Virginia Tech

Nov 19th, 2013
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  1. Virginia Tech
  2. Blacksburg
  3. April 16th 2007
  4. (The Scripting of Cho)
  6. (250 miles from Washington DC)
  8. Gunman kills 33 including self
  10. Cho Seung-Hui, 23
  11. Senior and English major
  12. Born in South Korea, came to the U.S. through Detroit in Sept., 1992
  14. 7:15 West Ambler Johnston Hall
  15. Girlfriend: Emily Jane Hilscher, 18, Killed
  16. "They had a big quarrel and he shot her … then the RA [resident assistant, Ryan Clark, 22] came, and he shot the RA,"
  18. >Received a speeding ticket from university police on April 7th for going 19 miles an hour over the speed limit on campus
  19. >Police found a receipt for a purchase of a Glock .9 mm pistol in the backpack he was carrying during the rampage
  20. >He was found with the words "Ismael Ax" written in red ink on an arm
  21. >Cho Seung-Hui greeted his victims with the words "Hello, how are you?" before opening fire, a witness has said
  22. Survivor on Oprah: Gunman did not speak
  23. >Police are denying reports that the gunman left a suicide note!?
  24. Apr, 17 2007 - 6:20 PM (AM640)
  25. >A typed eight-page rant against rich kids and religion
  26. >According to court papers, police found a "bomb threat" note - directed at engineering school buildings - near the victims in the classroom building
  27. >items seized include a folding knife; two computers, a hard disk and other computer disks; documents, books, notebooks and other writings; a digital camera; CDs; and two Dremel hobbyist tools
  29. Timeline
  30. 7.15am (local time) - The police department at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg receives an emergency call over an incident at the West Ambler Johnston Residence Hall.
  31. A rescue squad arrives to find a man and a woman have been shot dead in a dormitory. The hall is closed off and students are told to remain in their rooms while police begin collecting evidence and identifying witnesses.
  32. The deaths are "an isolated incident, domestic in nature", college authorities believe.
  33. 7.30am - Leads are followed about a "person of interest" regarding the shooting of the man and woman.
  34. 8.25am - The Virginia Tech Leadership Team, including the university president, meets to assess the situation.
  35. 9am - Virginia Tech police chief Wendell Flinchum briefs the team on the ongoing investigation.
  36. 9.26am - Staff and students receive an email informing them of the killings and are asked to report any suspicious activity. An emergency recording and a telephone message is also transmitted.
  37. 9.45am - A second emergency call to go to Norris Hall, an engineering building containing offices, classrooms and laboratories, is received by police.
  38. On arrival, officers find the front doors are chained shut from the inside. As they break down the barricades, gunshots are heard as they enter the building.
  39. The sounds are followed to the second floor when the gunshots suddenly stop. The body of the gunman, who has taken his own life, is found.
  40. 9.55am - Staff and students are notified by email again about the second shootings.
  42. Cellphone* video submitted to CNN by Jamal Albarghouti
  43. *Nokia Corp. handset, 41 seconds of video, e-mailed to CNN through the news network’s I-Report service.
  45. A blogger claimed to have transported someone who had witnessed the shooting.
  46. "Then this one girl runs up to my car and asks me if she can come with me. I look at the two kids that are with her and they're talking to the cop and she's freaking out so I say okay. She gets in my car. I turn around and get off campus and take her to the police station.
  48. She was -completely- shaken up. I mean, completely. She had blood on her arms. Her name's Erin. God. So I dropped her off at the Police Station and didn't leave until after I saw them take her into one of the back rooms to calm her down. I offered to stay but since she was probably gonna be there for a while and she said I could go."
  50. One student blogger posted a message saying
  51. "I got another email saying it was too dangerous for me to leave my dorm. So no classes this morning, yay."
  53. AP: 16 Apr 2007, 12:13 PM
  54. A government official with knowledge of the shooting said the gunman had been arrested.
  56. School email
  57. - email sent at 9:26 a.m.:
  58. Subject: Shooting on campus.
  59. ‘‘A shooting incident occurred at West Amber Johnston earlier this morning. Police are on the scene and are investigating.
  60. ‘‘The university community is urged to be cautious and are asked to contact Virginia Tech Police if you observe anything suspicious or with information on the case. Contact Virginia Tech Police at 231-6411
  61. ‘‘Stay attuned to the We will post as soon as we have more information.’’
  63. - 9:45 a.m.: First 911 call about the second shooting at Norris Hall.
  65. - e-mail sent at 9:50 a.m.:
  66. Subject: PLease stay put
  67. ‘‘A gunman is loose on campus. Stay in buildings until further notice. Stay away from all windows’’
  69. - third e-mail sent at 10:17 a.m.:
  70. Subject: All Classes Canceled; Stay where you are
  71. ‘‘Virginia Tech has canceled all classes. Those on campus are asked to remain where there are, lock their doors and stay away from windows. Persons off campus are asked not to come to campus.’’
  73. - fourth e-mail sent at 10:53 a.m.:
  74. Subject: Second Shooting Reported; Police have one gunman in custody
  75. ‘‘In addition to an earlier shooting today in West Ambler Johnston, there has been a multiple shooting with multiple victims in Norris Hall.
  76. ‘‘Police and EMS are on the scene.
  77. ‘‘Police have one shooter in custody and as part of routine police procedure, they continue to search for a second shooter.
  78. ‘‘All people in university buildings are required to stay inside until further notice.
  79. ‘‘All entrances to campus are closed.’’
  83. Dale Spencer
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