crown Jewel!" Diamond berated you. Not too keen on your awful sleeping habits.
  10. >You look up on stage
  11. >It was some kid showing off some dumb volcano thing as if it was a science fair.
  12. >duuuumb
  13. "C'mon hun, she's not even up yet. It'll be fine. Just wake me when-"
  14. >"Fall asleep again and I'll personally knock you out for the duration of the week" Spoiled said, she was sitting next to you on the other side. She was older. She dyed her mane to keep it the same color as when she was younger. and the makeup? pfft, you could hardly tell she aged.
  15. >"She's right Anon. Please don't sleep. Jewel might feel bad if she walks onto the stage and sees you sleeping" Fluttershy said from behind you.
  16. "ok ok..alright"
  17. >you slap yourself a few times and sit up straight.
  18. "Ok, totally got this..."
  19. >Still, the fucking kid was boooorinnnggg
  20. >Getting Discord to come was surprisingly easy. Unlike your son, Junior. Discord treated Jewely like a mini-Fluttershy. To the point he was well behaved when in front of her. Well....mostly.
  21. >As for the show. You waited patiently. Through all these boring asssss kidddssss.
  22. >The constant glares from your wife and mother-in-law keeping you awake.
  23. >Finally however. Miss Cheerilee stepped up on stage and announced your daughter and her amazing princess dance of pure elegance.
  24. >You probably should have named it for her. But your wife thought it was perfect.
  26. >"FINALLY! I almost thought I was going to die of old age waiting for the best performance in the house" Discord called out with impatience in his voice.
  27. >Everyone, except for you looked at him with dead silence filling the auditorium
  28. >Discord shrugged "Don't look at me like that. We all know it's true"
  29. >While Fluttershy was concerned that the other foals might be hurt with those words. Diamond leaned over to whisper in your ear "Well, he's not wrong"
  30. >You quietly chuckle at that
  31. "I know"
  32. >But something was wrong within the next few seconds. Crown Jewel hadn't stepped out yet.
  33. >There was murmuring among the crowd. Wondering what was going on.
  34. >Cheerilee announced your daughter again. But she didn't pop out.
  35. >"Now what do you suppose is going on?" Filthy questioned, sitting next to his wife, observing "I hope the little darlin' didn't get stage fright"
  36. >"Oh dear...I hope she's alright" Fluttershy says in a low worried voice.
  37. >Diamond was tense, she didn't know what was going on. She didn't want to move. afraid she'd embarrass her daughter by getting up right when she appeared on stage.
  38. >You knew that. And so you put your hoof gently on Diamond's and looked to her with loving care
  39. "I'll go check on her. And if she shows up while I'm up? Welp, at least I know my head can take your mom's thrashing"
  40. >Diamond calmed down, and looked to you with a worried expression "Are you sure? What if she's just taking a little more time to prepare. I don't want it to look like you're leaving. You know how excited she is to see us all here remember? She said she'd feel bad if she thought we were bored."
  41. "Well, I'll just be quick. If I catch her before she goes on. Then she won't think I'm trying to leave. Besides..."
  42. >You take out your ole trusty horn, and slap it on your head.
  43. "Not like I actually need to get up anyway"
  44. >You kiss Diamond on the cheek
  45. "Be back soon"
  46. >You teleport backstage
  48. >You appear next to some props and curtains. But Jewel didn't seem to be around.
  49. "Jewely? Jewely, are you here?"
  50. >You call for her, and start looking around backstage.
  51. >No sign of her.
  52. >You notice a few foals still meandering around backstage and ask one of them where she is.
  53. >The volcano kid points to an open cleaning closet to the right, Why would she be in there?
  54. >Was she afraid? Did she have stage fright?
  55. >You approach the closet door, it was slightly ajar. You were going to open it completely until you heard a voice.
  56. >It was Jewely.
  57. >"I don't think I can do it. I couldn't land the final step in practice. Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Fluttershy and...and.."
  58. >She sounded like she was about to cry.
  59. >Was she talking to Cheerilee?
  60. > put your ear close to the door and hear...nothing.
  61. >But...
  62. >"...You really think they'd be that sad at me if I messed up?" She sniffled "M-maybe, I-I should pretend to be sick"
  63. >The hell..who was she talking to?
  64. >You were about to open the door. But....this was just too curious. No, maybe you should open it.
  65. >And as you were about to. She spoke again.
  67. >" C-crush my fears? Uhm, I...I dunno what that means." She says in a low scared voice "H-hrn? It means to conmpur? Oh erm..conquer?" Then there was silence for a moment "You think so? What if I make a-..o-oh? There's no such thing as mistakes?" Then there was silence again "So..being scared is the enemy? And, if I want to make Mommy and Daddy proud...I have to crush it? A-and, there's no making mistakes? B-but what about...Huh? Just make up the last step? And make it big? Will that work?" Silence once again "You think so?" Jewel started to sound more upbeat all of a sudden "Yeah! I didn't even think of that" Then she giggled "Thank you super muchlies Chryssy! I get it now. being scared is the bad guy! and I gotta beat up the bad guy! Just like Daddy would! and!...o-oh? don't hit my head? Oh don't worry about that. I'm really really good on my hooves! Daddy isn't, but that's ok! He's still the greatest daddy anypony could ever have!"
  68. >That was heartwarming, soul crushing, and creepy at the same time. Who was she talking to? The doll?
  69. >"Crown Jewel? Crown Jewel are you here?" You hear Cheerilee's voice coming from behind a curtain.
  70. >"Oh! Erm!" Crown Jewel pokes her head out of the closet as you press yourself against the wall behind the door so you're not seen. "I'll be right there Miss Cheerilee! I need to get my tiara!"
  71. >And you heard Crown Jewel thank "Chryssy" and to stay there so no one takes her away accidentally. and then she rushes out to find her tiara.
  72. >You had to be quick.
  73. >You take a look inside the closet to be absolutely sure there wasn't anyone in there.
  74. >You had this feeling though. You didn't know what to call it. But it felt familiar.
  76. >But when you peered in. Aside from the cleaning supplies. Sat the doll on the small bench. looking towards the wall.
  77. >Where the hell did she find it? The fact that it was a doll that sort of looked like Chrysalis. Except pudgy, soft,and with button eyes, was oddly unsettling. Who would sell or give out such a thing?
  78. >When you look away to ponder. You felt a sudden feeling, a presence...
  79. >You look back at the doll and it was...looking at you.
  80. >Or maybe it was always facing you? And you looked at it wrong?
  81. >There's no way the doll could move on it's own and...
  82. >"And now presenting, Crown Jewel and her amazing princess dance of pure elegance!" Cheerilee announces.
  83. >SHIT!
  84. >You quickly use your horn to teleport back to your seat before the curtain rises.
  85. >"Anon? Did you speak to her?" Diamond asked
  86. "I erm, um"
  87. >Suddenly, Diamond gives you a quick jab "Too late. shhhhh! There she is"
  88. >God. she didn't even give you a chance.
  89. >Never mind anyway. As it stands. Your daughter just made an imaginary friend out of the doll. Which you found odd because unlike Illustrious. She had no problem making friends.
  90. >Never mind. This was your daughter's night. And she would have your attention.
  91. >You all watched as she danced along with the music. A beautiful and elegant dance that she had practiced time and time again with her mother, the most interesting part was the ribbon stretching from the end of her ponytail, the dance in question would utilize it for flair without it ever tangling her up and tripping her. The dance itself was full of spins and jumps and well placed stepping. All of it while having the ribbon trail her without screwing up once.
  93. >There was a lot of oohing and awweing from the crowd. That's fucking right. That's your little foal out there impressing these chumps.
  94. >But then, she seemed to have hesitated near the end. While you weren't exactly well versed in the dance. Seeing Diamond tense up must have meant something was going wrong.
  95. >You wanted to call out to her. But you didn't want to ruin her concentration.
  96. >Then? Then she looked at you, then your mother, then back at you. At first...she looked scared.
  97. >But when she looked into your eyes. Well, you didn't know what she saw. But she suddenly became determined. She suddenly pulled an amazing barrel roll spin in mid air, jumping backwards as she did so. Creating a swirl with the ribbon.
  98. >Then she jumps forward, through the swirl. Closing the loop right as the song ends.
  99. >She's breathing hard. But she's smiling. She didn't care if she did good or bad. She only cared if her improvisation of the final step make her family happy.
  100. >She looked to you and Diamond as the others in the audience began to stomp their hooves in approval. Discord doing the classic clap.
  101. >Diamond looked stunned
  102. "Honey? Something wrong?"
  103. >"T-that wasn't what we practiced..." She said in a low voice
  104. "It wasn't?"
  105. >"! GREAT JOB! AWESOME! THAT WAS AMAZING CROWN JEWEL!" Diamond erupted in excitement as she stomped her hooves as loud as she could for her daughter.
  106. >Welp, you thought it was good either way.
  108. >And right then and there. Your sweet little daughter started to cry in happiness. Right there on stage.
  110. >Well, it being a talent show. There wasn't any winners. Didn't stop Discord from giving Jewely a trophy anyway for being the most talented. Spoiled actually was perfectly ok and agreeance with this. Fluttershy? She was a little offput by it. was worried it'd inflate her ego.
  111. >You didn't care. It was her night.
  112. >After the show was over and everyone was going home. Crown Jewel went backstage to grab her doll.
  113. >You took this moment to confront her about it in the closet.
  114. >"There you are Chryssy! Right where I left you. I knew you'd be safe in the closet" She said with a smile as she picked the doll up "And you were right! Everything went ok! Mommy and Daddy were so happy!" She started to tear up and hug the doll tightly "And it's all thanks to you!"
  115. >And that's your cue
  116. >You step in front of the door of the closet. calling for Crown Jewel as if you had lost her so it didn't seem like you were spying on her.
  117. "Jewely? Jewwwwely?"
  118. >"Oh! I'm right here Daddy!" Crown Jewel rushed out from out of the closet and cuddled her head into your leg "Daddy! Are you proud of me Daddy?"
  119. "Course I am sweetie. You did great! Or as your grandpa Discord would say. Masterful!"
  120. >Jewel squeed in delight from your words.
  121. >You couldn't help but smile. you had to ask that question. So be casual.
  122. "So..erm. I know this seems sudden. But, where exactly did you find Chryssy again? Did Scrappy give him to you?"
  123. >"Scrappy? He didn't. Chryssy just appeared one day in my saddlebag. Everypony else thought she was a dirty old doll because she looked like a mean ole changeling from the storybooks. But I think she's great!"
  124. >......weird
  125. "Hrn, neat. And, do you like to talk to your doll?"
  126. >"Mhmm! And she talks to me too! All the time!" She says with adorable innocence.
  127. >.....hrn.
  128. "What kind of things do you two talk about?"
  130. >"Lots of things Daddy! And whenever I feel bad. She cheers me up! And she tells me all kinds of stories too. She's my bestest friend!"
  131. "What kinds of stories does she tell you?"
  132. >"Fairy Tales! My favorite!"
  133. "And that's it?"
  134. >"Mhmm!" She says as you lower yourself so she can hop on your back and ride you "Fairy Tales!"
  135. >and that was an oddity within an oddity.
  136. >You were almost thinking that doll was...
  137. >Nah, She'd never do a thing like read fairy tales to an innocent foal.
  138. >Or give her confidence for that matter.
  139. >You were just overthinking it. Feeling that ole obsessive feeling you had from years past.
  140. >From the one friend you couldn't save...
  141. >But it couldn't be her.
  142. >Could she even transform into a doll?
  143. >Nah
  144. "Well, I'm glad you made a good friend Jewely. Just remember you have other friends too. Like your school friends"
  145. >"I know Daddy, I remember. And...." She yawns "And...I'm sleepy. Dancing made me really tired"
  146. "Well, don't worry sweetie. Daddy will get you home and in bed soon."
  147. >There was nothing to worry about other than the imagination of a little filly.
  148. >"Ok...I love you Daddy" She cuddles into you with a tired yawn
  149. "I love you too sweetheart."
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