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  1. I changed the 'greyish' color of the 'lost health' text from the default raid frames to red.
  3. Unfortunately this applies to the other frame-text like "dead" too. Can somebody please help me with the hook to correct it/get it clean. I ripped this from an older file so the function with the smaller text is useless. Maybe someone can rewrite it correctly.
  5. hooksecurefunc("CompactUnitFrame_UpdateStatusText",function(self)
  6. if self.optionTable.healthText=="losthealth" and tonumber(self.statusText:GetText() or "") then
  7. local losthp = UnitHealth(self.displayedUnit)
  8. self.statusText:SetTextColor(.95,.20,.200)
  9. if not self.smallStatus then
  10. self.statusText:SetFont("Fonts\\ARIALN.TTF",16)
  11. self.smallStatus = false
  12. end
  13. end
  14. end)
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