entropy's execution

Apr 3rd, 2020
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  1. usage: entropy [-h] [-b [1|2]] [-o <outputfile>] [--timeout <timeout>]
  2. [-t <tasks>] [-c <count>] [-q | -v]
  3. [-a <address> | -i <inputfile> | --shodan <API> | --zoomeye <API>]
  4. [-u] [--version]
  6. optional arguments:
  7. -h, --help show this help message and exit
  8. -b [1|2], --brand [1|2]
  9. Choose the brand of IP Webcam. (1)Netwave, (2)GoAhead.
  10. -o <outputfile>, --output <outputfile>
  11. Output into path you input.
  12. --timeout <timeout> Timeout in seconds.
  13. -t <tasks>, --task <tasks>
  14. Run tasks number of connects in parallel.
  15. -c <count>, --count <count>
  16. The number of IP you want to get from ZoomEye.
  17. -q, --quiet Quiet mode.
  18. -v, --verbose Verbose mode.
  19. -a <address>, --address <address>
  20. IP:port address of the webcam.
  21. -i <inputfile>, --input <inputfile>
  22. List of IP:port addresses of webcams.
  23. --shodan <API> Your Shodan API key.
  24. --zoomeye <API> Your ZoomEye API key.
  25. -u, --update Update Entropy Toolkit.
  26. --version Show Entropy Toolkit version.
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