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  1. Kendra:
  2. eyes feasted on the sensual movement of the removal of belt, the utter confidence of the male as he prowled forward with a swagger that could make Lucifer take notes. And when he came to his knees in front of her, and that first kiss of many was pressed to thigh? Breath already hitched with anticipation. But it was the binding of wrists to chair with his belt, causing back to arch as she was secured from giving into the desire to flee or touch him. Teeth dug into lower lip, stifling the premature groan and hoping Marko didn't realize just how fucked she felt already.
  4. Marko:
  5. tilted his head to give himself a better view of her, as soon as she found a place upon the chair. Marko's eyes lingered for a while, a hunger in those orbs only a few would be able to squelch. Slowly, he began to approach her. Hand coming over to belt, and removing it promptly. Ma'am, it's the police. Slid the belt off. Completely. You have the right to moan as loud as you can. Knelt in front of her to press a kiss upon thigh. Hands moving to work wrapping the belt around one of her wrists, tugging it behind the chair, and over the other, inevitably binding her to the chair's backrest.
  7. Kendra:
  8. it wasn't like Kendra wasn't or wouldn't own having slept with Kian. Especially if asked. But she didn't need an entire campus referring to her as a slut when she wasn't. There was an inaudible gasp as the chair was dramatically wrangled and pushed, the command could be felt in a conquering wave. She did as he asked, slipping into the chair with the grace of a feline, perched on the edge. Thighs parting wide as palms settled on knees, hem of skirt riding high. Delectable peach nude and glorious, was all but winking at him.
  10. Marko:
  11. Heard the rumors. Knew the loser. But he was actually quite fond of Kian. But now? Now it's time for her to know what it's like to actually deal with someone who knew what he was doing. Did the loser ever bother even sending her to heaven? He doesn't think so. A foot was extended to snag a chair by it's leg and jerked his own leg to send it sliding across the room and in front of Kendra. Returned the look she had given him. Sit.
  13. Kendra:
  14. it was a dangerous game to play, especially considering the recent small scale rumors that were circling about her. Hopefully quelled now that Kian was going to shut the fuck up. Lower lip was trapped between teeth to convey how hot she found his silent communication, even as fingers disappeared beneath short skirt to capture panties and tug them down. Once past thighs they would drop to the floor and she'd step out of them. Eyebrow lift.
  16. Marko:  
  17. Well, he always told himself the best things in life are those that he worked hard to get. Eyed her legs for a split second, and then focused on her. Gave her a knowing brow raise.
  19. Kendra:
  20. a girl could get lost in those deep brown eyes of his. Kendra had a few things in mind he could taste. Just all depended on what he thought was the most.. refreshing.
  22. Marko:
  23. licked his lips and smirked. You know, he was working out a few minutes ago. He hasn't had anything decent to drink. She have anything he can... taste?
  25. Kendra:
  26. wasn't complaining. Was she complaining? Turned to face him, head tilting upwards to better study his handsome features. He can pinch all he likes. Perhaps a bit more.
  28. Marko: 
  29. sorry. Narrowed his eyes sexually. Thought it was the cutest thing he's seen today. Just needed to do it.
  31. Kendra:
  32. jolted and swung head back, scowl giving way to a precious pout.
  34. Marko:
  35. pinched her butt.
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