Naruto Shippuden on Toonami

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  1. So, for all you people who don't know, Naruto is ending its run on Toonami on November 30 and will be replaced by Naruto Shippuden in January, along with Cowboy Bebop. Since there is a noticable time skip between these points, this guide will allow new fans to get what the fuck is going on.
  3. The last episode to air of classic Naruto will be episode 52, so let's start there. Keep in mind this is a brief summary - if you really want the meat and potatoes, read the manga. Much less filler.
  5. Chunin Exam Arc: Okay, so the first round of the Chunin Exam is over, and Naruto decides he needs to train more. So he meets this old pervert guy named Jiraiya who teaches him to walk on water and summon giant toads and some other shit. Gaara reveals to Naruto that he also has a demon animal within him, the One-Tailed Raccoon Shikaku.
  6. The second round of the Chunin Exams start - Naruto befriends Neji by saying that fate doesn't matter in life (horribly ironic later on), Shikamaru totally gets Temari wet in his batle even though he forfeits, and then everyone shits themselves over Sasuke vs. Gaara. But just as they fight, that snake guy who might be gay attack the city and shit. Gaara goes crazy and turns into his one-tailed form, so Naruto turns into the nine-tailed fox with a giant frog summon and headbutts him the fuck out. Meanwhile, the Third okage fights Orochimaru, who made zombie Hokages because this was 2003 and zombies were still in. Long story short, Hokage takes Orochimaru's arms and dies. Bloo bloo bloo.
  7. So everyone goes to mourn the Hokage's death, when they realize they need a new Hokage.
  9. Tsunade Arc: So the pervy old man Jiraiya decides to find Tsunade, his old partner who is a perfect Hokage candidate, and takes Naruto. BUT SUDDENLY Itachi (Sasuke's stabby brother) and Kisame (kick-ass shark dude) come to take Naruto because they need his inner fox. Sasuke comes to fight Itachi but gets mindraped, and pervy sage manages to send the two running. Naruto and Jiraya continue searching for Tsunade, and Jiraiya shows Naruto the Rasengan - a powerful sphere of chakra energy powered by spirals. Naruto, being Naruto, totally wants to try this.
  10. So eventually they find Tsunade, who is this big-titied woman who is like seventy years old, but wears a fuckload of makeup because she wants to be beautiful. She is out drinking with her niece Shizune and their pig Tonton because Tsunade still is mourning her brother and boyfriend's deaths like twenty years ago. Orochimaru and his ward Kabuto come over and Orochimaru is all like, "Hey, I'm your other old partner, and if you grow back my arms I'll totally bring your bro and your fucktoy back to life." At the same time, Jiraiya and Naruto come by asking for her to become king of Konoha. Tsunade refuses, and uses her SQUATS AND OATS power to nearly kill Naruto with a flick of her finger. So Jiraiya makes a bet that if Naruto learns the Rasengan within a week, she'll come back with them. Tsunade wagers the necklace o her grandfather, the first Hokage, which has SUPER SECRET POWERS.
  11. So they train and shit, and eventually Orochimaru comes back to get Tsunade's answer. But then Jiraiya and Naruto come and they start up a shitstorm. The three Sannin summon giant animals nd start fighting on them, while Naruto fights Kabuto and uses his FUKKEN RASENGAN. The snake guy leaves, and Tsunade agrees to become Hokage number 5.
  13. Sasuke Retrieval Arc: So after Itachi mindraped Sasuke, Tsunade came and totally fixed up his bod (and more importantly, Rock Lee's). Sasuke is hella mad because Itachi was stronger than him, but then Orochimaru's homies from the Sound Land come and tell him they can give him special powers if he goes evil. And Sasuke is all "Kay."
  14. So Naruto, Shikamaru, Choji, Neji, and Kiba (also Lee, who is drunk as shit trying to catch up) all go to get him back. The Sound Four cronies come and fight the latter four, but the bad guys all die (Gaara and friends helped). So Naruto fights Sasuke, and it turns out Sasuke now has some special seal that turns him into a monster.
  15. Anyway, Sasuke whips Naruto's ass and goes away.
  17. So Team 7 decides to train for two years or so to get stronger. Naruto learns sage secrets from Jiraiya, Sakura learns some shit from Tsunade that will only apply to like the first arc of Shippuden, and Sasuke does evil training with Orochimaru (who still has gimp arms). Kakashi is left to whack off.
  19. And that's where Shippuden starts.
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