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  1. <houkouonchi-work> it used to be dual 2.4 ghz core i7 style xeon, 48 GB of DDR3 ram, Supermicro X8DTH mobo, nvidia gtx 460 vid, creative xifi sound, ARC-1280ML raid, ARC-1880x raid, norco RPC 4020 chasis (internal storage), corsair 850w silver psu
  2. <houkouonchi-work> half the ram and one CPU ended up goign to my colo'd server though
  3. <houkouonchi-work> internal storage is 20x2TB 7200 RPM hitachi drives, external storage is 30x3TB 5700 RPM coolspin hitachi drives (both raid6), external chasis are 2x SC932 supermicro
  4. <houkouonchi-work> I think thats full specs
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