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12 Hour Challenge #7: July 27-29, 2018

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Jul 8th, 2018
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  1. 12 Hour Challenge #7
  2. July 27-29, 2018
  4. The world's favorite way to spend half a day is back, and you didn't even have to tweet at me asking where it went this time!
  6. Can you believe we're on challenge #7 already? It feels like only yesterday I was struggling to learn Ninja Gaiden and wondering what kind of madness I had signed myself up for...
  8. On the weekend of July 27-29, I challenge YOU to learn a new speedrun. As always, this event is open to speedrunners of all skill levels; in fact, it's possibly the best way to learn a new game if you are brand new to speedrunning! The whole idea is simple: you get up to 12 hours to learn and complete your first run of any game of your choosing. It's a community-wide festival/cram session. New speedrunners and veterans alike will be back to square one as they strive to learn the essentials of a run without fretting too much about the specifics.
  10. What you do with the time is completely up to you! You could finish one run a few hours in and be done with the challenge. You could do several runs and see how much you improve. You could pick the same game your friends choose, then race them at the end of the 12 hours to see who learned it best. You could learn a little each day, splitting up your 12 hours and giving yourself time to rest and think about how great you're doing. You could challenge your friends to the #12hourchallenge on Twitter, thereby making the whole event "viral" as the hip kiddos say.
  12. Keep reading to find out more details about the Discord server for the challenge, as well as this challenge's theme! Thanks again everyone for making this event such a big one. It's crazy that this started with a pastebin years ago and it's come all this way to... still being organized through a pastebin. Some things never change I guess.
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  15. Theme:
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  17. The theme for challenge #7 is: "Now for something completely different..."
  19. Learn something that has never been run at Games Done Quick. This can be a game that's brand new and hasn't had the chance yet, a game that has been submitted before but never accepted, or a game that's completely off everyone's radar that you will bring to the forefront. Then, when GDQ submissions roll around, you (and everyone else in the 12 Hour Challenge) will be ready to go with a fresh new game offering, and all you'll have to do, besides write a good pitch and be generally capable of performing the run well, is decide what cool clothes to wear during your run.
  21. (The website is an incredibly useful tool for searching for old runs from previous GDQ events. You can search for a game name on this site to see all the previous runs of that game. I highly recommend using this site even outside of the bounds of this challenge as a great way to look up old runs to watch!)
  23. Note: The theme is an OPTIONAL piece of the challenge, designed to keep things interesting for returning participants. You are NOT required to use this theme. You are encouraged to consider it. If there's a game you are dying to learn and it doesn't fit the theme, don't let it stop you from learning it.
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  26. The "Twelve Hour Challenge" Twitch Community will be your source for the streams
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  28. When you're ready to stream your 12 Hour Challenge, simply set your Twitch community to "twelvehourchallenge", and your stream will automatically appear on the 12 Hour Challenge community page. Don't forget to disable this when you are done with your challenge!!
  30. Then, all weekend long, check out the 12 Hour Challenges in progress by going here:
  32. You can even follow the whole "Twelve Hour Challenge" community on Twitch as well, so you won't miss any of the action.
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  37. The speedrunning community is extremely welcoming and willing to help you learn! To faciliate this, the 12 Hour Challenge itself has an official Discord that participants can join:
  39. Join the Discord for tons of information about specific game communities, or to ask any other challenge questions you might have. It's a very supportive and engaging group of people, who are just as excited about the challenge as you are. There's a master list of game-specific Discords, a place to post your first run splits, and channels for asking questions and brainstorming what to run. We also have voice channels on the Discord that you are free to use during the 12 Hour Challenge.
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  42. Ready to play?
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  45. List of submissions so far:
  46. 12 Hour Challenge Discord:
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  49. Rules
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  51. For a complete list of contest rules, please subscribe to That kind of quality content is reserved for the big spenders.
  53. Good luck!
  54. -Golden
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