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  1. age            astigmatism, tp-rate, contact-lenses
  2. ---------------------------------------------------
  3. young,          no,  normal,  soft
  4. young,          yes, reduced, none
  5. young,          yes, normal,  hard
  6. pre-presbyopic, no,  reduced, none
  7. pre-presbyopic, no,  normal,  soft
  8. pre-presbyopic, yes, normal,  hard
  9. pre-presbyopic, yes, normal,  none
  10. pre-presbyopic, yes, normal,  none
  11. presbyopic,     no,  reduced, none
  12. presbyopic,     no,  normal,  none
  13. presbyopic,     yes, reduced, none
  14. presbyopic,     yes, normal,  hard
  16. [Astigmatism = yes] -> [TP-Rate = normal] -> [Age = PP (pre-presbyopic)]
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