[L5R 4e] Spells and Importuning Houserules

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  1. Tempest of Air
  3. * Ring/Mastery: Air 1 (Thunder)
  4. * Range: Personal
  5. * Target: 1d5 enemies in a group or in a rough line within 75 ft.
  6. * Duration: Instantaneous
  7. * Raises: Target (+1 target), Damage (+1k0), Range (+5 feet), Special (+5 to Air TN against Knockdown per Raise)
  9. You summon a powerful gust of air emanating from your position that crashes into all in its path, knocking them to the ground. All targets suffer 1k1 Wounds and must make a Contested Roll using their Earth against your Air. Every target that fails suffers Knockdown. You may double the number of targets affected when you cast this spell, but any ally engaged with any of the targets will also be affected.
  11. The Fist of Osano-Wo
  12. * Ring/Mastery: Fire 3 (Thunder)
  13. * Range: 50'
  14. * Area: 1d5 targets in a group within a 20' radius
  15. * Duration: 1 round
  16. * Raises: Area of Effect (+10' radius)
  18. A more powerful prayer to the Fortune of Thunder, this spell invokes his anger to devastate a targeted area. Massive lightning strikes and vaguely fist-shaped bolts of flame streak from the skies, smiting the area of effect. Weak structures and those easily set on fire (such as most Rokugani homes) are destroyed by the spell's fury, or catch fire and are consumed. The spell has a DR equal to your Fire Ring, inflicting this damage on anyone caught within the area of effect. Using this spell in populated areas is generally considered a criminal act, unless the shugenja can cite extreme circumstances, since fires are terribly dangerous to Rokugani cities. The number of targets affected when this spell is cast can be doubled, but any ally engaged with any of the targets will also be affected.
  22. Note - As written in the L5R 4e core, the mechanics for importuning are very restrictive and inefficient to the point where almost no player uses them except in very specific moments. Hopefully these are much better and allow shugenja more flexibility.
  24. Step 1: Cast Commune to contact the kami of the element you wish to importune. This costs one spell slot as normal.
  25. Step 2: Spend time in speech with the kami, five minutes for each Mastery Rank of the spell(s) you wish to importune. You may importune a number of spells equal to two + any Raises you made while casting Commune. (Example: Importuning a Mastery Level 1 spell and a Mastery Level 2 spell requires a total of fifteen minutes speaking with the kami.)
  26. Step 3: Make a Spellcraft/Elemental Ring roll for each spell being importuned, at a TN of 10 plus the spell's Mastery Level x5. Success grants you the ability to cast the spell within one hour, plus additional hours equal to any Raises made during the Spellcraft roll. You may not importune for a spell of higher Mastery Level than you can normally cast, and you still require spell slots to cast your importuned spells as normal.
  27. (Example: While importuning an ML1 spell and an ML2 spell, you must make two Spellcraft/Ring rolls at TN 15 and TN 20.)
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