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  1. Idk anything about the new probies.
  3. Kyle Arthur is super inactive and just got back from a long LOA for a couple days and went on another one. We had plans of just making him resign or firing him.
  4. Don't know much about Chris Brooke, Kyle Knight, or John Lestner since they are so new, but they seem like good medics.
  5. Chris Little is great, he just wants to chill at EMT for now.
  6. Ray Lambert is very inactive and we also had plans of firing him.
  7. John Collier is a good guy, but not very good for command. When he was a BC he didn't know what he was doing at all.
  8. I havent seen a lot of Martinez so i can't really give a good opinion.
  9. Kiko is good, but he goes on little stints of being inactive.
  10. Barrry is good, very active, knows what hes doing and is very capable, could see him in command in the future.
  11. Frank is the same way, very active, friendly, and intelligent, could see him in command in the future.  
  12. Mac obv, he is very dedicated to the department, and has done a amazing job running FRU and making positive changes to it, i think he would be a good fit for LT.
  13. Chris Strong is good also when he is active, which is rare sometimes.
  14. Jimmy Robson is weird, he is somewhat good but his negatives outweigh his positives. He doesnt make intelligent decisions a lot, gets into squabbles with other factions, he has been reported by cg a couple times for being disrespectful on the radio. I dont think he should move up anytime soon.
  15. Ben is a good guy, but considering the issues he has i dont think he could be moved up and do the job properly.
  16. Fredrick Stuart is good, but he is very inactive due to being a firefighter IRL.
  17. Jonah is a good LT, he is good at doing the jobs of a LT.
  18. Nathan is alright lmao, he seems to think he is above doing anything a LT is there for ie interviews and such. Last interview he did he had to ask me what to do, and then didnt do it correct.
  19. Bancroft is good, but very inactive imo.
  20. Oliver is the best battalion chief of all fuckin time tbh.
  21. Kristen smells funny
  22. Luke needs to be fired already tbh
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