Holy Anon in Equestria (PTG)

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >I have been sent on a holy mission to save the lives of Equestria.
  3. >I am currently setting up a stage near a town they call Ponyville.
  4. >"What's that weird ape doing here?"
  5. >"What's it doing?"
  6. >You ignore them for they are ignorant to the holy ways of Christianity, they obviously have ties to Satan.
  7. >You stand proud on the stage in front of all the ponies in the town.
  8. "Greetings sentient creatures, I am here to help you cast away your sins and embrace the one and only god!"
  9. "I ask you all to cast away the false gods you have become so familiar with for they are obviously puppets sent by Satan himself!"
  10. "Repent now or forever suffer in Satan's home, hell itself!"
  11. >"Human, leave us now or I will be forced to see you as a threat to our way of life."
  12. "Celestia the puppet herself, I don't make deals with the devil, so why don't you kill me and show these innocent souls how barbaric Satan truly is!"
  13. >"Actually I have a better idea, why don't you join us and put your sins aside and join the rest of the ponies in worship of the sun?"
  14. "I would never betray god himself you heritic!"
  15. >"Consider it a trial run."
  16. >You are wrapped in a golden aura by Satan's demon.
  17. "Release me demon!"
  18. >"Repent!"
  19. "AGHHHH!"
  20. >The bones in your body twist and turn in agonizing pain as a bright light envelops you.
  21. >"My little ponies, I present to you your new friend, her name is Anonymous."
  22. >You are taken away by all the ponies and are brought to a tree house, for some reason you feel like you forgot something.
  23. >Before you stands a taller lavender pony.
  24. Where am I?
  25. "Who are you?"
  26. >"I'm the princess of friendship and i'm here to teach you the magic of it, your my latest student, eeee I can't wait!"
  27. Well, she sounded excited.
  28. >And this is where the story of Holy Anon in Equestria begun.
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