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  1. Reading through Clara's ISOs there wasnt anything that struck me as scum and so I am gonna go through reasons against Clara and effectively do a full dazzling breakdown on the kimmy vs clara thing.
  3. [quote="Kimmy S."]
  4. Speaking of Clara, I indeed went through their ISO and it was pretty passive-looking to me, almost sorta "blending in"-ish. Do you have any strong reads on anyone that differs from the standard or anything new that we could do with?
  5. [/quote]
  7. Although I still dont quite understand what Halsey was referring to when he said that Clara posted her readlist in such a way that Kimmy hates, even after Kimmy had been prodded, I dont think Kimmy ever addressed Clara's previous reads at all. Instead he claims that Clara's ISOs look like she was blending in. Looking through her ISOs myself, I dont see how she was passive at all. Yes she hasnt really talked that much or made several big posts of analysis, and she hasnt even talked for the entirety of day 3, but her posts arent passive as she has been accusative on several occasions. You on the other hand became more passive after day 1 and only really picked it up after clara lynched you. Also you say that you never noticed clara say anything because you kept going after Halsey, but looking through your ISOs i can see many instances where you have replied to clara with a question or two. Therefore I dont see how you "didnt notice what clara said" and then when you supposedly go over clara's posts now in more detail, all you say is that she is being passive.
  9. [quote="Kimmy S."]@Clara: That wasn't really "leading", and even after that you've sorta just been agreeing/disagreeing with anything coming your way. You accuse me of not having any strong SR but the thing here is that [i]I don't need one[/i]. At this point, most of my reads are coming from PoE and all that needs to haooen is some guy being slightly less towny than everyone else. Sometimes, you dont need a strong SR but a bunch of TRs. And indeed, I have been providing my townreads, and I dont believe your vote on me is justified.
  10. [/quote]
  11. When did she ever "agree/disagree" at all? The only time I spotted her doing that is when she said "oh I suppose you are right to an extent" when replying to halsey earlier, and this was done AFTER you posted the fact she was blending in.
  13. [quote="Kimmy S."]
  14. Currently not liking Clara's immediate reaction to my scumread of them,  feels very OMGUSy and as if to scare me off attacking them. Their entire point against me is 3 lines long on mobile and it's mostly bending my own words to try to implicate me, notably the part about 'not having a strong SR', when they themselves don't have a strong read of any kind barring the one im currently refuting.
  15. [b]Vote: Clara H.[/b]
  17. Going to fight this, also I have much more to post later on but I have classes right now so bye for now.[/quote]
  18. Well that reason was later refuted since she showed that she did have a strong SR on Shepherd. You say that OMGUS is when you lynch someone solely because they lynched you, but from what I see Clara lynched you because she saw that you have been passive yet claim that you think Clara is scum because of her being passive which seems hypocritical. Speaking of which all you said before was [i]"I indeed went through their ISO and it was pretty passive-looking to me, almost sorta "blending in"-ish"[/i] which does not imply in the slightest that you are "scumreading" them at all. In fact even you said later on that you dont have a scumread, just someone who is less town than the rest. Therefore the reason that "Clara lynched me because I scumread them" doesnt make sense.
  20. [quote="Kimmy S."]
  21. My points vs Clara:
  23. +Lack of solid stances, with most of their posts agreeing/disagreeing or adding on to other's content, without really posting anything against the flow
  24. +Set me up for the OMGUS accusation by voting me first, tried to scare me off following through on their vote. Also could have possibly set up for the situation where I didn't go through, and call me scared and not wanting to be lynched, but I don't know that so let's go with the above.
  25. +Stays on me with accusations on OMGUS, even after explanations of why it's not OMGUS and requests to explain why they thought the reasoning was "poor" rather than just calling it such and leaving it at there.
  26. -Had a strong SR for Day 2, being Shepherd, but it was already a pretty plausible lynch then. From a purely objective viewpoint, the way the handles each and every post Shepherd made could be viewed as going against the tide, but you had a lot of backing already when you hacked away at them so it dampens the towny feeling.
  27. [/quote]
  29. >Lack of solid stances: I dont think thats true, in fact I think the opposite, when she takes a stance, she doesnt change from it. This is evident from her lynch against Halsey especially.
  31. >OMGUS set up: This can be argued both ways. I remember when Cherry voted you and you sorta just asked why she voted which Cherry liked as it seemed towny, however in this case you could argue that rather repeating what you did with Cherry, you just straight up went in guns blazing and then calling out the fact that she set you up for the "omgus". THerefore from my perspective I cant see that as a point against Clara. Also it does seem strange that you wanted to fight this after being prodded quite a few times to be a lot less lax
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