MGE Side III Spirit Hot Springs

Jun 5th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Spirit Hot Springs
  2. Dear customer♪ How’s the water?♥
  3. Don’t Mira’s Spirit Hot Springs feel nice? Ufufu♪ Are you surprised there’s a hot spring in such an inconspicuous place?
  4. In Mira, the water that is drawn up from the streams remains clear thanks to the Undines, and places like this get warmed up by the power of Ignis and the mana of pure spirits, becoming hot springs♪
  5. These hot springs can be found in the ruins of old houses connected to the waterways like this one, at the end of streams that pass through deep forests, and in some cases, the cavities of large fallen trees♪
  6. On the island of Mira, there are many hot springs and baths that have become “hideouts” just like this one, but the largest and oldest of them is called the “Great Spirit Hot Spring”, which is like a large coed bathhouse♪ Ufufu, since it’s called the Great Spirit Hot Spring, monsterized spirits like to soak comfortably in it, and if someone like you gets in, they’ll come and wash your back♪
  8. You may think of hot springs as just a bathing establishment, but Mira’s hot springs are naturally created by spirits like this, so anyone is free to visit at any time, and of course, there is no charge♪ And so, a lot of people enter after they’ve gotten tipsy and comfortable from drinking at a bar♪
  9. Fufu, many spirit hot springs are places hidden from public view like this one, so intimate men and women can also go in together and use them for “a certain purpose”...♪
  10. Ufufu♪ I think it’s about time I washed your back♪ Fufu♥ It may be a bit late to say this, but this is called a hot spring after all, the water here has some wonderful benefits♥
  12. The water heated by the Ignis’ power contains the magical power of their flames... Aha, it seems you’ve gotten rather distressed down there♥ Has your crotch been aching and swollen since earlier, and you can’t stand it anymore...?
  13. Any man that takes a long bath alone will unconsciously become like that, and can’t help but let it out once it’s built up♥
  14. If a man were to do such a thing by himself... The spirits would be sure to notice♥ And they’ll diligently help out♪
  15. Ahh... you’re so burly down there... it’s getting harder♥ Don’t worry, I’m with you now, so relax and leave it to me...♥ I’ll give it to you properly, so until you’ve let it all out, all you have to do is get comfortable and feel good...♥
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